Top Ten Signs of Cult Behavior

See if you can identify the signs of what could be considered cult-like behavior here!
The Top Ten
1 Denying anything their group does is wrong

Let's start with this one and there's a ton of people in cults who do this they do stuff that normal people find disgusting or wrong and they immediately say that what other people are doing is wrong but what they do is right.

Do I have to explain?

2 Strange chanting or singing

Speaks for itself and there's tons of examples of this.

That's more of a stereotype, honestly.

3 Worshipping things like they are gods

Is every religion a cult in a way since they always worship certain things as gods? Depends on the religion. Some of those cultists I have heard about have huge distaste for most gods but treat other stuff as god-like.

4 Sacrificial activities

I really, really don't think this needs further explanation. They sacrifice something most ordinary people wouldn't sacrifice.

5 Strange markings on bodies

Odd piercings or tattoos that would catch the eye of people, though not in a good way.

6 The need to recruit others into their group

Should I really add anything about this? This is an easy sign cause they are always desperate for people to support their weird cults.

7 Strange outfits

So it's not just the markings (though that's probably a bit more obvious a sign of a cult) but some cults do wear the darndest things.

8 Strange websites

Yes for those of you without internet there are cults out there with strange websites. Most of them don't know how to make one in the 2020s so they look like 90s websites which blare music or something and have strange cropped MSPaint graphics.

9 Stripping somebody of their identity to make them more like the ideal cult identity
10 Strange rituals
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11 Black and white us vs. them thinking
12 The need to attack others who don't agree with their beliefs

Basically a critical aspect of nearly every single cult. The attacks can be nonviolent or violent.

13 Naked dancing
14 Teaching thought stopping techniques
15 Strange smells

Perhaps the oddest sign of cult behavior but I cannot rule it out, if you're in an area that smells awkward whenever you're around certain people it could be a sign.

16 Inability to handle criticism
17 Installing fear of people outside the cult
18 Groupthink
19 Hazing

Mainly a thing if you get into college this is something you find out as you see a party occur.

20 Killing oneself if the cult is attacked
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