Top Ten Most Honourable Deaths at Ragnarok

I'm sure you've all heard of Ragnarok, whether it's because you read Rick Riordan's amazing book series Magnus Chase or because you've seen the great movie Thor: Ragnarok. Marvel completely butchers making an accurate representation of Ragnarok, which is sad, but still. You probably know that it's how the Norse people thought the world was going to end, with a amazing gory battle between the forces of evil and the jotuns against the Aesir, war gods that the Norse worshipped. Almost every god will be murdered in this bloodbath in a specific way (actually, there's 9 gods who survive and make a new world only filled with good, but that's another story). So, what are the ten most honorable deaths that will happen at Ragnarok, on both sides of the battle?
The Top Ten
1 Thor kills Jormumgandr, the world serpent, but dies from a poison wound after taking 9 steps

Okay, everyone knows Thor. Probably just because of the movies but still. Anyways, Loki had the worst set of kids ever, which are Hel/Hela (I know, in the movies she's his older adopted sister, which is a whole new level of weird), Fenris Wolf (brrr), and Jormumgandr, the world serpent, who like, is literally as big as he sounds. Jormumgandr and Thor are fated to go into combat, and it'll be like, a crazy epic battle, and in the end Thor will slay the evil beast but succumb to his wounds after taking 9 steps away from the corpse (Why nine steps? Well, why nine worlds? why nine daughters of Aegir? Why nine mothers of Heimdall? Why nine gods who survive Ragnarok). Pretty brave death.

2 Fenris Wolf is slayed by Vidar after killing Odin, king of the Aesir

So Fenris Wolf eats up Odin, armor and all (and actually Odin's the king and he doesn't really kill anyone at Ragnarok, which probably isn't setting a very good example, but whatever), and Vidar, who's one of Odin's maaaaany sons, and also the god of vengeance, one of the nine gods (and one of the 7 that are actually named) who survives Ragnarok, and a guy with a nice big shoe, seeks vengeance by using his nice big shoe to stomp Fenris Flat. The Norse didn't deal with technicalities.

3 Heimdall succumbs to his wounds after killing Loki

That's right. Heimdall, not Thor, not Odin, is the one who kills Loki. And Loki kills him, but we don't need to mention that. Loki and Heimdall will bravely engage in an epic climactic battle, and will die side by side looking out on the ocean from the wounds they inflicted on each other.

4 Frey bravely dies while holding off Surt

Well, Surt, who along with Loki leads the forces of evil at Ragnarok, is a fire giant who sets the nine worlds on fire at the end of Ragnarok (Killing himself in the process), and in Fiction he kills Magnus Chase (in the fourth chapter of the first book of a three book series) and is one of the main baddies in Thor: Ragnarok. Frey, because he gave up the sword of summer, which will eventually find its way into Surt's hands, will die after holding off Surt for as long as he can.

5 Tyr and Garm kill each other

Garm is yet another wolf/dog, this time the guard animal of Hel/Hela, the goddess of the dead. Tyr is the god of the formalities of war, justice, personal combat, challenges, and more. Those two kill each other sometime during the chaos of Ragnarok. Well, Garm bites off Tyr's one remaining hand and he bleeds out, which is kind of pathetic, but the Norse seemed to find his death honorable and impressive, so go figure.

6 Odin is eaten by Fenris Wolf

Odin and the "Einherjar" are supposed to hold off the Wolf as long as they can, but unfortunately, they're all gonna be killed holding off the wolf. Odin will be snarfed up like cheesy gordita crunches. But he dies knowing that his son, Vidar, will kill the wolf later in the battle to avenge him.

7 Surt dies in the process of completing his goal of burning the Nine Worlds

There is some controversy over this one. Some stories say that Surt and Frey kill each other, but that doesn't make much sense. Then again, none of this makes sense. Another version is that Surt dies in the process of burning the Nine Worlds, which was always his purpose at Ragnarok. I like this version more and generally people agree on it more, so that's what's on here.

8 Beli dies fighting Frey

Frey, the God who is killed holding of Surt, kills one of the greatest Jotun commanders, the Giant general Beli. Nothing else is really known about Beli other than the fact that he is a powerful giant and that he dies fighting Frey.

9 Loki dies from his wounds after inflicting fatal wounds on Heimdall

Again, Loki dies after Loki and Heimdall will bravely engage in an epic climactic battle, dying side by side looking out on the ocean from the wounds they inflicted on each other.

10 Hrym dies after captaining the Naglfar and bringing the armies of evil to Ragnarok
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