Top Ten Most Important Moments In and Aspects of Christianity

Christianity is the biggest religion and in my opinion the true religion. There were multiple moments in the history of the world that are important to us today related to Christianity. In this list we will be looking at the most important moments in Christianity. Feel free to add anything you feel worthy to be on this list.
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1 The Resurrection of Jesus

After three days Jesus rose from the grave. The Resurrection of Jesus represents him winning and Satan losing. It is very important that Jesus did rise again, because it shows Jesus was the actual savior. His resurrection also sets up a string events that leads to the formation of the Church. It is recorded in all four Gospels (Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, and John 20).

2 The Death of Jesus

The Death of Jesus is the most important event in the Bible. The whole book revolves around his death on the cross. The Old Testament predicts his death in Messanic Prophecy, the Gospels tell his story, and the rest of the New Testament explains what his death was for and explains what it means. All four Gospels record the event (Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, and John 19). The Death of Jesus broke the wall between Jew and Gentile and created a way in which we could be saved. Without The Death of Jesus we could not be saved.

3 The Birth of Jesus

Jesus' death and resurrection don't happen if Jesus isn't born. His birth fulfills even more Messanic Prophecy. His birth is a very key event in the timeline. His birth is recorded in three of the four Gospels (Matthew 1, Luke 2, John 1).

It seems kind of morbid that his death was more important but I guess that there is no official order.

I think it is the most important as it lead all these events to happen.

4 The First Sin

Life was all good before Adam and Eve made the worst mistake humankind has ever made. They disobeyed God and chose to obey Satan. They created a division between us and God in the form of Sin. It also sets up the sacrifice of Christ in the New Testament, so we have a chance to rid ourselves of Sin. It is recorded in Genesis 3.

God made everything good until Eve ate the sinful fruit because the snake tricked her & Adam ate it too!

5 The Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount was one of the first Sermons Jesus spoke and it was a good one. He covered multiple topics and spoke multiple parables and some of them are infused into today's culture. This was also one of the first times he was noticed by the Jewish hierarchy. It is recorded in Matthew 5-7.

6 The First Gospel Sermon

After Jesus' death is seemed almost hopeless. The Disciples of Christ are in shambles until Jesus is risen again. The Disciples then chose to do God's will and preach the First Gospel Sermon. It is commonly accepted that every Disciple spoke, but Acts record Peter in particular in Acts 2. These sermons, also called the First Gospel Sermon, would pave the way and set up the Church.

7 The Fulfillment of Messanic Prophecy

The Fulfillment in the New Testament of Messanic Prophecy scattered throughout the Old Testament gives credibility to the claim that Jesus is the Son of God. Every Prophecy was fulfilled.

8 The Delivery of the Ten Commandments

Again The Ten Commandments have little affect on us today. It is Mosaic Law made for the Jews before the time of Jesus. However every law besides observance of Passover is repeated in the New Testament. So therefore it is also important. Hope you enjoyed the list. If you liked it you comment or share it. Thank you for sticking to the end

9 The Creation of the Universe

The Creation takes place in Genesis chapter one. The Creation was also very important. It is still controversial and, honestly, even Christians disagree on some points. However, understanding the event is not necessary for salvation. Therefore, it should not be studied by Christians endlessly and most Christians don't study the Creation like that. We still believe it, but it is not as important as some other things.

10 The Annunciation to Mary About Her Divine Motherhood
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11 The Conversion of Paul

Paul's conversion was huge. Paul, who went by Saul before the conversion, was a sick man that actively persecuted Christians. He actually assisted in the murder of Stephen in Acts 7. On the road to Damascus in Acts 9, Paul was blinded by God who told him to get baptized. He eventually was baptized and became a staunch supporter of Christ. He would later make multiple missionary trips and help multiple Churches.

12 The Creation of Adam

Okay, yes, technically, this is a more specific part of the item "Creation," but this is when God made the first man from the dust of the earth and gave him the Breath of Life, and somehow, he and his wife, Eve (whom at the time was Adam's rib, I guess,) somehow managed to populate the entire world. (If you can give a better spin on this one, feel free to.)

13 The Enslavement of the Israelites in Egypt
14 The Betrayal of God by the Devil

The devil used to God's Angel because he was in charge of music, but became arrogant because he wanted to be God!

15 Moses Parting the Red Sea
16 The Council of Nicaea
17 The Day of Pentecost
18 The Catholic-Orthodox Schism
19 The Protestant Reformation
20 The Persecution of Early Christians
21 Paul Writing His Letters

Hard to see Christianity surviving without Paul's letters. (Speaking historically)

22 The Crusades
23 The Creation of Public Hospitals
24 The Preaching of the Gospel in Ireland by St. Patrick
25 Our Lady of Fátima
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