Top Ten Things About the Bible

The Top Ten
1 It Doesn't Make Any Logical Sense
2 It Can Lead to Salvation

As an atheist, this list is so biased lmao. Almost everything in here is an opinion. And yes, I’m saying this to every opinion, not just the Christian supportive ones. This should be fact list.

If you read it constantly and believer in it, then sure!

3 It's Full of Contradictions
4 It is the Word of God

Highly debatable. What is the whole point of enchanting religion like it is on top of the world and the biggest oyster of being turned into the good side?... You do not need religion to know and feel the light side of life, you know? I'm sorry but this list is horrible and makes no sense at all... I am sorry I just can't...- Kevinsidis

In case someone has a bible in whichever translation, go to 2 Timothy 3:16. So many scriptures can teach people how to live a happy family life, make friends, draw close to the God, imitate real life characters such as Jesus, and learn prophecies.

5 It is Accurate
6 It Teaches You that God is a Psychopathic Narcissist

A real loving God would not be like the Biblical one.

7 Great Stories
8 It's Flawed
9 It Tells the Truth
10 It's a Bad Example for Kids

Give them the kids bible

The Contenders
11 It Can Give You Peace
12 Jesus Has No Birth Date in the Bible
13 The Predictions in the Bible Came True
14 It's Been Taken Too Seriously

Ahem...Jack Chick (His insane comics), Ken Ham (infamous creation museum & ark), Tom Carder (Who hates movies), David J. Stewart (Hilarious websites), The Most Hated Family in America - Westboro Baptist Church (Who knows God might like smoking cigarettes) and finally which website has been around since 1987 0.o it's called Rapture Ready, they do take it too seriously.

15 Many Future Predictions are Listed
16 You Can Learn from It
17 Many People Have Gained Spiritual Wisdom from It
18 It's Fake

It is codex sinaiticus is the first English written Bible not King James.

19 It's Stupid

These trolls, lol.

20 It's meaningless
21 Nothing is to Be Taken Literally
22 The Scripture Readings Can Impact Your Daily Lives in a Good Way
23 There is No Rapture or 7 Deadly Sins in the Bible
24 There is No Easter, Christmas, Pancake Day in the Bible. No Holidays.
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