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1 Rick Sanchez Rick Sanchez Rick Sanchez is a fictional character from the American animated television series Rick and Morty, aired on Adult Swim.

Fantastic character, but I don't like his unhopeful views on life, basically all his attitude towards life is horrible. Also I don't find his burping funny. But the most important character nevertheless. - keyson

Rick is not gonna give you up

It's rick how can you not love the guy

Rick obviously has to be the best not because he's really the main chaurcter, but also because he cares about morty if you think aboout it for christ sakes he even sacrifced himself to save morty. I also really liked when he says his funny catch phrases! - WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB-#this is max

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2 Morty Smith Morty Smith

As much as I love Rick I gotta say, the writers are right when they say people relate to the sidekicks over the genius. He has such a tragic life when I think about it, the only person in his entire universe that is truly his own is his grandpa, yeah his family love him but they'll never be his. And the one person he probably looks up to and loves the most, Rick, has issues showing his appreciation and feelings out front. I can't imagine what Morty would do without his Grandpa.

But what I'm getting at, is I love this little sack of sadness, happiness and dumbo.

I do prefer Rick over Morty. But Morty has gotta be the most relatable cartoon charter ever. He's socially awkward but still knows how to stand up for himself

How can Jerry be above Morty?

I think Rick would be a the best character in any other context. I just love morty! He's not too relateable but he's great to watch!

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3 Mister Meeseeks Mister Meeseeks

"Hey, I'm Mister Meeseeks, look at me! " - Elciegocalavera23

Mister Meeseeks or Lemongrab? Take your pick.

"i'm more of stickler meeseeks what about your short game? "

What a savage

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4 Jerry Smith Jerry Smith

He's so stupid and ignorant that every scene with this character makes me laugh a lot. It is just that, a stupid person trying to be important and loved by his family, but very ignorant.

I like jerry, he's a coward but so am I so I can relate to him a lot. I like other character more than him because he is an idiot but it's funny watching him when he tries to fix it.

By season 3 Jerry was really a idiot but cute in some sort of way... In season 1 he was average, and wanted everything to be average.. He's a great character, as you go.

Jerry should be 2. Only 2.

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5 Summer Smith Summer Smith

I have a lot of respect for Summer. And I can relate to her a lot. Being an accident myself. She's definitely my second favorite character, After Morty. But before Rick and Beth.

M YAS SUMMER! I hated her at first cause she was just that typical annoying big sister and she was plain without characters. I liked her more as the seasons went on and in Season 3 Episode 1 I really respected her in that episode. She was willing to DIG UP RICKS GRAVE to get him back and BREAK INTO THE GALATIC FEDERATION! Like damn girl. I think we were all rooting for Summer in that episode. Anyways I'm really exicted to see more of her character in season 3! - RedBanshee

I started having a warm regard for her ever since she saved Rick in a teenage body


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6 Bird Person

The deadpan delivery amongst the chaos is A+

He seems wise and calm

I got upset when he died - Spongehouse

€Morty are you going to use ricks own portal gun to betray him? In bird culture this is considered a dick move”

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7 Mr. Poopybutthole

Just so likable

He has such a funny name and is awesome - Spongehouse

He is so funny

The best

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8 Doofus Rick

I hope he didn't die in Season 3

He's a Rick that will always care for you.

A Rick that is caring and kind but dumb.

The only rick that jerry actually liked I hope we see more of him

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9 Mr. Goldenfold

I like him, even though he eats poop! - Spongehouse

Hè is a cool teacher

I haven't learned a thing hè is hilarius in something ricked

10 Evil Morty

Easily the best villain! He is so cunning, malicious, sinister, manipulative and everything I want in an alternate reality villain! I really hope Season 4 will show Evil Morty in full control of the Citadel! I also hope we will one day see Rick and Morty (The main ones) fight Evil Morty! It sucks to how so little he got with screentime, yet even with such little, we see so much of him. With the first episode, he barely even talked, and in the end where he was revealed to be controlling Evil Rick, you saw his true nature. Then in his second appearance, he is on the rise to controlling, with a few Rick and Morties seeing what he really is. I felt it was a reference to World War II's The Night of broken Glass, where Morty eliminated his competitions and anybody who disagreed with him. Seriously, I hope he returns with a much bigger role in the future! - Daviddv0601

The most interesting character in the whole universe. Can't wait till he makes his inevitable return and takes on all of the ricks.

Evil Morty is by far the most interesting character in my opinion due to the mystery surrounding him which allows for fan speculation.

Why do u people like him he barely gets any screen time and we don't know anything about him. What does wearing an eye patch automatically make you edgy? - money_face

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11 Krombopulos Michael

Oh boy, here I go killing again

"I will kill children, animals, old people, anyone! I just love killing! " - LOTP

Here I go killing again

Oh boy!

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12 Pickle Rick

Ugh screw this over-hyped stupidity. Pickle Rick sucks.

Its basically rick - Spongehouse

Its Rick but pickly


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13 Jessica

Morty DESERVES jessica

I think Jessica is underrated - Spongehouse

14 Principal Gene Vagina

Love you bad, Mo Mo - Elciegocalavera23

15 Sniffles/Snowball

Awesome character

Where are my testicles? - Not_A_Weeaboo

16 Scary Terry

"It looks like a allowable rip-off of a 80's horror movie" I think-Smudge

Underatted, purely underrated.

Ya better vote for'm... BITCH!


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17 Tiny Rick

Why is he not number one

18 Lawyer Morty

Morty:"How is this fair. Our lawyer is a Morty?! "

He has to return

Do you want to see my pog collection?

Still hoping for an episode dedicated to Lawyer Morty.
He will return.

19 Tammy

I hate her, she killed bird person - Spongehouse

Just Keep her in last

20 Squanchy

I love squanchy

Hey I'm squanching here. He is so funny and brings up great dialogue and makes the show so great.

I squanch my family

21 Stealy

Stealing office supplies since 19xx

22 Abradolf Lincler

Best character idea ever conceived - kempokid

It's a stupid idea, but at the same time it's so ' genius

23 Beth Smith

Horrible character. - NovaSupreme

Beth is awful. - somelifeonaplanet

I love Beth. Especially after Season 3.

She sucks! - Spongehouse

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24 Dr Wong

Dr. Wong "beat" Rick at his own game because she wasn't playing it, something that no other character in the series was able to do.

She treated rick like a child seriously - money_face

25 Pencilvester

Lol I love this hunk of sponge

He's like Mr. Poopybutthole but ten times better.

26 'My Man!' Mailman
27 Sleepy Gary

This guy was weird - Spongehouse

Maybe we,ll get to see... chewbacca

28 Ants In My Eyes Johnson

I'm Ants in my Eyes Johnson! Everything's black! I can't see a thing! And also, I can't feel anything either, [sets aflame] Did I mention that? But that's not as catchy as having ants in your eyes, so... that always goes... y'know, off by the wayside! I can't feel, it's a very rare disease, all my se- all my nerves, they don't allow for the sensation of touch! So I never know what's going on! Am I standing, sitting? I don't know!

29 Black Mailman

My man

Myy man!

30 Million Ants
31 Butter Passing Robot


32 Gazorpazorpfield

Go make me some enchiladas

33 Mr. Jellybean

I hated this guy - Spongehouse

34 Photography Raptor

He is the best

How could you hate a raptor - Spongehouse

35 Dr Xenon Bloom
36 Hammerhead Morty

He was more than just a hammer

37 Toxic Rick

He's delightfully mean to toxic morty it's perfect - money_face

38 Roy
39 Ice T
40 Real Fake Doors Guy


41 Crocubot

There's no other possible answer.

42 The President
43 Eyehole Man
44 Beth Smith/Sanchez

Rick and Morty is an amazing show, but Beth is just awful. She's almost never likable. While Jerry is a douche, he still has a lot of charm, and is compassionate. Beth is just soulless. - mtndewlord

Beth is definitely an underrated character. As much as I dislike her, I feel sorry for her. Her dad left her at a young age and finally came back decades later. Beth is trapped in a train wreck of a marriage with one of my favourite characters, Jerry.. but they love each other. All she wants is to keep her dad and for her kids to be happy.

The only bad character on the show. It would be perfect without here in it - Spongehouse

I hate people like Beth I think Jerry is worse because he's annoying but Beth just acts like everything is rock's fault. I really like how rick calls her stone cold stevostine though it was perfect insult - money_face

45 Gene Vagina

Already on da list - Spongehouse

46 Supernova
47 Mailman

My man! - venomouskillingmachine

48 Vampire Master
49 Noob Noob
50 Slick Morty
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