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1 Rick Sanchez Rick Sanchez Rick Sanchez is a fictional character from the American animated television series Rick and Morty, aired on Adult Swim.

It's rick how can you not love the guy

Rick is not gonna give you up

Funniest cartoon charter ever. He makes me laugh all the time. I love him

T.V. Tropes lies, Rick is not Base Breaking, he is just one of the most beloved cartoon characters ever, I'm included in the people that love him. - santibros2002

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2 Morty Smith

As much as I love Rick I gotta say, the writers are right when they say people relate to the sidekicks over the genius. He has such a tragic life when I think about it, the only person in his entire universe that is truly his own is his grandpa, yeah his family love him but they'll never be his. And the one person he probably looks up to and loves the most, Rick, has issues showing his appreciation and feelings out front. I can't imagine what Morty would do without his Grandpa.

But what I'm getting at, is I love this little sack of sadness, happiness and dumbo.

I do prefer Rick over Morty. But Morty has gotta be the most relatable cartoon charter ever. He's socially awkward but still knows how to stand up for himself

How can Jerry be above Morty?

I think Morty Smith should be number one

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3 Jerry Smith

He's so stupid and ignorant that every scene with this character makes me laugh a lot. It is just that, a stupid person trying to be important and loved by his family, but very ignorant.

I think Morty should be above Jerry.

Jerry is an innocent character which is my favorite.

He is the most funny loser I have seen

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4 Mister Meeseeks

"Hey, I'm Mister Meeseeks, look at me! " - Elciegocalavera23

Mister Meeseeks or Lemongrab? Take your pick.

He may have an annoying voice, yet he's pretty adorable.


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5 Summer Smith

I started having a warm regard for her ever since she saved Rick in a teenage body

She is how teens actually are and has a sort of secret passion for misadventures. Plus she is HOT!

Not my favorite charter but you gotta admit she's is hot

M YAS SUMMER! I hated her at first cause she was just that typical annoying big sister and she was plain without characters. I liked her more as the seasons went on and in Season 3 Episode 1 I really respected her in that episode. She was willing to DIG UP RICKS GRAVE to get him back and BREAK INTO THE GALATIC FEDERATION! Like damn girl. I think we were all rooting for Summer in that episode. Anyways I'm really exicted to see more of her character in season 3! - RedBanshee

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6 Bird Person

The deadpan delivery amongst the chaos is A+

He seems wise and calm

I love bird person. His deathletes was so sad!

RIP Bird Person 2015

7 Krombopulos Michael

Oh boy, here I go killing again

Here I go killing again

He just loves killing!

Oh boy!

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8 Mr. Poopybutthole

Just so likable

He is so funny

"As you can see, hngh, I'm still recovering from the bullet shot that I got, from Beth, remember that one? Hooeey."

He should be #2

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9 Mr. Goldenfold V 2 Comments
10 Doofus Rick

I hope he didn't die in Season 3

He's a Rick that will always care for you.

A Rick that is caring and kind but dumb.

He gets treated badly but he's kind

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? Gene Vagina
? Beth Smith

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11 Sniffles/Snowball

Awesome character

12 Scary Terry

"It looks like a allowable rip-off of a 80's horror movie" I think-Smudge

Underatted, purely underrated.

You should be voting for scary T, BITCH!


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13 Stealy V 1 Comment
14 Principal Gene Vagina

Love you bad, Mo Mo - Elciegocalavera23

15 Abradolf Lincler

Best character idea ever conceived - kempokid

16 Squanchy

Hey I'm squanching here. He is so funny and brings up great dialogue and makes the show so great.

17 Evil Morty

The most interesting character in the whole universe. Can't wait till he makes his inevitable return and takes on all of the ricks.

Responsible for the best moment in Season 1.

Evil morty is the bomb

18 Jessica V 1 Comment
19 Sleepy Gary

Maybe we,ll get to see... chewbacca

20 Tammy V 1 Comment
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