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I'm starting to watch RWBY Volume 5 and wanted to make a list of some of the best episodes in RWBY. I'm not adding in the trailers though.

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1 Fall Fall

Fall was when the tone of the show did a complete 180 and showed the dark side to this show. When Pyrrha and the audience learn about magic, the maidens and a war with the Grimm. Then to top all that off, the fight between Mercury and Yang ended on a giant cliffhanger that we didn't see coming. This episode had suspense, good action and lots of plot progression. - RoseRedFlower

2 Lighting the Fire Lighting the Fire

This one was so good to see. Weiss and Yang's reunion was so heartwarming after being apart for so long. But what I liked most was Yang meeting her deadbeat mom after she left her. Yang didn't care about her mother and needed her to find Ruby. Plus the fight she had with the bandits was really done well and showed that she still has PTSD. Team RNJR and Oscar also had a cool scene too. - RoseRedFlower

3 Players and Pieces Players and Pieces

This episode was funny, had great music and had the best action scene in RWBY so far. Seeing team JNPR and team RWBY work together for the first time was awesome. - RoseRedFlower

That episode was hilarious!

4 Necessary Sacrifice Necessary Sacrifice

Great character development between Blake and Sun, Oscar and Ruby and Ilia and the Albain brothers. The tension builds up good and the talks the characters have. Blake's view of how she looks at people was great and I love how Ruby has dealt with her struggles since the Battle of Beacon. - RoseRedFlower

I'm still not very happy about Oscar yelling at Ruby and Ozpin not interfering. If it were me, I would have broke down crying. Either way, Ruby dealt with it well. And I don't like Taurus.

5 Heroes and Monsters Heroes and Monsters

This episode was a jaw dropping episode. The Battle of Beacon is still going and the tension increases. Ruby battles against Roman and Neo, Weiss and the students fight against the White Fang, Blake confronts Adam and Yang loses her arm. Cinder becomes the most dangerous threat and hope seems to diminish entirely for the heroes. - RoseRedFlower

6 No Brakes No Brakes

The build-up for the confrontation between team RWBY and the White Fang built up to a great action packed scene. Yang actually loses her first battle, Weiss gets knocked out by the White Fang Lieutenant and Blake finally defeats Roman. Roman is also hilarious throughout the episode as well as Oobleck. - RoseRedFlower

7 End of the Beginning End of the Beginning

We finally get to see the main villain of the series! Plus then we learn about Ruby's hidden powers and how team RWBY split up. And of course, Pyrrha dies by Cinder's hand. Sad and emotional. - RoseRedFlower

The turning point of the show. A character we're accustomed to dies, everyone is depressed, Team RWBY is split, Ruby isn't a Mary Sue anymore. Brilliant. - Sop


8 Tipping Point Tipping Point

The ball is dropped and Tyrian finally catches up with team RNJR. He is one powerful warrior with cool weapons and a scorpion tail. Despite him going up against four young huntsmen and huntresses, he still emerges with victory and they had to get saved by Qrow. Weiss and how the people of Atlas act was really interesting to watch. - RoseRedFlower

9 Kuroyuri Kuroyuri

Normally flashbacks bug me but I really liked this one. Lie Ren's previous life before he met Nora and went to Beacon. How he had a family, lived in a small village and was a happy child. Then it's all destroyed by some unknown Grimm that destroys his home. - RoseRedFlower

Oh my god. This episode had me in near tears. Ren and Nora's relationship was the most heartwarming thing in all of RWBY. - TwilightKitsune

10 Best Day Ever Best Day Ever

One of the best fight scenes in the show, in my opinion. Not only was the choreography epic, but watching them have an innocent food fight is just a breath of fresh air now.

The Contenders

11 No Safe Haven No Safe Haven

This one tugged at the heart strings. Ruby's letter made it such a great episode. Plus the hand holding between Nora and Ren was so cute. Especially when we get to see where everyone is and what's to come for RWBY. - RoseRedFlower

12 Downfall Downfall
13 Black and White Black and White
14 Painting The Town... Painting The Town...

COME ON GUYS! we all know this is the best

15 Haven’s Fate Haven’s Fate
16 Remembrance Remembrance

This is definitely a very good list, for the reasons listed above. But of all the episodes, Remembrance is one that I've gone back to a lot. This episode set the tone for the whole of Volume 4, starting off with the Team coming across a town that has been completely overrun by Grimm and finishing with the scene of Jaune training in time with a recorded message from Phyrra. It really gives a sense of just how defeated all of the characters are currently feeling, as well as how Jaune is dealing with bereavement.
We also got introduced to Weiss' home situation, with the writers doing an excellent job in immediately establishing the relationships, and adding another dimension to Weiss' character which got the audience properly invested in her again. - Dashoth

17 It's Brawl in the Family It's Brawl in the Family

The Introduction to Qrow was the best I've ever seen. - zeroclubsboii

18 PvP PvP
19 The Badge and The Burden The Badge and The Burden
20 Ruby Rose Ruby Rose
21 The Shining Beacon The Shining Beacon
22 The Shining Beacon, Part 2 The Shining Beacon, Part 2
23 The First Step The First Step
24 The First Step, Part 2 The First Step, Part 2
25 The Emerald Forest The Emerald Forest
26 The Emerald Forest, Part 2 The Emerald Forest, Part 2
27 The Badge and The Burden, Part 2 The Badge and The Burden, Part 2
28 Jaunedice Jaunedice
29 Jaunedice, Part 2 Jaunedice, Part 2
30 Forever Fall Forever Fall
31 Forever Fall, Part 2 Forever Fall, Part 2
32 The Stray The Stray
33 Welcome to Beacon Welcome to Beacon
34 A Minor Hiccup A Minor Hiccup
35 Extracurricular Extracurricular
36 Burning the Candle Burning the Candle
37 Dance Dance Infiltration Dance Dance Infiltration
38 Field Trip Field Trip
39 Search and Destroy Search and Destroy
40 Mountain Glenn Mountain Glenn
41 Breach Breach
42 Round One Round One
43 Lessons Learned Lessons Learned
44 Never Miss a Beat Never Miss a Beat
45 Destiny Destiny
46 Battle of Beacon Battle of Beacon
47 The Next Step The Next Step
48 Of Runaways and Stowaways Of Runaways and Stowaways
49 Family Family
50 Menagerie Menagerie
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