Top 10 Sad but Beautiful Goodbyes to Say to Your Loved Ones

Hey, here is another list! This list is about beautiful and sad sayings when sayings when saying goodbye to a special goodbye. This sayings are mainly based on saying goodbye to your friends, relationship partner or a family member. But a goodbye isn't forever, you'll meet again. I like to say these sayings when waving a family member off at the airport. I also find these sayings beautiful to say to your romantic partner, whether they have to go somewhere. For me, love is very important. Goodbyes are never easy but you will meet again soon! Enjoy! (I made these up on my own or use some words from the sayings that exist)

The Top Ten Sad but Beautiful Goodbyes to Say to Your Loved Ones

1 A goodbye like this is never easy, but I will treasure this moment forever.

It would never be easy, indeed. - BorisRule

2 A goodbye is never the end, we will see each other soon.
3 Even though you are far away, you'll always be close to me.
4 I'm your angel, I'll always be behind your back, no matter where you are.
5 Although I won't see you for now, I can feel you in my heart.
6 I won't forget any memories we created together, they are so precious.
7 I won't see you for now, but I will see you in my dreams.
8 My heart will always look at for you and protect you when I'm not with you.
9 I wish I could be in your arms and never leave you.
10 I might not see your face for now but I'll always hear your voice.
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