Saddest Moments On Disney Channel/XD

Disney Channel was once a great network for kids and adults of all ages, but then it turned into the dump channel with whiny teen brats, bad singing/dancing, racism, sexism, feminism/manism, and scandalism, Toon Disney was a great substitute until XD threw it away, and some of the good modern Disney Channel shows moved onto Disney XD.
Since many good shows ended/got cancelled, bad ones took it's place, the audience of good/big shows were sobbing with sympathy when good shows ended/got cancelled and replaced with bad garbage shows.

Here's the list of Disney Channel's Saddest Moments.

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1 The End of Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls was, and still is, the greatest show Disney Channel has ever released, at least in a long, LONG time, it had as much as we asked for on a show, plots, characters, mysteries, action, lessons and friendship, It was everything positive for a show, some people even believed one of the monsters was real, that monster was the triangle illuminati guy Bill Cipher, it's been known that his name came from a dollar bill and deciphering, he went into everyone's dreams, he was the best cartoon villain ever made, the show only ran two seasons, which is only HALF as long as it's maximum seasonal window of 4, Phineas and Ferb ran a LONG time and had 4 seasons, Wizards of Waverly Place also had 4 seasons, but Gravity Falls had only 2, We all know that Alex Hirsch decided to make 2 seasons for Gravity Falls because he says it's a continuing story, which it was, but even 2 seasons, is that really long enough, 4 seasons would've been better, we can see why they gave season 2 a mid-season ...more - nelsonerica

Agree with everything else, this show was Disney's last hope, Disney was good, but then messed up with Phineas and Ferb, and that teen crap, one good show, Doraemon, got replaced with Yo-Kai Watch, after that, Gravity Falls was the only good show left on Disney, then after it ended, it's all gone, no more good shows on Disney anymore, Yet since Disney's going bankrupt now, the reruns won't last long, Disney Channel has hit it's grave that day, Goodbye Disney Channel.

This show was Disney's best in almost forever, Reruns are something, but they aren't going to save Disney from being bankrupt, when they go bankrupt, there will be no reruns or anything good, I'm sorry, but Disney Channel has died upon the show's ending.

I wish summer could last forever...

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2 The Cancellation of My Babysitter's a Vampire

My Babysitter's a Vampire was a great modern show for Disney Channel, and it was one of it's best live action shows ever made, yet it got cancelled after only 2 seasons, it's latest episode had a MAJOR cliffhanger, and it got cancelled after that, now we'll never know what happens next, Disney Channel is so perverted these days. - nelsonerica

This show, for a supernatural bloodsucking show called "My Babysitter's a Vampire (I mean come on, was that the extent of their imagination? )", was one of my guilty pleasures. I liked the characters and it is a shame that it wont get it's proper ending. - keycha1n

I find it humorous that Disney Channel likes to get rid of good shows because of things like low views. Instead, Disney wants to shove terrible shows like Jessie and Shake It Up down our throats.

3 The Cancellation of Toon Disney/Jetix

Toon Disney was a super great substitute for Disney Channel in airing animated shows, shows full of action, storylines, character development, plots, and lessons to learn, including the Jetix block, they have become so important to us that we never imagined before, Then one day, the new crap Disney decided to take over and replace Toon Disney/Jetix, Disney just airs disgraceful shows and ruined our lives, some good shows moved on from Disney Channel to Disney, which was stupid, Gravity Falls was such a great show, but it got moved to Disney, which was horrible, but nevertheless, we still watched it until the finale, and that was when Disney Channel died. - nelsonerica

4 The End of Phineas and Ferb

We all know Phineas and Ferb was a bad show after it's first episode, since it was repetitive and predictable, The boys build something weird, Candace tries to bust them, Perry defeats Doofenshmirtz, the inventions disappear, Candace fails because of that, and the boys have pie, and the episode ends, and that it took Kim Possible's spot, but at least there were new inventions in each episode, we were eager to find out what each one does and how it works, and we were eager to find out how Perry defeated Doofenshmirts with his tricks.
Phineas and Ferb has become such a big part of Disney, it had a wide variety of products, songs and albums, it has captivated our lives everywhere, it has become a part of history, it really was overrated, but the whole world started mourning it's end, the finale was good, though we know the whole show was too overly repetitive and that the writers were too lazy to write, but it was such an important show for Disney and T.V. in general, people have ...more - nelsonerica

You want sad? Watch the last episode of Gravity Falls

This show HAD to end. It was on for 8 years, which is way too long.

5 The End of Wizards of Waverly Place

Many teen shows are garbage, but some, especially including Wizards of Waverly Place were flat out great.
There was magic, which is what Disney is about, there was real comedy, jokes that weren't old or dumb, there were characters we were getting to know more about, there were even lessons, yet it had action that was used right and didn't go too far, Many teenage sitcoms are crap, but some like That's So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, Phil from the Future, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody/On Deck, Pair of Kings (Mitchell Musso version), and Wizards of Waverly Place were Great, Zeke and Luther was mediocre, but at least it didn't use a stupid laugh track, Kirby Buckets is gross and a disgrace to Lizzie McGuire, but still, no laugh track, some sitcoms, both those with and without laugh tracks, such as most of the shows mentioned on here were great, Wizards of Waverly Place was very great, it even impacted Disney and became such an important thing, Hannah Montana was awful, and ...more - nelsonerica

This show was one of the greatest ones on Disney Channel ever.

My favorite show on Disney, ever.

6 The Cancellation of Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire was not only one of those good sitcoms, but one of those few without laugh tracks, laugh tracks nowadays overplay even on stupid and violent parts, yet there was no laugh track, and it was still super funny, it was one of those children's slapstick sitcoms that didn't use laugh tracks, but still managed to give us a good laugh, along with depth in the plots and characters, yet they even taught us lessons.
The idea of drawing an imaginary self character back then was completely unique, and has captivated our minds.
Then one day, before it ever had the chances of having two more seasons, it got cancelled, Disney is going mad at making money, and their failing to make it, now all we have are crappy shows that only make us stupider and stupider. - nelsonerica

7 The End of Even Stevens

Even Stevens was a great show, and another one without the stupid laugh tracks, just like Lizzie McGuire, it still had a lot of components that kept us on the seat, it's just so sad to see it go, good shows nowadays hardly ever exist. - nelsonerica

8 The End of Phil of the Future

Another good crapless show on Disney Channel that had to end so soon, Only 2 seasons? that's not enough, Disney Channel must be in such a hurry finishing up good shows so that they can replace them with crap, as to make grab money. - nelsonerica

9 The End of That's So Raven

A spinoff is going to be released soon called Ravens Home - Ihateschool

One of Disney Channel's best and longest running sitcoms, just behind WOWP, That's So Raven, was about a girl who had psychic powers and was able to read other's thoughts and minds, which changed her life, this show has even allowed us to accept different colored people, and it was the first one on Disney Channel to use multicultural characters, it has won so many awards and nominations, same with WOWP, which beat it, and was also good, It aired it's series finale and ended, like any show would, Now we've run out of good shows, Disney Channel has hit the dump, Goodbye Disney, R.I.P. - nelsonerica

10 The End of Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana back then was an ok show, and yet it was so popular, the most popular show Disney Channel has ever made, the best part of it was the music she was singing, very catchy tunes, and her greatest song was Nobody's Perfect, which was very moralistic, but after it ended with 4 seasons, She complained about her fame and decided to take dirty little secrets and mess up to infamy, but thankfully she's getting better, as noticed in 2016, She's really an excellent example of how bad Disney Channel has gotten.

I'm vlad this show is cancelled its terrible - Ihateschool

I still still can't believe its gone... Like Miley sang at Hannah Montana Forever.. I'll always remember you! 😳😳😳😳😳😳😞😞😞😞😞

The Contenders

11 Miley Cyrus's Dark Side

Our once beloved, but also stupid, girl, Miley Cyrus, the star of Disney's most popular show, Hannah Montana, has turned to the dark side like some certain stars do, she was so famous during Hannah Montana, her songs were great and even taught us lessons, while still keeping us dancing, then one day, after her show ended after the full 4 seasons, Miley was so afraid of being known only as Hannah Montana, that she decided to expose certain dark secrets, and then she started doing all of this stuff that only idiots do, she twerks, takes drugs, does porn, and rides nude on wrecking balls, like in her infamous song, which has sparked an out of control meme all over the media and world, She was so stupid and forgot the line "Nobody's Perfect", However, it's been reported that she's getting better and cleaning up her act, which is a sign that she'll go back to the good girl she used to be, but that doesn't mean she'll do Hannah Montana again, because her show went through the full ...more - nelsonerica

Now she is nude on a wrecking ball

12 The Licensing of Naruto Shippuden
13 The cancellation of Lab Rats
14 The Creation of Disney Junior

Yes to whoever put this. You are a genius!

15 The Beginning of Pickle and Peanut

Why Disney WHY! My little sister can come up with a better show than this! - Danguy10

16 The End of Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Charlie really brought us good luck, the plot was certainly boring, but friendship was what made it so special, R.I.P. Charlie. - nelsonerica

17 Hannah Montana Takes Her Wig Off

*cue emotional sobbing*

18 The End of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Zack and Cody was a pretty great live action show, two brothers might not sound very original (Drake & Josh), but the adventures were great, same thing with the spinoff. - nelsonerica

19 The End of The Suite Life on Deck

Same thing, very sad to see the adventures of two boys ending. - nelsonerica

To be honest this was the only Disney Channel show I liked.

20 Justin Bieber's Appearance on So Random

So Random was already stupid, but Justin Bieber made it much worse, he's the worst superstar of all time, he's so stupid, his music sucks and he commits crimes, he needs to die.

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