Saddest Moments of Futurama

The Top Ten Saddest Moments of Futurama

1 When Seymour Asses dies (Fry's dog)

That was so sad I cried. - PatrickStar3

Jurassic Bark is probably my favorite Futurama episode

2 When Fry's love letter is destroyed
3 When Fry finds out his nephew was named after him
4 When Fry gets to see his family in his dream

That was so heart warming. - PatrickStar3

5 When Bender meets God
6 The Ending of "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings"
7 Fry sees Leela's letter millions of years in the future
8 The Second Series Finale Ending
9 Hermes prevents Bender from being scrapped
10 Montage of Leela growing up

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11 Fry and Leela’s Ultimate fate by Bender
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