Top 10 Saddest Moments from the Pokemon Anime


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21 Dawn's Piplup Runs Away

At the end of the Shinoh saga Puplup gets really upset after finding out that Ash and Brock and all its friends are leaving that it runs away. - egnomac

22 When Max was taking Ralts to the Pokémon Center
23 When James left his Chimecho with his grandparents
24 Jessie leaves Dustox

Bye Bye Butterfree is overrated this was way sadder Team Rocket leaves a Pokemon > Ash leaves a Pokemon

25 When Pikachu Turns Stone

Yeah I seen it in lots of top 10s

26 When Serena leaves at the end of XY

I hated and loved this episode hated it because serena leaves,Loved it because Cilan comes back

27 Dawn Suffers Back to Back Losses
28 Meloetta leaves V 1 Comment
29 Celebi's Death

Ash's reaction makes this moment even more sad than it would be. Sure, Celebi is revived, but seeing Pokemon forever for the first time really made me weep.

30 Ash leaves Charizard

Ash was so sad, he couldn't even say goodbye to Charizard!

31 Clembot Dies

It's so sad. I cry a lot after watching this episode.

It's just a robot, that you can reprogram

32 Latios' Death in Pokémon Heroes
33 James's Cacnea Leaves V 1 Comment
34 Ash yells at Serena because he wanted to be alone (Pokemon XYZ Episode 28)

Ash obviously needed to some alone time, while it was nice that Serena wanted to help him with his problem but he needed to figure his problem out on his own. - egnomac

Serena tried to HELP Ash get over his problem! what, MATE?!

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