Top Ten Saddest Things That Can Happen In Life

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The Death of a Parent

I'm so glad that death in it of itself isn't on here, because that's not something that could happen, it's something that will happen.

This is should definitely be number one. Just thinking about it KILLS me. Not being able to talk to or see your mom or dad again. The person who raised you and brought you onto this earth and you spent your whole life with, is no longer here and will never be here again. All you have is the memories of them. A few minutes after my dad had a seisure, I practically stopped breathing. Me and him have a very deep bond. When he had the seisure, he survived, but just thinking of how much I freaked out, I don't think I would be able to survive. A little while after they diagnosed him with parkinsons diesease. An uncurable sickness. Ever heard of muhammad ali, he died from it. And again not knowing that your loved one isn't there anymore not being able to hold them one last time or see them one... last...time. That, is true torture.

Yes I am Morgan and I'm 12 years old and have lost my Dad a couple months age to suicide and it was and is very painful I'm still in denial but you will get through this I hope because it is not the worst that can happen I miss my dad so much and I lost a lot in that one week because things can change so quickly.I hope if your lucky enough to have a father you will love and care for him.

It does hurt to hear that your parent actually died. They have raised you and all, and even though you did things wrong sometimes involving them and you still love them, you wouldn’t want to hear their death.

The Death of Your Child

When your parents die, that called becoming an orphan.
but when your kids die, there is nothing to call that since no word can describe the pain

This is by far the worst! If my parents died, I'd be sad but could handle it. If I died, my wife would be devastated but would eventually get over it. Even if I was slowly and painfully killed, it does not compare. The death of a child is absolutely soul destroying and lives with both parents forever even affecting their long-term health. If I lost my son, it would end me.

I haven't experienced this one personally, but I did lose a brother when I was young. I can tell you that I've never seen anyone as hopelessly crushed as my parents were for the next 4 or 5 months. If it had been an only child... well, I'm not very religious, but I still pray for anyone who has to go through that pain.

If I have kids when I grow up and one of them die, I don’t even know what I would do it would be so awful. I would definitely rather die a painful death than lose a child or a parent.

You Get Raped

getting rapped ...I know all to well the pain you'll feel... it feels like you lost all your dignity and power in yourself . you'll always think about it and flinch and you can never forget how horrifying it was . and if you've went through that I'm so so sorry

I think this is worse than getting murdered. rapists should get a much worse sentence than murderers. their victims still have to live everyday will all the trauma while the murderers victims were set free of it and are now resting in heaven.

That would be extremely horrifying. That would traumatize you for the rest of your life, and there have been many, many people who have been suffering from PTSD due to that.

Worst thing that can happen to you in life except for death

You Suffer a Painful Death

Knowing that this is the end, and that this the last time you'll ever get to see your family or friends again. And as the pain stops, you know that your already gone.

I don't think that suffering a painful death well be that bad cause you wont be able to feel it at all after. I think it's a good thing cause the suffering stops.

Horrible but still better than losing a parent

This is the worst thing to ever happen to you

The Death of a Pet

I have had 2 pets that died and it was just painful I was crying so much bbut now I have a cute pet and he is a dog who is also a schnauzer.

Your pet is your best friend, a member of the family, and when it dies, it's one of the most devastating experiences in life. Your pet is with you for 10-20 years and they become a part of your life. A pet gives you so many happy, good times and knowing that you will never see something you loved and treasured for many years everyone again is depressing.

My hamster recently fell off his cage and we had to take him the hospital! He died. :'(

I love my dog if there a cure to make dog live forever I will buy

You Get Diagnosed With a Disease

I have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and its horrible because I can't remember periods of where I was or who I saw. The shocking part is that I have 4 personalities; normal me, Sociopath me, psycho me and self-centered me. It's really scary and I don't like it because I'm only twelve and one day I could suddenly be a serial killer.

I got diagnosed with a very painful and humiliating disease when I was six I have severe Diarrhea it means I have very bad Diarrhea all the time there is no cure and I frequently have stomach issues I go to hospital every Saturday morning where they the do tests and other things that I won’t bore you with. I get something called Diarrhea pass outs it’s where I can’t control my bladder meaning I wet and poop my self when that happens I go to hospital for a week or more( depending on how long the pass out lasts for) this is the worst and most humiliating part,when I get a pass out the nurses put me in a diaper

It would be even worse to be diagnosed with cancer. Could a tumor rapidly growing in your body and losing your hair be any better? No!

This is actually my biggest fear. I eat a lot of unhealthy foods and don't work out much. I have a fast metabolism, so I'm still very skinny, but that hasn't subsided my intense fear of diabetes.

You Have Suicidal Thoughts

I thought my life was worthless from a year ago. A tremendous pressure, I didn't tell anyone because I think it would just make it worse. I curl up in a ball at night and let the tears fall. I mostly want to run away. I'm nine and in fifth grade. And well, pressure, already takes over the world. From massive amounts of extra homework, the fact I can't finish it.

I have had suicidal thought and I feel like it is just sad. I just think like no I wont because then my parents would be sad and also my friends.

I have wanted to kill myself since 3rd grade I have never told anyone as I didn't want people to treat me differently and I felt worthless as I could not live up to what people wanted me to do and lived in the past
and I still have these thoughts as I keep getting bullied at school and cannot tell anyone or they don't hear me. Its been 8 years I have been like this.

I actually have suicidal thoughts and it is the worst thing ever every single day I cry, I cry myself to sleep, I have panic attacks, and I am a animal lover and animal lover are more emontional which makes it hard for me because a lot of animals died in my life and its horrible to lose someone you love and I go to therapy and my therapist said she would rate me of how bad I am depressed a 10 out of 10 and honestly I don't care anymore and I am only 11!

You Receive the Death Sentence

Most countries don't have that

That would be scary!

Stupid court...

You Break Up With Your Loved One

Betrayal of the heart. I had been in love for over a decade, and I thought that I was the love of their life. The pain is unbearable to believe that that wasn't necessarily true. I feel empty, as if a great hole had been dug through my chest, an empty pit. She was my best friend.

My bff left me...

oof I wouldn't know that tho

When someone dead we have thought he/she where ever still love us, but breakup is something your love give you pain for life

You Go to Prison

Sure, but what if you deserved it?

It's like being caged,I hate prison

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Death of a Grandparent

I am scared to loose my grandma she is getting old and loosing her memory and it really scares me that she is going to die one day.. she is always there for me when I need it.

It happened to me recently.

Rip to mi abuelo :(

lost my dads mum and dad, thankfully not my mums

You Get Bullied

I wish I didn't feel this pain people yell and steal from you. I remember this time I thought someone was my friend but 3 weeks after he yelled at me calling me names and acting like I never did anything to him

Getting bullied in school
Getting bullied by other strangers
Getting yelled at
Never getting attention
And never have a friend

I wish I didn't have to experience this...

Bullies are like hurdles. Once Yu jump them, you never see them again and you are stronger.

Everybody gets bullied at one point

Loving Somebody Who Doesn't Love You Back

This happens to many women out in the world. We just need to be strong and know there is no one more beautiful than you.

My best friend- and multiple other people..

I feel ugly all the time. I just know no one will love me.;(

this has happened it sucked

The Death of a Sibling

I've lost two brothers over the years. I miss them both immensely. I wish I could still hug them and say I love them one more time. I would trade everything if that meant I had five more minutes to hear or see them one last time.

This should be #3 while #1 and #2 are death of a parent and death of your child

I’m sister left me when I was eight

I couldn’t live with that.

Death of a Best Friend

My best friend passed away three years ago of brain cancer and honestly this is a whole another level of sadness. Even now as I write this I feel that aching heart phrobing pain.

I'm sorry and yet that's tough besides my best died of a car crash

Omg I would never have a new BFF I will forever love my BFF that died.

My friend Luke died in 2014 (sobs hysterically! )

It would suck to lose a close friend

Having Abusive Parents

It is the most devastating thing to have in your life. An abusive parents... It does have a major effect in your mentality.

I honestly think having abusive parents is just sad and I will never be an abusive parent ever.

I have not experienced this personally, but I know people who have and its devastating.

I hate it when kids have to deal with this horrible crap!

When You Miss Your Childhood but You Know You Can Never Go Back

I miss it all the time but its always so fuzzy when I try to picture it.

I love the past in my childhood! :'(

I'm affraid that I will never have fun like I used to have

I hate everything about my life now, my childhood was great ;(

Your Parents Get Killed in Front of You

if this ever happened to you I feel so bad because your parents took great care of you except when you have abusive ones just that it is just harsh I would hate to have that happen to mee.

This happened in a book I read once and ten years later the child was still Suffering from flashbacks and nightmares, she couldn't sleep that whole time. it didn't help that her sister died too.

I will cry I would probably slide myself to not go through the pain

If my parents ever die, I will have to kill myself

Your Crush Hating You

This is one of the saddest experience in my school year! :'(

My crush hates me course of my body

A Mother Abandoning Her Child

Always making me cry. I have a friend of mine that his mother abandoned him while he was very young and now he lives with his abusive father. He asks sometimes his grandma about his mom. She doesn't know a thing.

A mother should love her child. No matter the cost. If your going to abandon your X hold it should be for a good reoson

Dad*, in my case.


This is the saddest thing I could think of. They had their whole life ahead of them and now have no chances of doing it.

this is honestly such a scary and heartbreaking thing.

Being a Disappointment

I have suicidal thoughts for this reason I can never do anything right my mom says she wishes she could hate me for being a disappointment.

Do you ever think the world would be a better place without you?

I am a disappointment on several levels

My dad left cause I was not good enough

Seeing Your Father Cry for the First Time

I saw him cry when we were watching someone perform as her own deceased father on the television. He cried because his dad died too, but then while crying he farted. Touching, I guess? Lol

I just feel like he is a tough man and for him to cry something bad must have happened

This should really be added.

That is very sad and gay

Separated from Your Best Friend

My best friend might be going to boarding school. She's still not sure yet and she doesn't wanna go, but that's life.

I will always find a way to find my BFF.

I'm about to be seperated from my best friend

Happened to me a few years ago, we still meet and say we are bff's but I don't know anymore :(

Abuse of Animals

I would literally kill you for this. I love all animals and especially my pets. don't ever do this and if you do consider this your last day because I will literally kill you out of rage.

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