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1 You Suffer a Painful Death

Knowing that this is the end, and that this the last time you'll ever get to see your family or friends again. And as the pain stops, you know that your already gone. - KoolKam

I don't think that suffering a painful death well be that bad cause you wont be able to feel it at all after. I think it's a good thing cause the suffering stops.

This is the worst thing to ever happen to you

The worst pain in your life,even though most people don't have this - Nateawesomeness

2 The Death of a Parent

Why number 2 if I lost my family I will kill me lost someone in our family its painful than you think one day I lost my sister because someone murder her and I've cried 9 week every day every night and after all these days I've spend 2 months do nothing just in my bed no move no breathing no nothing just been sad all these months no sleep no eating

Yes I am Morgan and I'm 12 years old and have lost my Dad a couple months age to suicide and it was and is very painful I'm still in denial but you will get through this I hope because it is not the worst that can happen I miss my dad so much and I lost a lot in that one week because things can change so quickly.I hope if your lucky enough to have a father you will love and care for him.

Grandpa... *Cries in the corner* - Fandom_Lover

I don't want that to happen to my parents.

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3 You Receive the Death Sentence

That would be scary! - Neonco31

Most countries don't have that

Stupid court... - Nateawesomeness

4 You Get Raped

Puts you at risk for aids or pregnacy, - Nateawesomeness

Worst thing that can happen to you in life except for death

The worst event can be happened for every one

5 The Death of Your Child

This is by far the worst! If my parents died, I'd be sad but could handle it. If I died, my wife would be devastated but would eventually get over it. Even if I was slowly and painfully killed, it does not compare. The death of a child is absolutely soul destroying and lives with both parents forever even affecting their long-term health. If I lost my son, it would end me.

I haven't experienced this one personally, but I did lose a brother when I was young. I can tell you that I've never seen anyone as hopelessly crushed as my parents were for the next 4 or 5 months. If it had been an only child... well, I'm not very religious, but I still pray for anyone who has to go through that pain.

The absolute worst. I'd take a painful death over this any day. - Phenenas

Anyone who didn't vote for this one doesn't have a child yet

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6 You Go to Prison

It's like being caged,I hate prison - Nateawesomeness

7 You Get Diagnosed With a Disease

Not every disease is bad

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8 You Have Suicidal Thoughts

They're so hard but all you need is someone to help you get through it. - AnonymousChick

I already do and I'm fine.

This is too bad. - Bundy

Everyday... Everday

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9 You Break Up With Your Loved One

Ha I agree

10 You Get Bullied

Bullies are like hurdles. Once Yu jump them, you never see them again and you are stronger. - AnonymousChick

Everybody gets bullied at one point

Bullies are hard to handle with,but I know how to get them out of my way - Nateawesomeness

A almost committed suicide because I was bullied

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? Seeing your father cry for the first time

This should really be added.

? Your Crush Hating You

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11 The Death of a Pet

One of the top saddest experiences for me

Not as sad as parents dying,but pets are still a sad thing to lose - Nateawesomeness

12 Loving Somebody Who Doesn't Love You Back

I have loved several people (not giving my gender but I am straight) but nobody has ever loved me back :(

13 Having Abusive Parents
14 A Mother Abandoning Her Child

A mother should love her child. No matter the cost. If your going to abandon your X hold it should be for a good reoson

15 Having to watch WWE every week
16 Pets Killed In Pounds
17 Getting AIDS
18 Constantly Being Silenced by Your Government
19 A Divorce

One with abuse

20 Abuse of Animals
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1. You Suffer a Painful Death
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