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1 How did time start and what was there before time?

It's very difficult to understand but the misconception of this question is to believe that time exists. As we all know, time is relative and the measurement of time was made-up by humans to make it us easy. Sure, we see progression of things around us and our life passing by but compared to a universal measurable scale this is no more than 1/10.000 of a second ( if not more! ). Meaning that our minds are too limited to understand a start or beginning ( and for that matter a before ). We can only make speculative theories about it but we can never prove exact facts about it. The greek philosopher Heraclitus said " The universe was always, is now and will always be, it's a eternal existence ". Another greek philosopher Parmenides said " Existence of the past and future are illusions. What was doesn't exist anymore and what will be doesn't exist. Only now exist for real ".

I am an atheist and I don't necessarily believe the big bang theory, I mean I do but I also do...if that makes sense. I think it is a possibility but not the most true one. I don't even like the word time! This question is truly fascinating but also overwhelming. My theory is "Earth was created and no one ACTUALLY knows how but it doesn't mean their theories are wrong nor are they right."

2 Is time travel possible?

Okay, your view on speed of light is wrong. Time doesn't slow down because time is relative. You can however measure time in relation of the speed of light. Changing the time would only be possible if you travel faster than the speed of light. In theory! The thing is that if matter travels faster than light it becomes pure energy (a theory by Einstein) and when you have pure energy you won't get any chemical reaction. This means that measurable time will stop. Reaction is only possible if you have energy and vice versa energy is only possible if you have reaction (a human paradox because if we could answer this we would be able to understand with exact proof the creation of the universe and life). As we all know, life is made out of chemical elements and if there's nothing anymore to hold this together (reaction/energy) we would simply dissolve into pure energy.

Even if it is or will be possible, it's a bad idea. Think about it. If there was a time period where nothing was living, including plants, humans would not survive. Also, if you were a bad person, you could go back in time and shoot up a building and steal everything. And just before they could catch you, you could just go back to modern times. It's a very bad idea.

3 Are there other dimensions?

This theory is actually accepted in quantum physica. This theory ( also known as Erwin Schrödinger's cat ) are very well explained by Roger Penrose in his books " The large, the small and the human mind " and in the more complicated book " Shadows of the mind. A search for the missing science of consciouness ". It explains how the same person could be dead in one dimension and be alive at the same time in another dimension. It explains a lot more but if you are interested I suggest it as a " must read ".

They definitely exist. There could be alternate realities; a different place but in the same place. There could be many versions of you living in these other dimensions. How do you get to these dimensions? Black holes.

Most likely. I think we may go there every night. If you were to consider our dreams as a diffrent realm, then they most certainly do! But once you leave the dream realm, it is not easy to enter other dimensions. But I am certain there are!

4 Do aliens exist?

I think that there's a huge possibility that they may actually are present in this world but their appearance or way of communicating or most aspects about them aren't completely peculiar. Perhaps, they have some differences compared to us but they're probably imperceptible. Also, if you think about it, each and every individual in this world are so diverse and we can't really distinguish what indeed is the typical or "normal" representation is because for one thing, we have no idea what normal is. So yes, it's possible that aliens do exist but they might just be blending in well with humanity.

Aliens who can live in the same atmosphere as we do can't exist in our galaxy because earth is the only planet that has a sun / planet distance made for our conditions of life. If aliens do exist in our galaxy it would be other organisms adapted to other conditions. At the other hand, if in another galaxy there is a planet with equal distance to a sun like in our galaxy, it is possible to find a species that lives in the same conditions like we and even have the same structure of bodies and mind like us.

5 Is anyone sane in this world?

Sane or insane are just words to indicate a state of being. For instance, In the 18th century people with epilepsy were in the category of insane people. With the medical knowledge we all know that this isn't true and that this 18th century concept was wrong. Trough history many categories of insanity changed also with the ethics of the time and used by authorities for social control. This means that a concept like " being normal " changes with the times. It doesn't follow a path of progression with a rectilinear development. What was normal or sane in the past can change as insane in the future and what is concidered as insane then change again as normal in a further future. It all depends of the ethics of the times. It can even be possible if we should have a regression of the society with loss of knowledge in the future that people with sickness will be categorized as insane again.

6 Is God real?

I believe that there is a supreme being out there, whether it's the Christian God, Islamic God, etc. I personally believe in Christianity, as it makes a lot more sense than some other religions, and that's how I was eaised, but I definitely doubt almost everything in the Bible. Without the existence of God, the universe couldn't exist. Now, I'm no scientist, but if there is no outside force, then what created matter, electricity, atoms, cells, etc? I could easily be wrong, but that just never made sense to me. Nevertheless, great list.

We humans can 't describe what we call God is. What kind of alive he, she or it is. Maybe all we can say is we have a universe inside electricity, cells, atoms interacting with a greater universe outside. Yes...the Universe may be God. We are made on His image and likeness...and alive he is. Nothing is created, nothing is lost everything changes.

No, because " real " or " reality " is based on exact proof and not speculative knowledge ( the greek word is Theorema, meaning theory ). Since there's no proof of its existence you have to concider god only real if you believe the theory ( or have faith that the theory is true ). Because I believe in exact proven science I simply say that god isn't real because no existent.

7 Is it possible to be possessed by demons?

The problem about this question is the fact that individuals living in this planet are created with two personalities: good and evil. All other types of dispositions are essentially just branches of both. So when you say if there's a possibility that anyone could be possessed by demons and be aware at the same time, I think it just naturally happens. Nobody is impeccable and no matter how kind and benevolent one may seem to be, they will always have a mischievous or diabolical side (someone manifest it easily while some conceals it better for the right situation). Therefore, if you think about it, we are ALREADY possessed by a demonic creature but we just accept it and don't tend to think about it that way.

It is possible if you really believe that you are possessed. It is a fact that the human mind is so strong that it can change your physical condition. There are proves of people who'd believed that they had cancer ( but they hadn't cancer to begin with! ) so hard that the brains developed signals towards the body that actually the body began to manifest real cancer. So, if your brains would really believe that you are possessed it would manifest to you as real. The difference however is that cancer is a proven fact ( and for that matter it would give you the real thing ) and that demons are not ( meaning that you and only you would see or feel the presence of demons but nobody else would see them ). While one believe can manifest itself to a physical fact the other believe can manifest itself to a paranoid fact which falls in the category of psychological facts.

8 Are we all sinners guaranteed to go to hell?

Sin is a " word " and is a concept that has no objective meaning. It is a subjective belief. Because of that it belong in the category of " ethics ". Accepted in religious ethic but in many philosophies not accepted as ethic because of it subjective proposition ( only observations can be in the category of verifications ). So, since the question is about " guaranteed " the answer is for objective lack of reasons no! The religious proposition would say yes, but since this can't be verified because of its subjectivity it really depends on peoples subjective choises between religion or science.

This has always conflicted me. My philosophy is that even minor sins, such as greed, lust, gluttony, etc, are still, nevertheless, sins. I believe that we are all doomed to Hell, because everyone sins, and Hell does a pretty good job of punishing sinners.

The Bible says that if you ask for forgiveness, you will be saved. I've never really agreed with this, because that let's sin go unpunished. That means that we can sin and get away with it, which is wrong. I firmly believe that everyone should go to Hell, but some should be treated less harshly than ithers. For example, a liar shouldn't be punished the same way a rapist or murderer is, kind if like the Underworld in Greek mythology. There, Hell gas many layers.

But there is, I must admit, a flaw in my own philosophy. If Hell has layers, then that's completely fine. Different punishments for different sins. But, if it does not, then the system is flawed. Since we know that we're all doomed, well make no strive to be better, and this, murder, rape, stealing, and other forms of sin will be everywhere, because why should we care?

This is not my actual beliefs, because, like I said, it's heavily flawed, but I do think that this would be a good idea. I know it's a little creepy and morbid, but you must admit that it makes sense.

9 Is there such a thing as an objective opinion?
10 Are babies thoughts in pictures?

Thoughts of babies is not only based on images ( or pictures like you called it here ). It's also based on memories and sounds. Recognition of forms and quantity and sound ( which is the basics of intelligence ) plays a role too ( meaning that they're are able to understand without express them in language, the different forms of things and persons, to make the differences between people he is seeing because of the sound and forms they have etc... ). Once the difference is understood in their minds ( they won't forget the next day what has memorized the day before ) babies are able to express themselves with " crying " to get attention of the thing or person he is thinking about. They can even dream about their experiences ( of what they saw or heard ) like adult dreams ( distortion of thoughts, strange stories etc... ). Scientefic proofs has discovered exact dreamwaves in babies like they are in adults. In fact you can say that babies behave the exact way like adults who can't speak. Only difference is that babies didn't memorized enough information and knowledge like an adult which gives them less to analyse and think about. Example, when a baby see people moving and walking around him, he actually can analyze why he / she can't do that and start crying ( also the reason why at at certain time he will by instinct try to walk, crawl and grab things ).

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11 Will there ever be a way to fix the mistakes of the past?

For one thing, if somebody will one day create the ability to travel back in time, I think that might be one way to recreate the same occurrence and prevent such error from transpiring but then again, every mistake we've committed has made an impact into our future even if we're not completely aware of it. Remember that one time when you rejected that really cute guy in eighth grade, the time when you ate that chocolate-chip cookie when you weren't supposed to, or that time when you decided to save your money instead of buying useless accessories - they have affected who you are and how you turned at this exact moment. Even if they're inconsequential mistakes, they can still potentially create some sort of change in your lifetime. Therefore, that being said, if there was an opportunity that we all could somehow fix our mistakes, our future will be so different and so will the world. The most significant thing to think about is to learn from our mistakes and become a better person. Remember: we will always make mistakes because we are in this puzzling journey called life and we're constantly discovering and learning about everything! ✨

12 When we talk and read, how is it our brains give words and images meaning?

This kind of concept always manages to enthrall myself because it's just something that we really are uncertain about. Learning a language and its plethora of vocabularies is one thing but comprehending it and even visualizing its definition is another thing. The human brain is just this complex labyrinth that will continue to have more and more mysteries and there's no doubt that it's one of the most salient aspect of human existence.

Your brain links together images from your early life, with words that go along with it. Using that knowledge, you can try to figure out what something means with no almost context at all How your brain configures your thoughts and runs through it is hard to explain.

The basic of knowledge is the recognition of forms and the quantity of forms. With that basic information in our brains we have developped language. So if you talk or read a language you are in fact given meanings or a remembering ( Plato's anamnesis theory ) to a basic knowledge that was already in your brains.

13 Am I the last person on earth and my brain has created hallucinations of everything else to keep me sane?

You scare me but, it is possible. How do we know anyone else is real. We cannot ask them. Then again, we probably. Would not have an online conversation on it. Or... TWILOGHT ZONE

I have a weird feeling someone added this pretending I did. If that makes sense.

14 If you went back in time a few hours, would there be two of you?

If this is possible the answer would be no! If you had to go back in time it would also mean that you are leaving the present time. You will be missed in the present. You will go back as you were in the past, meaning that if you go back, let's say two years back, you will be two years younger again. If you want to go back before you existed, it would be impossible because your physical condition didn't exist. And even if you would be able to go back before you existed with your present physical condition it would mean a changing from the past. You come back in the present and the world would be changed. But we're talking theory here! It's just facts in speculative thinking and not facts in proven exact thinking!

It could be possible if when you traveled back in time and you were in a different position than you were in the past, you could be in a different place than your past body and find it in a different place. But if you were in the same exact position you were in the past, your past and present bodies could collide and form one of you. So my answer is yes and no. Time travel may not even be possible, anyway.

15 What happens when you die?

I believe that there is an afterlife. When you die, your soul rises out of your body up into a hidden dimension which would be heaven, where you meet deceased family, friends, and possibly even pets. Looking down onto Earth, watching over your loved ones until they too pass into your dimension. But that's what I believe and I'm not 100% sure that that's what will happen. It could possibly be something like that, or something else entirely. Whatever it is, I hope that there is an afterlife. I couldn't imagine just everything going black and that's that. Something has to be there. Hopefully.

All those comments here about an afterlife, heaven etc... makes no sense ( Just adding that I don't have a problem for those who believes and have faith in that. It's their opinion. ). It makes no sense because if you say that there's life after death you are in fact saying that death doesn't exist. You are just saying that you travel from here ( life) to somewhere else ( afterlife, heaven... ), going from A to B, a passage in time ( but time is relative and " eternal life " therefor relative for that matter ). Has anybody ever proven that death doesn't exist? Because if you talk about an eternal afterlife you accept the fact that you will never die. And nobody can't say or proven that death do not exist. Death? It's there and it's real because if everybody would be so sure that it didn't exist, why be sad, why crying for someone you just lost?

16 Is there a way to get a fictional character to life?

Yes of course. You have to ask first permission by an apple who was picked up by an unicorn. Afterwards you make a soup and invite a butterfly ( any butterfly will do ) to eat together with you. Then you ask the butterfly your wish and he goes flying to the southpole to ask his master ( nobody really knows who he is ) and he will decide if your wish will come true. It's simple as making a car!

HA! Wake up every morning and come out of your dorm. In the Gryffindor common room with you is Firestar and Gandalf. He says you shall not pass unless you Gove the password, so you say Wobbly Wobbly Timey Whimey. Sheets you go to the Tardis station where you are waiting for a ride from Matt Smith, Claraand River. But your ride is late, because psychotic potatoes termed up with president snow, weeping angels, and Ky Lo Ren to over through the world. At the stop, you meet Totoro and lend him your umbrella.


17 Did any creatures live on earth before humans?

What? what what what. No words for this question. A 5-year-old could answer it. Maybe even a 4-year-old? Anyway, we call these mysterious creatures "dinosaurs".

Is this a joke?

18 How long is forever?

It is impossible for the human brain grasp the concept of the number infinite and forever that's why we always think about infinite being a one and a couple hundred or thousand zeroes. If the human brain could hold every bit of knowledge there is than we would know the answer to how long forever is and how long the number infinite is.

A never ending perception and awareness of yourself. But everything has and must come to an end. There would be no beginning because it would mean that everything you see or feel existed eternally. You would have no sensations of loss ( for good or bad ).

I thought it was obvious. Forever means never ending. So therefore, forever is infinity.

19 Does everyone see different colors, but we call it the same?

Quick tldr.

My yellow may be different than your yellow, but we call it the same thing. We cannot describe color without saying and object, but thta still doesn't prove that this is wrong.

20 When people have delusions, is it possible that what they're fantasizing is occurring in another dimension?

This question is so fascinating because perhaps, it might actually be true and we just are clueless about it. When people have delusions, we usually perceive them as insane and incredibly perplexing but once you think about it, what ever the situation that they're seeing might actually be materializing in some unknown place! This is similar with the existence of mirrors that what if the reflection that we see is actually just another dimension of you and your family. Amazing!

No, because parallel dimensions don't have the same space-time. The theory of Erwin Schrödinger's " Cat theory " proves that. In another dimension you can already be dead while you are here still alive and vice-versa. That's because choises can't be the same at different dimensions because of the space-time difference. If two dimensions would be in the same space-time at the exact moment, the dimensions would emerge / collapse and change the structure of space-time in the whole universe ( more exact, the universe would stop existing ). Electro-magnetic fields of photons experiments with detonators have in fact prove this statement ( see book " Shadows of the mind " by Roger Penrose, published by Oxford University press )

21 Is it truly possible to hate everything, even when it's actually good?

It is possible if your body would lower your endorphines and lower your serotonine. It would cause a depression and a lose of hope. A body that doesn't produce endorphines anymore can be seen with heroin addicts ( the heroin is replacing the endorphines in your body ). When he would stop taking heroin he would feel depressed ( many heroin addicts kill themselves because they don't have hope due to a lack of endorphines ). Serotonine is important to make us happy. If we are low on that we will fall into a depression. To hate " everything " can be possible but this would lead to suicide. The brains will actually give us a signal to make an end ( to give us the act of suicide ) in practice to ourselves.

No. To hate everything is impossible. It would completely overload your brain. Oh, not like that? Well the, possibly. It all matters on your perspective. Could we get back to immortalised and stuff now?

22 Why is it possible for some people like or love things others don't like or hate?

This sort of selective concept really just encapsulates the diversity of the planet. It seems to me as if the differences in our perspectives are consequences of a variety of reasons. For instance, it could be that we have experienced something appalling with a specific entity and we learn to associate it with hatred but on the other hand, the opposite could ensue and such thing could be associated with admiration. Also, it could simply originate from our beliefs and the way we were taught and influenced by others in our surroundings. That's the thing about this world; it's all about diversity and we just learn to accept it because there will never be a time when everyone in the entire world will meet into a consent about ANYTHING.

Because different things appeal to different people. Everyone in the world has a unique brain, even though everyone's brain functions the same. (Unless you take drugs or have mental illness.) Okay, my point is, you can't please everyone. It's almost like with how people view physical appearance. Different styles appeal to different people. Same goes with music, movies, television, books, social media, and so much more.

23 Will the universe end?

Yes, there is proof that the universe is degenerating but before this will happen it's for sure that our sun will end in our galaxy. This means the end of life in our galaxy. But don't be alarmed. We're talking about billions of years before that will happen.

Heat death. Entropy. I'm no expert, but I think that's what it's called. If everything is truly expanding... There will be a point when we stop and all the stars will be so far away we can't see any of them anymore and then expanding will stop and the universe and all energy will reach some sort of equilibrium and stop being able to do anything and it will all be over.

Or, we keep accelerating... and then at some point... the universe will all come crashing back and we will see the blinding light of billions of falling stars and be crushed into a dense point to explode back out again. "The Big Crunch" is what I think that is called.

Or we just keep going... Forever. Maybe breaking the speed of light and then life won't be possible but the universe will be there.

And there are more hypothesis' but these do it for me. I won't be here to see any of them anyways.

24 Will rock n' roll comeback or is it officially died?

First of all, there's nothing phenomenal about this question, second, it's not grammatically correct.

Rock and roll will never die. The original "rebel" side of rock and roll is over, that's for sure. It was a rebellious musical form in the 50s and 60s (an anti-establishment movement), but as time moved on, it became accepted by the establishment itself (mainly because they knew how to make money off of it). The last attempt to make rock and roll rebellious and dangerous again was in the mid-seventies with punk rock, but that was really more a search to be provocative and therefore a failure in a social context. Rock and roll is not dead, and it comes back once in a while, but you will never have the real thing again. The best you can get is a revival of the music (or just listen to all the great rock and roll records of the past).

25 What is the meaning of life?

Personally, I like to believe that the meaning of life is to create your own meaning for it through your own experiences. Don't know if that completely makes sense, but that's the best way I can put it.

The meaning of life is the sense you're giving to life.

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