Top 10 Scariest Breakfast Cereal Mascots

The Top Ten

1 Krinkles the Clown (Rice Krinkles)

I don't usually find clowns scary, but this guy's worse than Pennywise. - Cyri

Yes - BloDayBey

2 Crazy Craving (Honeycomb)
3 Sonny the Cuckoo Bird (Cocoa Puffs)

He’s addicted - AwesomeJawson

4 Trix Rabbit (Trix)
5 Sugar Bear (Golden Crisp)
6 Count Chocula (Count Chocula)
7 Lucky the Leprechaun (Lucky Charms)
8 Boo Berry (Boo Berry)
9 Captain Crunch (Cap'n Crunch)
10 Snap, Crackle and Pop (Rice Krispies)

The Contenders

11 Toucan Sam (Froot Loops)
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