Top 10 Scariest Creepypasta Characters

There are lots of scary looking creepy pasta characters out there.

Here are the top ten...
The Top Ten
1 Jeff The Killer Jeff the Killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner. The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep".

Jeff is pretty scary to look at, I'll admit. He sneaks into your room at night, waits for you to wake up, and tells you to "Go to sleep" before stabbing you to death. That's pretty creepy, but he's not the scariest. I think Jeff only wins because of his fangirls. I mean, I love Jeff, can a psychotic KILLER have fangirls?! What?! That doesn't make sense to me. Someone PLEASE tell me how he has fangirls. Anyway, his story isn't really that scary either, but eh. Jeff is pretty cool. As a fellow 'pasta, I will say that Jeff is scary, but not the scariest. Sorry, fangirls, but that's that. Oh yeah, and I CAN BE SCARY TOO, JEFFERY!

Yea, he's not the prettiest of the bunch, but he's kinda like me, misunderstood, not yet knowing what to do, scared that if he doesn't get rid of people now, they could hurt him in the future. I'm a big ball of emotions, I cry a lot, I also have a very short fuse, and when someone lites it they'll have hell to pay, so yea I guess I like him cause I understand how he feels. I cut the inside of my cheeks, although when I has braces, and said it was the wire, but I got then taken off so I have no excuse now, sure it hurt like hell, but it made me feel better, I throw knives at my wall all the time, it's fun, but I'm not allowed anywhere near knives once my dad found out, now I keep a secret one hidden. I still do these things, and I can't stop.

Jeff the killer is the best. I am not a fan girl. But I honestly think Jeff is the best. And he is not winning because of fan girls. He is winning because he Is the best and always will. I like the fact that Jeff says "GO TO SLEEP" before he kills. And Jeff is far the best Creepypasta I have heard of. His smile is cool. And the fact that he can't blink, he can win at a staring contest. And the one thing that bugs me is that people will ship him with other Creepypatas or with them selves. But the one thing that bugs me the most is that people will ship Jeff with Jane. If you are a true Creepypasta fan you would understand and you wouldn't ship any of them with anyone. But anyways, Jeff the killer will always be number one. And no one can change that. Go To Sleep!

Just to say Jeff the Killer is the best he is the Creepypasta King and I love the way he killed people at night he is very cool better than any other Creepypasta even better than Slenderman the way I remember it is when he killed his mother father and brother then that's how you found Jane and killed her mother and father and her best friend she became a killer too and she wanted to get revenge on Jeff the Killer but if you read Janes story and Jeff's story you will understand why they both go together

2 Slender Man

Slenderman goes around and stalks people, has no face and has tentacles, is as tall as the trees, and he kills children. He is a scary dude. He can get into people's minds and can be watching at all times. Slenderman truly is terrifying! This probably my exact reasoning for loving him. I'll tell you what though. Slender is DEFINITELY an eerie creature, but he is truly TERRIFYING when he's mad! This coming from one of his proxies. Don't tell him I said that! Yes, Slender, you are absolutely a scary creature.

There is no one more chilling than the Slender Man. Jeff is known for his murderous tendencies and slit open mouth smile, but his face displays his intentions. You have a chance. He's not all that different from any other serial killer psychopath, hm? I'm bipolar; I'm not always in control of my own mind. Delusions of grandeur and fantasy dance under my eyelids, just waiting for me to blink. The Slender Man likes that for he likes to play. Why do you think he prefers children best? He loves their imagination. But he'll take older children and even adults if he feels they have that vital energy of a child, an imagination innocent in theory but just wild enough to see the dark depths of the world. Isn't being imprisoned by your own mind far scarier than physical imprisonment. With Jeff, he kills you but Slender Man? He plays with you like his own personal golden fiddle. When he comes for you, will he go easy, killing you outright? Or will he take his time, enjoy his prey's beautiful ...more

Slender is like the scariest just do to the fact that he in the inbodyment of evil and pshyopathy. I mean that in the logical side pshyopaths show no emotion or remose for the victims such a slenderman he show no emotion there for making him unpredictable and unsettling as well. Also as a child or even adult people who are teller then us do intimidate us and people who are intimidate are easy to scare are even control. The suit is also another sign people who are true pshyopaths or borderline pshyopaths are normally successful and well successful people wear suits. And the children. Children are often the sign of innocents and he kills are takes kids there for take innocents in witch evil does.

Slender man was the one who caused me to never want to look at or be in the woods alone at night. He might not be the first creature that I had read/watched but he freaks me out a lot.

3 Eyeless Jack

Eyeless Jack truly is my favorite, even though I do like Jeff... I had to vote for Jack cause, you guys have to admit, Jack is better than Jeffery ever will be. Maybe I voted because I enjoy the mystery of not knowing what Eyeless Jack really looks like. You never see more then his blue mask with the black sockets. PLUS he is technically a cannibal, he eats people's kidneys. to be honest, I would probably give him my kidney for free. Also he is probably much smarter than all the other creepypastas. So he really does deserve to be in first place.

Eyeless Jack is my top favorite! I have to admit though, none of these Creepypastas are remotely scary ENOUGH to freak me out in real life, but the stories are great. I've never actually seen Eyeless Jack's 'real' story, the original, but I get the gist of it. Betrayal. I guess I'm one of those fangirls? Rather than being scared of these supernatural things, I'm more sad about it. Abused, betrayed, forgotten, bullied? All of these happen in real life, except that the Creepypasta stories twist them into a happy ending.

The End.

Favorite Creepypasta is Eyeless Jack. I love him. I once saw something in my room in one night. In the corner, I saw him, I wasn't scared and I couldn't move. But that's what I remember. But um. I can draw him in anime. My friends would call me insane or crazy. But I am. I wish I ate a kidney everyday, now and then. I feel like I am just like him, but I just don't know what to do when I'm just, I don't know, Torched everyday. I felt betrayed also. O might turn myself into one. Sooner.

I love eyeless jack and I understand his story, he's amazing and wonderful in many ways, that's why I love him with all my heart, he may be a creepypasta and he may not be real but I still love him, its weird I know but I can't help it..he's changed me, and I'm happy, I think of him when I get sad and he always seem to cheer me up. I wish...that I could be apart of the creepypasta group but many people say their not real and to let it go but I can't so I won't.

4 The Rake

I made my own origin on the rake:
Donald Trump was riding in his crap limousine and hit a man who was carrying his clothes while wearing clothes and knocked him out, OOF. Rake was a man who would rake everyone's leafs and throw them at them. As trump hit Rake by his car, rake broke his back and could only crawl. His "wig" fell off of him and he had surgury at the hospital and turned gray and he became faster than Usain Bolt. Now, he is a pedophile waiting for children so he can take their clothes and take the kid's hair. THE END.

He is a very scary creature. He is just named as The Rake but he is actually a skin walker. But still he is the most terrifying creepypasta. By the way, I'm going to be a new... maybe... creepypasta. My name is Midnight Moon. What I like to say is " Look at the moon." Then I chop off my victims heads with a Samurai Sword known as The Nightmare Knife. I'll be writing my story as soon as I can. And remember to look at the moon.

Holy crap, the rake is the scariest thing I've ever laid eyes on. This CreepyPasta made me terrified of things that crawl like that. I definitely don't know how he kills but how I would imagine it is he finds someone's house who is alone, crawls inside a vent to get inside and claws at you. The pictures you find online are terrifying and it makes me wanna scream. I rate Rake, 9/10 scary!

The Rake is the most SCARIEST thing I've ever seen! I love being alone which includes sleeping alone in the dark! But this story made me want to turn on all the lights in my room, close and lock the door and stay up till at least 6am because I was way to terrified! WHAT EVEN IS THAT?! I have seen proof of this... "thing's" existence and I'm begging that it doesn't exist!

5 Laughing Jack

Laughing jack is the most creepiest pasta, he has a whole sad and crazy backstory and he stocks people and gains trust with children as an "imaginary friend" and makes them go insane and has them kill their loved ones before he tortures and slowly kills them and that's jUST THE BEST WAY TO KILL SOMEONE! I mean I am a fangirl but not as bad as calling him my boyfriend or reading lemons but laughing jack is the best, he was meant to be a great friend to a child and was made to adapt to him so whatever the kid likes he likes and the kid likes killing and torturing people so jack got into it and ended up doing the same things but to him so now all he can enjoy is killing people which is sad but he's a total bad ass

Laughing Jack...oh boy...he is obviously the most scary to me because I have always had a fear for clowns they look like they can start a purge at any second especially Jack. although in the story he was just a little boy's imaginary friend and the boy grew up to ignore the fact of imaginary friends Jack got mad and decided on revenge not only killing everybody in the house but now everybody who hears his music giving out candies that he has poisoned. although he is my favorite creepy pasta. me and my best friends even role played in grade 4 creepy pasta characters I was always role playing as Jack.

Laughing Jack is truly terrifying. He's an insane clown who kills people (mainly children) and stuffs your body with candy. His origin story is actually kinda sad though...until it gets to the part where he kills Isaac. That part almost made me barf. His design is scary, he is scary. Plus, many people already have a fear for clowns so that adds to LJ's creepiness. Honestly, if I were to be killed by one of the creepypastas, I would rather be stabbed to death by Jeff, have my kidneys be taken by EJ, be impaled by Slender, or strangled by Sally. Why? Because Laughing Jack loves to torture and doesn't let you die until he's had his "fun" and that's just TERRIFYING.

Laughing Jack would definitely go well with Pennywise the dancing the clown..I mean ain't I just right? Laughing Jack is so cute he wears black and white, eyes definitely so flipping hawt :D and also he kinda reminds me of Ryuk from death note...Ryuk is tall and Jack is too... they both have that kinda funny clown thing around there neck ( I really don't know what it is called) there both pale...and I guess there just an all black thing I suppose... though Ryuk isn't the kinda guy that goes for candy and Laughing Jack loves candy...Ryuk isn't the killer guy though he does have the Death Notebook...and um yeah that all I have to say...

6 Ticci Toby

To be honest, Ticci Toby is the fan favourite. The reason as the way Jeff and Slender are the top 1 and 2 is because people usually stumbled upon creepypasta because of the two, Ticci Toby hides deepr inside the fandom but if you know his story, you'll instantly fall in love with him.

One can simply relate to his story and he's so loveable. There's no was you can hate him!

Plus, stop with all the waffle thingy please. Having Bipolar means that your appetite will change frequently so that means there's no way he can eat waffles non-stop but... I guess it's to add cuteness to his already loaded stack.

The story I kept listening to for the past three years is truly amazing in every gory aspect. Many fangirl over him, many hate him. I personally love the story, he is a relatable character when it comes to his sadness. I thank his creator for writing the story of Ticci Toby. He deserves number one. Not because of the amount of fangirls but because there are truly relatable moments in the story that make him seem more human than other people in real life. He is a great character, and I'll say it again, thands to his creator. Also, Since when and where did Toby's love of waffles, or his supposed love/annoyance of Masky. They aren't even in the same group of horror/creepy stories? Also, TOBY IS A CHARACTER CREATED BY KASTOWAY, and as stated by Kastoway over on Diviantart, Toby is a fictional character, he isn't real.

Ticci Toby is by far the best Creepypasta I've come across, he uses hatchets as his main weapon, he has a depressing backstory, if anyone deserves the #1 place its Toby! Not to mention that the fact that he can't feel pain and ticks is so awesome! I just can't see how Jeff has the #1 spot and not Toby. Jeff is just way too mainstream, Toby however, is out of this world! Someone give Toby an award! Jeez, he's too amazing for this 6th place spot! He deserves so much more than this!

Ticci Toby is a pretty scary character, I guess. He has a story that I can kinda relate to and he kills people with hatchets! That's pretty cool. I think of Toby as my Creepypasta brother. I absolutely love his story and his design. But will someone PLEASE tell me where the heck the waffles thing comes from? What the heck? Ticci Toby is truly an awesome Creepypasta.

7 Smile Dog "Smile Dog" is a story about a cursed image file. The image shows a large German Shepard or Husky dog that is smiling.

Wait wait wait. Okay, I got into Creepypasta when I was 10, and I found Smile Dog after a few weeks. There's a comment:
'Teens and younger looking at the picture of the smiling husky will have nightmares. I don't advise looking at it unless you are 100% sure that you love horror pictures and movies and can handle this...'
Okay, I see a lot of things messed up here.
First, I was 10 years old when I got into Creepypasta. I've NEVER seen a horror picture or a movie in my whole entire life. I friggen got scared at watching 'A Quiet Place' TRAILER. I repeat, TRAILER. Yes, I'm bad at horror. And here I am, watching and reading Creepypasta. I have seen Jeff The Killer's photo, and I am STILL alive. Smile.jpg, ha, no. He's cute. So friggen cute! Sure, he's covered in blood, but he's still adorable!

Teens and younger looking at the picture of the smiling husky will have nightmares. I don't advise looking at it unless you are 100% sure that you love horror pictures and movies and can handle this. The minute I saw that picture I turned away. That picture is scary. (Yes, I am not that into creepy pictures) This is a picture, you will not forget for a very long time.

If you look at the pic then you will be haunted by the dog in your sleep until you send the pic to another unexpecting human and him/her will also go through the same process as you. I think that is creepy and I do not recommend looking at the picture unless you wanna be haunted. That's really the only reason why I like this Creepypasta and also because it is really SCARY.

Smile dog is the best 1 because he's a satanic dog which is a husky 2 don't look in his eyes in the pic unless you want the devil to be your brother and I ain't want that to happen 3 he deserves to be number 1 jeff the killer is pretty awesome but he should be number 2 he's only number 1 because of people who are obbsesed with him which are called fangirls but smile dog you the best!

8 BEN Drowned BEN Drowned is a creepypasta character created by Jadusable. BEN is said to have died by drowing and haunts a Majora's Mask cartridge.

BEN's story is pretty scary to read. Especially if you're in love with Majora's Mask (which is already kinda creepy all on its own) like me. BEN's story adds to the eeriness of Majora's Mask and he is pretty awesome. I love the way he travels through electronics and causes people to go insane and kill themselves. I like his design as well. Bleeding eyes and red pupils is pretty cool. I just kinda wish I'd never showed my cousin this CP. Now she's an obsessed BEN fangirl. -_- I really just appreciate how Creepypastas are scary and kill people and all. I dunno how a KILLER can have fangirls though. Someone please tell me. BEN would probably be a good friend of mine if he were real. *Who's to say he's not?

I've read that BEN is nice to is victim until he's ready to kill them and he's also the creepy pasta of my favorite gaming series ever.

BEN for me is the scariest. He haunts one of my favorite games but that is not the reason. He fills the games with bugs and glitches then sets link on fire. How is that not creepy. then after link dies so many times the screen is just on links dead body. Then he drives you to suicide. So for me it is BEN

Ben is definitely the scariest. My friend was telling me about him and now my phone won't stop glitching. I've had it looked at and they couldn't find anything. Every device I touch goes haywire. And to make matters worse every time I try to drink water I choke. I can drink anything else but water.

9 Abounded by Disney Mickey Mouse Costume

To me he is the scariest because I grew up loving Mickey Mouse. When I heard of ABD I was tempted to read his story. That made me super scared of him so he's by far the scariest

That thing is really creepy. What could be under the costume? What we only know, is that it was abandoned by Disney... and by God

I really got the chills while reading this, I made some of my friends read it too and they also got the chills!

...I hated Mickey Mouse clubhouse and now I hate it even more

10 Happy Appy

Not only are his motives to be nice to children in order to gain their trust so that he can kill them with easy creepy, but he can also survive car crashes, has a skeleton even though he's an "apple", haunts the writer of it in person to destroy all evidence of his crimes/existence, and he's also a shape shifter that pretended to be that girls dad and proceeded to kill her entire family after revealing himself. He is nightmare worthy, and far worse than any of the other pasta's by far.

Happy Appy is terrifying! Just to look at! Yes, Jeff is creepy-looking (hence the name "Creepypasta"), but this...this THING is absolutely (what word shall I use? ) CREEPY. It takes a lot to scare me. I mean, I read Creepypastas at night during a storm and can still sleep peacefully, but this dude is just...I don't know what to say. I'm sorry, but Happy Appy, you take the poisoned cake, my friend.

Seriously guys. When I looked up his picture I tried really hard not to laugh. It's just an apple, what's so horrifying about him? Personally he reminds me of Annoying Orange.

Scary as HELL, I read this at noon in my bedroom; I always looked over my shoulder and expected to see the damn shadowy apple figure...

The Contenders
11 Bloody Painter

He's overall my favorite because I'm an artist myself. I also love the character because his past is somewhat the same as mine (with school life and bullying). His personality is also the same as mine and he prefers to be alone and isolated rather than being with people which is how I keep my life. These are only a few reasons Helen is my #1 favorite.

I relate to Bloody Painter as I was a little girl once I get bullied in grade 1 many times when I'm doing my work,math,reading, and drawing and I loved doing art it makes me happy. I don't like it but they're were my friends but they're be trad and lies just for once I just want to kill them and I didn't meet my father sadly most of cousins of mine told me my dad die long time ago...when I was 13 years old now I know all about Helen Otis and I said " I'm just like him when he's a little boy " but then in my mind I was thinking about him a year now he's my most favourite Creepypasta character ever but my heart was pounding when I was reading his story over and over again and I think I in love with him and I felt sorry for him.

I was bullied too for my 'mentally-weird' thinking way and I loves to draw and read since I was very little. I also have social anxiety, causing everyone to see me as a weirdo because I never make friend, so people mostly hate and bully me. I never really care, instead, I took my pleasure from it and learn to be an SM. When I read about BP and Ticci Toby, I can't help but cry because they both resemble me almost for 98%. I keep reading about them over and over again until I realize,

THAT I'M IN LOVE WITH THEM! I'm not the right person, but I wish that they will find someone to help them. (Oh, but Slender man already took them, right? :/)

I relate to Bloody Painter as I was a little girl once I got bullied in 1st grade many times when I'm doing my work,math,reading, and drawing and I loved doing art it makes me happy. I don't like it but they're were my friends but they're bad and they lie I just want to kill them. When I was 13 years old now I know all about Helen Otis and I said " I'm just like him when he's a little boy " but then in my mind I was thinking about him a year now he's my most favourite Creepypasta character ever but my heart was pounding when I was reading his story over and over again and I think I in love with him and I felt sorry for him. -X0Monster0X

12 Rap Rat

Scariest thing ever. I didn't sleep for 3 days cause of rap rat

Um...this sounds creepy I've never heard of this creepypasta b4

We always called him small

Not even scary to me

13 Mr. Bear (1999)

Mr. Bear is scary because it's not a super natural monster. It's just a crazy man who wears hia old bear mask at times and hides somewhere in the forest. 1999 is the best creepypasta I've ever read.

Wow how could this come out of the mind of a sane person? I just loved it MUCH better then jeff the killer and bloody painter for sure!

This is the most realistic creepy pasta I have ever read, that make the story more and more scary!

Very creepy... More of a mystery though. Loved this character, as well as the creepypasta

14 The Girl in The Photograph

She may not look scary, but when she's tapping on your window at night giggling you can't decide whether to scream or pass out.

I was looking up kids afraid of the dark and I saw why are we afraid of the dark and then I saw the girl and I jumped and xed it out. also it's not a girl it's JEFF THE KILLER!

This is one of my creepy favorites I don't know why or how it just is...I had goosebumps when I heard it and love it

"I think she is a actually pretty, except at night when she tap tap taps on your window at night"

15 Zalgo Zalgo is an Internet legend about an ominous entity believed to cause insanity, death and destruction of the world, similar to the creature Cthulhu created by H.P. Lovecraft in the 1920s. Zalgo is often associated with scrambled text on webpages and photos of people whose eyes and mouth have been covered more.

Zalgo is the primordial embodiment of all Evil. He may be in a computer, but imagine if he escaped. He could destroy everything in the multi-verse! That's scary!

Zalgo seems pretty scary I man just look at him

HE HAS NO NECK and honestly looks like a red jack-o'-lantern... BUT in all seriousness he doesn't scare me that much but he seems pretty cool

Yeah Zalgo's scary he's the King of Hell. Every time I see his picture its like I am going to Hell. The only cute picture of him is cweepypatsa pr the anime pictures.

He is why more scary then the other at least I think but number 17 ok but I think he should have been in number 4.

16 Mr. Widemouth

Generally, I like Mr. Widemouth's story more than any of the character based creepypastas. It may be because it was one of the first stories I listened to, but damn, it still gets me thinking about the ending, all these years later. If I had've met him, I would've died by just tripping on him, before he even managed to say a word, knowing myself. Wonder if he would've been impressed with himself or unamused by me...

Just looking at his picture makes me shiver and strikes fear into my heart. I wouldn't want to be abducted by him.

First creepypasta that I've really read. Definitely a good starter one and a pretty good story

He is very scary and he will play tricks on so you can die and he is real because my friend saw he

17 Haunted Akinator

I don't KNOW

scarer than freddy fazbear both vdeo games

18 Lavender Town Pokémon

Lavender Town is my jam. You can actually do a really good robot while dancing to it. =3

It's strange they it's part of pok'emon
But if you listin to it a lot it might give you nightmares when you think of it while your asleep

I listened to this with my friend and its stuck in my head

the song is creepy which makes it good!

19 Jeremy (Strangest Security Tape I've Ever Seen)

I was so curious as to what "Jeremy" looked like that I looked for the picture on msn, and it's freaky! This is the kind of image that can make you wet your pants!

Whats the link? For Jeremy thing if you could find the link and send it to me I will be forever thankful

I don't know what it is about the creepy pasta but I just don’t get a good vibe about it

20 Momo

Momo is a mono! Momo is a suicidal game that tries to get young children to take there life by like, jumping from a roof, poisoning thereselfs, cutting themselves, stabbing selves, and hanging selves. If you have a child that likes to play with electronics, talk to them about it and watch what they play and watch. It’s on YouTube, mini games, facebook, Snapchat. It even gets teens to kill themselves. Don’t EVER let your children play the game momo. It is NOT a good game. Stay safe everyone!

I thought momo was a naked chick made by a maniac telling people to commit suicide by making youtube videos

Just looking at her, or him, or whatever the gender can give someone a heart attack and kill them.

We never liked her because she just stared to kill not to any hard work like us

21 sonic.exe Sonic EXE., also known as Sonic exe, is an alleged cursed version and format of the classic game Sonic The Hedgehog. The original story is about a teenage boy named Tommy or simply Tom who suffers supernatural delusions and hallucinations.

Oh, how dare you all. I am Sonic.exe, demon of Sonic. Some even call me... God. Jeff isn't scary, his face is just stupid. He's just a perverted clown. So, so 'scary'. And Zalgo? Seriously? He can only affect the digi-verse. Please, if you can't harm mortals, living ones, you're not scary. Hahaha. Don't forget that it was I who possessed Sonic. It was I who destroyed his world. It was I who killed all of Sonic's friends. Oh, how I relished it when they realized that their beloved Sonic had turned. He would kill them all. Hahahaha. Oh, the torture, the pain they felt inside. It was like a banquet for a king. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I brought them back for round two, just so I could feel their hopelessness, their anguish, their sorrow. It was grand. Perfect. The things I could do a third time. New kill tactics. Their friend comes to kill again. The cycle of torment just won't stop. Reliving the same event over and over again. It must be perfect for them. Well, I'm off. Have. ...more

Don't forget to vote for me. You see, I shouldn't even have to tell you this. Yo people are weak minded sheep. That means that I am the shepard, morons. The person who herds the sheep dimwit. Hahahaha...

Actually, the phrase "I am God" is used by numerous demons as a way to make fun of the Creator, specifically because they are embodiments of all Evil and God is all Good.

He really scary me I played a lot of video games I ever played sonic but when I heard about his creepypasta story I stop playing that video game

22 Tails Doll

In my sonic gaming history I did encounter sonic.exe and tails doll though if I were to decide which is the most terrifying I say it's tails doll after seeing tails doll In sonic rivals I had a split second look at him I'm not sure how it showed up in a dream I had in my dream he told that he wanted to play with me. In my life I had witnessed a lot of demonic presence in all the places I've been so I knew this was no different. Deciding to play along with his trick I learned that in that state he is harmless so I played it safe I questioned him on how to find his secrets In sonic r he didn't give me an answer so in the dream I said I wanted to meet him in the real world after that he streaked and told me to wake up when I did I saw outside my window the red gem and I heard a happy voice say: thanks for playing and winning. To this day I have no idea how I did it but I never saw him again his laugh is still I my mind 5 years later now I am utterly terrified of dolls.

Tails doll Almost killed me and my friend. I love tails doll and all but I don't want him to kill me.
Tails doll can even shove the Sonic R cd down your damn throat...ugh it makes me sick

It a doll. How the heck does it kiloton? Just kick it away. Step on it. It's not even 3 feet tall. It's not scary. It's kinda cute though.

When I watched the movie I was worried that my tails toy would kill me

23 Mother's Call

Some of the scariest creepy pastas let your mind do the work, a WONDERFUL example of this is Mothers Call. I have only read it once but I get chills from just thinking about it. What was in the kitchen? Was it a kidnapper? Was it a monster? Was it a spirit? We don't know and that's why it's so scary.

DEFINTELY top 10 worthy. I mean a little girls hears her mother call her name. As she walks down the steps a hand reaches out of a closet and grabs her. Its her mom and she says "Don't go I heard it too." I mean that's DEFINTELY scary.

I’m not sure what this means but...this is creepy this is what my friend said
So if your lost and you try to call your mother but then she died? That creeped me out...

Now every time my mum calls me for dinner I am suspicious...

24 Sally Williams

Does NO ONE know about sally?!?!?! That makes me feel bad, her story was pretty sad, knowing she was just 8 years old, I felt bad for what happend to her, I told my friend about her, and she loves sally now. If you know slender, I'm surprised you don't know sally, she is like his daughter... kinda... in a way, I hope you read sally story... please say what you think about her because I really like her

Just like all the Creepypasta stories, Sally's story is more sad than creepy. Like what I said for Eyeless Jack's thing, these supernatural stories are more of sad than creepy, but the author twists the ending to a slightly more bloody way.

Her back story is sad But I think she is cut and she love that she is a kid and kills people it is just to cut but then scary if you find her house she will kill you because she want revenge on her uncle

Sally is SO CUTE her teddy bear charlie is pretty cool her story is really sad and I feel so bad for her I mean like why would somebody do that to such a cute lil marshmallow

25 Seed Eater

Oh, Eyeless Jack eats your kidneys? How about the Seed Eater eats your children.

A bird-human hybrid that feeds on children. Definitely deserves to be in the top ten.

I find the seedEater weirdly adorable like I'm obsessed with him, we don't discriminate here.also I love eyeless jack and the seed eater I seem to have a thing with human eating creatures

This is by far my favorite! Reminds me of a Wendigo!

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