Top 10 Scariest Creepypasta Characters

There are lots of scary looking creepy pasta characters out there.

Here are the top ten...

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1 Jeff The Killer Jeff The Killer Jeff the Killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner. The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep".

Jeff the Killer is without a doubt THE scariest Creepy Pasta character. He climbs through your window at night, stands beside your bed, waits until your wake up, when you do wake up he smiles at you with the most horrifying face ever, says, "GO TO SLEEP" and kills you with his knife. ULTRA MEGA SCARY!

Wait if Jeff has no eyelids, then what would pepper spray do to him. Also if you don't blink for that long your vision gets REALLY blurry so unless Jeff uses eye drops every minute or so, then he can't see, also what would protect him from getting his eyes poked out. This is one flawed character swimming in the garbage section of the creepy pasta website known as "crappy pastas". 3/10 Bad

Jeff the killer is truly horrific in a good way, after reading his creepypasta it makes you fear if your his next victim. I also love his background story of him being abused by bullies although him grotesquely murdering them as revenge!

This dude is BY FAR my favourite creepypasta. He was the first one I read about, which got me into them. Also, don't judge me, but I am one of his fangirls. And I also find him quite cute. But, I am not as obsessed with him as Nina. I don't really find him that scary anymore, I find him super cool, and his story made me search up creepypasta.

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2 Slender Man

There is no one more chilling than the Slender Man. Jeff is known for his murderous tendencies and slit open mouth smile, but his face displays his intentions. You have a chance. He's not all that different from any other serial killer psychopath, hm? I'm bipolar; I'm not always in control of my own mind. Delusions of grandeur and fantasy dance under my eyelids, just waiting for me to blink. The Slender Man likes that for he likes to play. Why do you think he prefers children best? He loves their imagination. But he'll take older children and even adults if he feels they have that vital energy of a child, an imagination innocent in theory but just wild enough to see the dark depths of the world. Isn't being imprisoned by your own mind far scarier than physical imprisonment. With Jeff, he kills you but Slender Man? He plays with you like his own personal golden fiddle. When he comes for you, will he go easy, killing you outright? Or will he take his time, enjoy his prey's beautiful ...more

I mean, I know he is a urban legend but just the thought of him is creepy and the horror games is one, and the new movie about him is quite suspicious this all started out with tween girls killing their friend for Slenderman but they probably made a excuse. Plus why would they make a movie about him if he encourages kids to kill themselves or someone else? Pfft, please. Drop the mic

I like creepypasta!

Utterly Terrifying...

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3 Eyeless Jack Eyeless Jack

I say Eyeless jack is the scariest creepypasta for 3 reasons; 1: He cuts open your body and eats kidneys while you sleep, 2: He is anonymous having it where no one knows his true face and the only thing you can look at his is deep, black, eye sockets 3: Jeff the Killer has become a lover from fan girls :/

I love eyeless jack and I understand his story, he's amazing and wonderful in many ways, that's why I love him with all my heart, he may be a creepypasta and he may not be real but I still love him, its weird I know but I can't help it..he's changed me, and I'm happy, I think of him when I get sad and he always seem to cheer me up. I wish...that I could be apart of the creepypasta group but many people say their not real and to let it go but I can't so I won't.

I love the story behind eyeless Jack although why is it that no one could help him? He must have been so lonely all his life being picked on and seeing those things no one should have to go through that and he killed his mother how did he live with himself after that.

Eyeless jack should be #1 because of his girlfriend catching him and demonizing him, he killed all the cult members with just a FOREST FIRE, and he is just in general a BADASS

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4 The Rake The Rake

To be honest I'm not really scared of creepypastas. But if I HAD to see any of them in real life the rake would definitely scare me the most

He does not scare me but that picture freaks me out no creepypastas scare me but I would choose him if I had too

This picture made me
1.Run away
2.(after coming back) I died

He should be the first, he's the scariest

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5 Laughing Jack Laughing Jack

I find Laughing Jack the scariest because I personally am terrified of clowns. He's not my favorite creepypasta but he's scary as hell. Also, the thought of one of my childhood dolls, stuffed animals, or toys coming to life and killing me.Terrifying. He's such a twisted and sadistic character that he makes me have some respect for the gore aspect of Creepypasta.

Laughing Jack...oh boy...he is obviously the most scary to me because I have always had a fear for clowns they look like they can start a purge at any second especially Jack. although in the story he was just a little boy's imaginary friend and the boy grew up to ignore the fact of imaginary friends Jack got mad and decided on revenge not only killing everybody in the house but now everybody who hears his music giving out candies that he has poisoned. although he is my favorite creepy pasta. me and my best friends even role played in grade 4 creepy pasta characters I was always role playing as Jack.

Laughing Jack is a really cool character to me. He is a kid's imaginary friend before torturing them. He had a really sad background to me, and I can relate to being abandoned, or forgotten.

The fact that Laughing Jack makes people go insane with just his meer presence should indicate that he's incredibly worth more than 5th place. I know that just about everyone on this list is a child killer, but Jack does more than just kill children. He tortures them in the most excruciating ways and makes sure they feel every single stab of pain. He keeps them alive just to enjoy their looks of pain, fear and sadness.

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6 Ticci Toby

Ticci Toby is a pretty scary character, I guess. He has a story that I can kinda relate to and he kills people with hatchets! That's pretty cool. I think of Toby as my Creepypasta brother. I absolutely love his story and his design. But will someone PLEASE tell me where the heck the waffles thing comes from? What the heck? Ticci Toby is truly an awesome Creepypasta.

If you think toby is cute say I

Ticci Toby's story is heartbreaking. It's not just a kid murdering people and setting stuff on fire. He seems more human than a lot of Creepypastas that I've discovered. He didn't choose to become a killer. For all we know, he could have been planning to never kill anyone ever again after his dad. He was always misunderstood and judged, and that's something that a lot of people can unfortunately relate to.

Ticci is pretty cool! He is my favorite! I also kind of have a connection with him since when I was 2 I has diagnosed with autism... but however, the weapon choice is common, no offense. He should be number 1!

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7 Smile Dog (Picture) Smile Dog (Picture)

I just think he is adorable

He is so cute I would give him all my love!

He is really Scary!

To me smile dogs is scary...he's THE DOG OF THE DEVIL...yet kinda awesome

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8 Bloody Painter

I like that he's an artist. He's my 2nd favorite creepypasta he could be scary. But gotta admit he's kinda cute

He loves art that's for one. but he had killed everyone in the his dorms without getting caught for all I know he could be behind you right now raising his knife getting ready to murder you

I think he is so cute, he is adorable.

I relate to him I had only one friend in third grade but...she moved and what's sad about that she never got to meet my new friends, but now I'm getting bullied by a dorkface that steals, and bullies my step sis, but yet I want to kill a lot of people the way he does. - X0Monster0X

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9 Happy Appy Happy Appy

Not only are his motives to be nice to children in order to gain their trust so that he can kill them with easy creepy, but he can also survive car crashes, has a skeleton even though he's an "apple", haunts the writer of it in person to destroy all evidence of his crimes/existence, and he's also a shape shifter that pretended to be that girls dad and proceeded to kill her entire family after revealing himself. He is nightmare worthy, and far worse than any of the other pasta's by far.

For the last time why a Apple

Seriously guys. When I looked up his picture I tried really hard not to laugh. It's just an apple, what's so horrifying about him? Personally he reminds me of Annoying Orange.

Scary as HELL, I read this at noon in my bedroom; I always looked over my shoulder and expected to see the damn shadowy apple figure...

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10 Smile Dog Smile Dog

Wait wait wait. Okay, I got into Creepypasta when I was 10, and I found Smile Dog after a few weeks. There's a comment:
'Teens and younger looking at the picture of the smiling husky will have nightmares. I don't advise looking at it unless you are 100% sure that you love horror pictures and movies and can handle this...'
Okay, I see a lot of things messed up here.
First, I was 10 years old when I got into Creepypasta. I've NEVER seen a horror picture or a movie in my whole entire life. I friggen got scared at watching 'A Quiet Place' TRAILER. I repeat, TRAILER. Yes, I'm bad at horror. And here I am, watching and reading Creepypasta. I have seen Jeff The Killer's photo, and I am STILL alive. Smile.jpg, ha, no. He's cute. So friggen cute! Sure, he's covered in blood, but he's still adorable! - EclipseOnyx

Teens and younger looking at the picture of the smiling husky will have nightmares. I don't advise looking at it unless you are 100% sure that you love horror pictures and movies and can handle this. The minute I saw that picture I turned away. That picture is scary. (Yes, I am not that into creepy pictures) This is a picture, you will not forget for a very long time.

Smile dog will kill you lol

After looking at that picture for the first time I have been getting nightmares and even still today I have nightmares of him but just not at night only, I have been day dreaming of him and it bothers me a lot I can't concentrate on important stuff.

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The Contenders

11 Mr. Bear (1999)

Illegal Mr bear

Very underrated

Th is was my first creepypasta and I love it so much! it's so realistic and creepy 10/10

Very creepy... More of a mystery though. Loved this character, as well as the creepypasta - SammMinajj

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12 The Girl in The Photograph

She's Jeff the Killer's sister

This is one of my creepy favorites I don't know why or how it just is...i had goosebumps when I heard it and love it

She may not look scary, but when she's tapping on your window at night giggling you can't decide whether to scream or pass out.

Who is she? she makes me wonder if she is not related to the creepypasta, Sally williams.

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13 Zalgo Zalgo

Doesn't he have a daughter named Lazari and where is she, I thought she was a creepypasta too.

I like it when slender man gets a fit when he sees Zalgo for some apparent reason
pluse Zalgo is the top boss in my fan fiction the fallen souls of massacre

Yeah Zalgo's scary he's the King of Hell. Every time I see his picture its like I am going to Hell. The only cute picture of him is cweepypatsa pr the anime pictures.

He is the king of the monsters and creepypastas

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14 Rap Rat

Not even scary to me - Janethekiller

Rape rat

This was the only Creepypasta that Scared the $£*! out of me

I can't play board games because of this creepypasta :( so much for family game night - Setwing55

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15 BEN Drowned BEN Drowned BEN Drowned is a creepypasta character created by Jadusable. BEN is said to have died by drowing and haunts a Majora's Mask cartridge.

A very awesome creepypasta

Well his looks are cool

The story is well written

This character should be in the 2nd spot

And he's been my favorite creepypasta ever since

Majora's mask is already creepy but even more creepier when BEN is in there

"Is it just me, or does he remind anyone of Link from 'The Legend of Zelda'? " Well, that picture is the Elegy of Emptiness statue, so it's kinda sorta Link?

His dad was drunk and drowned him.

Is it just me, or does he remind anyone of Link from 'The Legend Of Zelda'?

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16 Abounded by Disney Mickey Mouse Costume

To me he is the scariest because I grew up loving Mickey Mouse. When I heard of ABD I was tempted to read his story. That made me super scared of him so he's by far the scariest

That thing is really creepy. What could be under the costume? What we only know, is that it was abandoned by Disney... and by God - hansoharrigen

I really got the chills while reading this, I made some of my friends read it too and they also got the chills!

Gulp. I will never look at Mickey Mouse the same again

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17 Tails Doll Tails Doll

I love him!
Or her lol

It a doll. How the heck does it kiloton? Just kick it away. Step on it. It's not even 3 feet tall. It's not scary. It's kinda cute though. - VocaloidFan1119

I was under the curse

Honestly I haven’t read this one but I’ve heard it is cool and I scimed it it is cool

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18 Seed Eater

Seed Eater is so cute! - EclipseOnyx

Oh, Eyeless Jack eats your kidneys? How about the Seed Eater eats your children.

I find the seedEater weirdly adorable like I'm obsessed with him, we don't discriminate here.also I love eyeless jack and the seed eater I seem to have a thing with human eating creatures

Not only does it have a creepy story, this creature is a creepy looking fellow for sure he deserves to be on it

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19 Mother's Call

I’m not sure what this means but...this is creepy this is what my friend said
So if your lost and you try to call your mother but then she died? That creeped me out...

Some of the scariest creepy pastas let your mind do the work, a WONDERFUL example of this is Mothers Call. I have only read it once but I get chills from just thinking about it. What was in the kitchen? Was it a kidnapper? Was it a monster? Was it a spirit? We don't know and that's why it's so scary.

DEFINTELY top 10 worthy. I mean a little girls hears her mother call her name. As she walks down the steps a hand reaches out of a closet and grabs her. Its her mom and she says "Don't go I heard it too." I mean that's DEFINTELY scary.

Now every time my mum calls me for dinner I am suspicious...

20 sonic.exe sonic.exe

How did Tails Doll get in front of Sonic.EXE when Tails Doll Has not have the creepypasta game to begin with AND appeared in a calm Sonic game! (Tails doll was in Sonic R.)

He is God...

This is one of the scariest creepypastas my favourite childhood character ruined

he is cool

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21 Ben Statue

I love BEN Drowned

If you play majora's mask and have read BEN DROWNED you will agree it should be in the top 10

Isn't it also known as the statue of Elegy?

BEN scared me mostly because of actual evidence on YouTube. But luckily Jadusable himself admitted it isn't real and even made a parody of it it's called hey I'm been I recommend it to you guys

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22 Hoodie

Hoodie is by far my favorite! Why you might ask? Because his back story is awesome! I just love how there is a a frown sew into his mask! It makes me feel like my sins are crawling on my back! I love creepy pasta since I was 10!

I love hoodie he cute sometimes but I love bad boys

He isn't a creepypasta

I love Hoodie, you to Masky

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23 Sally Williams

I was her for Halloween and my friend was Lilly and we both admire creepypasta and love the best of friends that Sally and Lilly are

She's good for distractions because she's small

I love sally and her story

Just like all the Creepypasta stories, Sally's story is more sad than creepy. Like what I said for Eyeless Jack's thing, these supernatural stories are more of sad than creepy, but the author twists the ending to a slightly more bloody way. - EclipseOnyx

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24 Mr. Widemouth

Generally, I like Mr. Widemouth's story more than any of the character based creepypastas. It may be because it was one of the first stories I listened to, but damn, it still gets me thinking about the ending, all these years later. If I had've met him, I would've died by just tripping on him, before he even managed to say a word, knowing myself. Wonder if he would've been impressed with himself or unamused by me...

Heard the story and I've loved it ever since
How could you not love a game loving furby friend uwu


First creepypasta that I've really read. Definitely a good starter one and a pretty good story

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25 Masky

I love Masky because he is just a loving character. Very mature and kinda a cutie! I think he is like a second father to the others knowing his maturity.

Masky is my crush

I really think that masky is cool but I also feel sorry for him kind of and I feel he should be higher than number 27

I believe Masky is scary because of his unpredictable actions. He could be Tim one second, and change the next. He can be helpful, or can full on tackle you in a dark ass forest.

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26 The Sandman

It’s always the inhuman ones that scared me the most. Yes, The Rake did scare me but I read his story and looked at Multiple pictures. But sandman, I only looked at one picture, and I feel more tensed by just looking at that compared to all of The Rake’s stuff.

I have no idea why I also saw the same thing on my niece’s room

This dude scares the hell outta me oops ff

I kind of felt sorry for the for mr. Sandman

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27 Clockwork

She is crazy, that's why she is awesome. And her story can relate others and her clock eye is amazing and awesome even, I love her so much creepypasta needs creepy and crazy characters like clockwork and she attacks at night she will stab you and pull your heart and other organs and she will use it as a paint for her paintings of creepy things that's why Natalie "clockwork" needs to be in top 1.

Show a picture

I honestly really love scary stories and clockwork is the character that I love the most. I love the story behind her too.

Awesome Creepypasta should be #4 at least love her!

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28 Homicidal Liu/Sully

He is my crushes brother and they are both cute

Okay lets just say LIU is my favorite character among them and he was like a brother OR actual brother of jeff and the only one who has been alive by JEFF like Geez if jeff told me to go to sleep I will die asleep but him he just took a fake nap and escape in the window and! His Face got slice by jeff but just stitch it off! Wow...


He is cute and so is his brother

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29 The Smiling Man

Go die smiling man

Watched the video and it was very entertaining but it’s not exactly scary

I saw him in my dream when I was 4.

What the he’ll don’t talk about Creepypasta like trash or else

30 Jason the Toymaker

yes cool


The fact that Jason tricks his young victims into being their friend is rather terrifying. Not only that but the fact that Jason will do just about anything to get what he wants even if it means killing an entire family. His demonic form is down right horrifying as well, since his toys also change into their demonic forms makes it even more creepy. Above all, Jason has to be one of the scariest and yet, most interesting Creepypasta characters there is.

he is cool

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31 Pinkamena Diane Pie

Cupcakes is amazing, if you ever want to listen to a continued version of Cupcakes, listen to Muffins by Reitanna Seishin on YouTube

I have a custom toy of her

I have a plush of her

She... she killed my favorite charter and made me hate cupcakes god I hate her

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32 Lavender Town Pokémon

I'm 11 and I listened to I gunna die?.-.

I usually listen to this song when I'm feeling depressed - IceFoxPlayz

Lavender Town is my jam. You can actually do a really good robot while dancing to it. =3

She is awesome

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33 Puppeteer

He can be your friend to...

I love this guy.

i love

He comes when you feel alone and makes it look like suicide then turns you into a puppet for some kid to play with.

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34 W. D. Gaster

This is not a creepypasta - Janethekiller


Why undertale


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35 The Grieving

This is a lost epsiode creepypasta based off the cartoon the Amazing World Of Gumball. It basically revolves around the gruesome deaths of Anais and Darwin

What is it?

36 Jane Everlasting

I am Jane the Killer love you all even you Jeff.

I love your story Jane the killer

She is scary

Jane is my favourite character

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37 Momo

We like em big.
We like em chunky.
We like em round.
We like em funky.

Moto moto likes her

Moto moto would like those big chunky chicken legs

Ohh, I think Moto- Moto Likes you!

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38 Herobrine

Me and my younger sister saw him when we first got minecraft when I was like 6 or something and she was like 5 maybe and it was on her world and apparently she got killed by a pig, I didn't really watch though

I love herbrine because is eyes are so creepy

Herobrine best of all... without a question...

I remember being scared of him when I was 8

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39 Sexual Offenderman

I love him with all my heart, even if he kills me!

He is my favorite creepypasta


Why is there videos to summon him...mabey it works it is slendys bro

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40 Red


Because I like the color red

This story is so Amazing 9000/10

As a Godzilla fan. He's the scariest character of the Creepypasta games. Infact scarier than Jeff. Put him on number one

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41 The Smiling Girl

Never heard about her - Janethekiller

She's terrifying!

Never heard bout her

She’s creepy

42 Jack the Ripper

He is not a creepypasta he actually is a serial killer.

Grell. Is. The. Best. Pasta.


He could be he was a mas killer and nobody ever found him till death for over a hundred years they didn't figure out who he was.

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43 Lost Silver

He has no arms and legs

Lost silver should be like number nine

I mean, I would agree with all the other people who said he is creepy because, I mean, look at his picture! It looks terrifying, I mean, I'm a pretty tough person to scare and even this scares me and is very... disturbing...

Lost silver is one I think is actually true because it happened to more than one person and there's profe that it happened just like the Ben drowned and I personally believe in all of them and before you people start beating me down I have my own beliefs based on true facts about them unless you want to test whether or not my BARK is worse than my BITE I suggest you sit down and check the facts yourself... otherwise you most certainly will see that my BITE is worse than my BARK. - AlphaWolf1

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44 Funtime Foxy Funtime Foxy

I love foxy but she is not creepy pasta

Why are weird things popping up? Undertale and FNaF aren't Creepypastas! - EclipseOnyx

Fnaf characters and undertale characters are not creepypastas - Janethekiller

She’s not a creepypasta at all like why is she here!

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45 Sally

My friends call me Sally I don't know Why though they think I would be the perfect example of her especially because I have a teddy bear just like her the same name and all

I love her!

Sally is really nice I like her the most

I love sally she's the best.also if I saw uncle Jonny I would have killed home because HE RAPPED her oml it's so sad but I love sally so much

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46 Mario

Scares the crap outta me. I've got an irrational fear of italians...

Wait what?

Oh, I get it, it's the (mario) the music box thing, huh?

Not a creepypasta - TotalEscapeTheIsland

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47 The Rugrats Theory

This is not a creepypasta - Janethekiller

I never heard of it. - DinoLover4242

This will definitely ruin your childhood.

This isn't even a creepypasta - TotalEscapeTheIsland

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48 Frank (Donnie Darko)

Oh my god. The creepiest rabbit ever. I'm surprised nobody thought of him.

I love frank. The reason I'm scared of rabbits

He's so adorable

So same So creepyyy!

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49 Zero


The thought of zero was brilliant and I can relate to her so much! "It's time someone put some color in this chrome little world"

Zero was a imagination of Alice but when she snapt at school zero become real zero locked alice away now she took alice hole body

She is my idol!

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50 Chara Chara Chara is a character in the game Undertale by Toby "Radiation" Fox who is one of the seven people to fall to the Underground prior to the fall of the player character. Her name can be changed by the player and will be assumed as the player character, until the Pacifist Route when Asriel asks for the more.

She is NOT a creepy pasta. - DinoLover4242

I like chara shes my favorite girl

Chara is a creepypasta for me. She kills everyone actually and because she is a creepypasta its because she kill everyone in 1 world using a knife to kill everyone, and her creepy face at the end, the enjoinment to kill everyone, and has the power to Reset timelines to beat her victim/enemy.

Chara is very creepy if you've ever played or seen someone play Undertale. She has no mercy and is FILLED WITH DETERMINATION ask she can never truly die. Also the fact that she is really just a spirit/ghost makes her even scarier.

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