Top 10 Scariest Creepypasta Characters

There are lots of scary looking creepy pasta characters out there.

Here are the top ten...

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41 Zero

The thought of zero was brilliant and I can relate to her so much! "It's time someone put some color in this chrome little world"

Zero was a imagination of Alice but when she snapt at school zero become real zero locked alice away now she took alice hole body

Not a creepy pasta idiots

She is my idol!

42 Chara Chara Chara is a character in the game Undertale by Toby "Radiation" Fox who is one of the seven people to fall to the Underground prior to the fall of the player character. His name can be changed by the player and will be assumed as the player character, until the Pacifist Route when Asriel asks for the more.

Chara is a creepypasta for me. She kills everyone actually and because she is a creepypasta its because she kill everyone in 1 world using a knife to kill everyone, and her creepy face at the end, the enjoinment to kill everyone, and has the power to Reset timelines to beat her victim/enemy.

Chara is very creepy if you've ever played or seen someone play Undertale. She has no mercy and is FILLED WITH DETERMINATION ask she can never truly die. Also the fact that she is really just a spirit/ghost makes her even scarier.

Chara I like her she's cool I mean she is scary but I think she's nice don't know why though if she kills every one


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43 Funtime Foxy Funtime Foxy

I'm more of a Bonnie fan but if I just had to pick it, though it's not a creepypasta,

Funtime Foxy is awesome, don't get me wrong. It just doesn't belong in Creepypasta.

I like him but I don't class him as a creepypasta.

Funtime foxy is so. Cool I voted because u are from sister location and I hope laurenzside makes u for her creepy pasta season 2

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44 Lost Silver

Lost silver is one I think is actually true because it happened to more than one person and there's profe that it happened just like the Ben drowned and I personally believe in all of them and before you people start beating me down I have my own beliefs based on true facts about them unless you want to test whether or not my BARK is worse than my BITE I suggest you sit down and check the facts yourself... otherwise you most certainly will see that my BITE is worse than my BARK. - AlphaWolf1

While it may be a pokemon creepypasta, I believe that this story is rather creepy. Don't play Silver after this.

The drawings of him are quite cute and his legs and arms are gone so...

Lost Silver Deserves To Be WAAAY Higher Than 44! His Story Is Not Only Heart-Twisting But Also TERRIFYING.

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45 Mario

Not a creepypasta - TotalEscapeTheIsland

46 The Rugrats Theory

This will definitely ruin your childhood.

This isn't even a creepypasta - TotalEscapeTheIsland

I never even heard of it

Ok what

47 Judge Angels

If I had to date any female creapypasta character it would be this girl

She the best creepypasta R.I.P I miss her even bloody painter misses her she was the best

This girl is psycho

She was born with unusual pitch-black eyes (which caused her a traumatizing childhood thanks to her father) and fights with a giant bladed sword.

She kills her victims by giving them "trials" to see if their innocent or guilty *always guilty cough cough*

She's got a lot of mental problems, claiming to be the "final judge" and thinks shes all righteous (which is so ironic being as she murders people) but yanno... she's crazy so let the girl believe

She's also the girlfriend of "Bloody Painter"


Never heard of it.

He is like a creepy torn up pikachu

49 Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper was a real person...but... I read about him and the in real life story was very interesting.

I don't belive jack the ripper is a creepy pasta he was real...

It sounds like a real parson can be a creepy pasta

I would so like to see guts ripped out😜 he's awesome

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50 Sexual Offenderman

If he were real he would be the easiest not to die by: Don't take the rose. But at the same time who said he wouldn't pull a Slender and stalk you and badger you until your sanity slowly disintegrates and you end up ending yourself?

He stalks women and they end up dead. What all can I say?

I laugh at this one!

Offenderman is scary I mean like he rapes people and just gives you a rose and if you run you can't get away from him cause he would just keep catching you tell you take the rose and you better hope you took the right one or if you where able to get away from him than you are lucky and hope you don't run into him again.

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51 Sally

Sally can be scary if you don't play with her but she's is just so cute I mean come on she's was murder by her uncle like come on she's was just a little kid

Sad child hood and horrible life is what I think but she is cool in a creepy way though

She is an awesome dead child

Sally is the best creepypasta character she is cute As hell and really cool. Like ger cause she killer her uncle

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52 Nightmare Ally

I've read her story and I felt sorry for er to tell the truth.

She in my nightmare😅 ha I don't have dreams

53 Ennard Ennard

HE. IS. SCAAARRY! He wants your skin!

He reminds of the Skin-taker of of “Candle Cove”...


54 The Weeper

I don't know much about him, but his name seems pretty coolio. I am trying to make a creepypasta character. somone give me a name and ill create his character by the name. Thanks.

55 Dr. Andonuts (Radiation's Halloween Hack)

He ain't scary he just says u are going to die here lol worst creepy pasta ever he sucks

56 Destiny The Killer

Who exactly is our boyfriend? - EAR2121

Destiney...YUCK! She tries to kiss my boyfriend.

She us on Quotev. com. Click this link to this girls page and go on published. She makes great creepypastas. quotev. com/truth2betold

57 The Nurse Ann

I think that The Nurse Ann should get a higher rank I mean 62 more like 15 at least! With out her a lot of people would still be hurt shes the nurse! She is totally cool, killer cool!

She's really cool and her weapon is kinda like what I would want, her story was cool

She is awesome! I like her. Her weopon is a mini chainsaw. I feel sorry for her to. Shes 24 and she's been single for 24 years! It's cool how she was put together.

I just think she looks awesome and she's one of my favorite female Creepypastas

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58 Echima
59 Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv



60 Funtime Freddy Funtime Freddy


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