Top 10 Worst Things About 7th Grade

There are few things I'll miss from seventh grade. My friends, and that's about it. So here are the 10 things I hated MOST about this year.
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1 Friends Begin to Bail on You

When I was in seventh grade, I moved to a new school, in a new city. And I was the only new person at that school, so I was very lonely. I made a friend who I talked to in lunch a lot. After four months, I would say that we were pretty close. Though, after that month, she left me for the popular kids and started bullying me about my smell, which wasn't true since I had great personal hygiene. Though I thought that maybe some perfume would help so I brought one of the strongest good-smelling perfumes I could find and tried it on. Yet, the bullying got worse

Really? I had barely any friends to begin with in elementary school. In middle school I actually was part of a group of friends and we didn't bail on each other (until high school and going to new schools)

I had a best friend 6th grade, we had many interests. 7th grade November we started barely talking, he made lots of friends but me being an introverted loser I was alone.

2 People are Arrogant

Where I live people became arrogant in the start of 6th grade. I switched schools and now it's even worse! I'm 7th grade and I have 4 more months till I graduate and I'm tired of gossips, people yelling at me for every small thing and being jealous of my grades. I have no problems with teachers, it's just my classmates. I have like 0 friends and I'm in a village school with 30 people in it and it's worse than it sounds like. I get criticized for everything and my classmates are some of the most arrogant people anyone would ever have the chance to meet and even worse than kids in big schools

Yes, some to most people are very arrogant, but at my school, people are just obnoxious. Tranquility guys, but people will say something in a certain way to get everyone's attention, and I find this one of the most annoying things there is during this year.

40% of kids bully someone in a way, just a bunch of amoeba brained jerks if you ask me. Everyone hates me except for a few people who don't call me ugly, gay (I'm not gay by the way), or make fun of me.

3 People Judge by Looks

I'm not what people would consider "pretty", even though my mother always reminds me that I'm beautiful. I'm nice and humorous, which to me is like being beautiful on the inside. However, I know loads of people who only judge others by their looks, not their personalities or attitude. One of my closest (and nicest) friend is on her second boyfriend. They've been going out for a week, and I had to admit that I had the slightest bit of a crush on him, but it's hard not to, since his looks are GODLY. I stopped crushing on him after about two weeks of them dating because I found out he had a terrible personality and attitude and in a months' time, my friend's even planning a breakup

I swear, the girls may have had it bad in some schools, but it was the complete opposite in my school. All the girls would whine and whine that none of the boys were attractive, and then they complain that they feel too pressured to look attractive. JUST STOP, and we got no empathy from anybody, only the girls did, which was so frustrating. And people would call you ugly like it was no big deal, like what they said was supposed to have no affect on how you view yourself.

4 People are Extremely Immature

It was even worse as kids, but seventh grade hit that weird point of "kids trying to be mature but failing miserably".

Albeit, its seventh grade. Be a kid when you're a kid. As stated above, trying to sound grown up isn't very mature either!

How do seventh graders on my bus still think they are the "class clowns" around here?!? What's worse is that they talk about private parts, and I can't stand them playing around and standing up on their bus seats thinking 'Oh my God! Look at me! I'm a flipping god ruling this bus! ' :/

Kids called me a tattletale because a teacher saw a laser pointer, got mad, and asked people to confess and I told the teacher who got the kid in trouble and then praising me for speaking up.

5 Complex Math

I used to love math. 7th grade was the last year I could do math without difficulty. It got increasingly harder from that point on. I hate math now.

The math this year was just idiotic... When am I going to need the area of a cone in my lifetime?!

My math isn't complex. In my school, the 8th graders do 2+2. I know 30 digits of pi.

6 Fake Friends

Yup, I once had fake friends. One of my friends were religious and we were like best friends! Then her mom thought I was a bad influence on her and I don't get. Why. I never did anything I never said anything! Then her friends started talking behind my back and I had no idea. One of them keep messaging me when we are not at school. But I am going to 7th grade this year. I can't wait to find new friends though.

Everybody in 7th and 8th grade is so fake. Almost no one is loyal to you. Don't bother having lots of friends in 7th and 8th grade, they will use you or be fake nice to you.

My fake friend ditched me for popularity. She got the rest of the popular girls to send mean texts to me and make me miserable, and no one believes me bc shes nice to everyone else. By nice I mean they like her cause she tells them gossip.

7 Bullies

Honestly, where I'm from I could win a metal for the most bullied person. See, I've been bullied for who I am since I was very young, and I'm talking like 2, 3, or 4 years old. Right now I'm in seventh grade and I am a favorite person to bully. My Middle School isn't necessarily the biggest school, but there are a lot of students there. I have many friends and a few close friends, however, I seldom see my friends, and my close friends and I all suffer from the same problem. Everyone judges and picks on us because of who we are, and it just isn't right. I can tell you one thing for sure, bullies aren't just a middle school thing, there a life thing. They're always going to bully you, in any way they can. But remember this, letting the bully win lets them think they can continue to bully you, don't let them win. No matter how much you think that bully is going to destroy you, remember the truth. You are just a tween(or teen) and that bully is just a sad girl(or boy) who lacks attention at home. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, think of why the bully is doing what they are, they could be treated the same way at home, craving attention or they themselves are insecure and want to put the attention on someone else. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Someday when you make it big in life, which you will, remember to go back and thank that bully for helping you be a stronger person, you can face big challenges now! Besides, thanking them might make you both feel better.

8 8th Graders

I'm in eighth grade and I have to say, I do agree with this statement because some of the eighth graders (mostly the males) think they are sophisticated and all-knowing. It's really annoying, especially if you ride the bus in the morning and in the afternoon. I would usually see guys doing the Water Bottle Challenge while I stare at them blankly thinking 'What has life become? '

They should be #1. I am too popular to be bullied, but the 8th graders are retarded. Three of them think 1+1=7! Most like to tell on me for being a 7th grader, being taller than them, knowing more pi than them, random stuff I didn't do, etc.

The 8th graders at my school call me and the rest of the seventh graders sevys. It gets really annoying some times, like I'll just be walking to the bathroom and someone yells, "SEVY! " But then the coolest teacher in the school started calling the 8th graders eightys and now that's a thing...

9 Friends Suddenly Dump You

This has happened to me with 3 really close friends already and I'm currently friendless.

Stares and glares of the hateful faces of 12 year old girls just look at u in disgust. I'm at the point of just looking at myself in the mirrors and falling apart. I hate what everyone thinks of me. Why can't everyone just leave me alone.

In 6th grade I became friends with a pretty, funny, nice girl. We survived math class together and have so many funny memories. It was a blast. But this year she doesn't even want me to sit at the popular table at lunch. She is way more interested in the popular girls than me.😭

10 Sexism

One day, during gym, me and my friend (boys) ran the whole 1/3 mile track and were outta breath. We saw 10 or so girls sitting down, our gym teacher was talking to them. We sat down since we were exhausted. The gym teacher immediately yells at us: "START DOING SOMETHING, DON'T JUST SIT THERE! ". what!

At my school guys have to run more miles than girls because of sexism.

My teachers have this thing against boys, even the guy teacher! I hate 7th grade

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11 Work After State Testing

That's right-after the state test, I got a HUGE packet from all FOUR of my subjects. You are kidding me...

Finished state testing. They call it end-of-year exams. There are 4 months of school left.

I say, learning 50 states sounds a lot harder than learning 32 counties.

12 Language Arts

Every single week I have to do 5 paragraph essays, projects, class work, and much more. In the span of a week this is ridiculous because a 12-13 year old boy/girl shouldn't be doing this. I am also learning poetry when I want to study engineering. I don't see a point in studying LA if I'm doing engineering. When will poetry show up while making a shape?! its pointless and time consuming. I failed 3 tests because I had 5 on one day in Language Arts!

I've been having this class since 5th Grade. And I still have this class in 10th Grade, and it's even worse because we get even more quizzes and essays. However, at least I liked the other teachers more than the one I got in 7th grade. I mean, he wasn't bad; he just sounded the most boring.

I added this because even though I do well in it it's the most boring subject ever. Most of the kids in my school (including me) hate and/or strongly dislike Language Arts.

13 You're Expected to Get Perfect Grades

In elementary school, there are less expectations but when you enter seventh and eighth grade, parents can be like perfectionists, and this does more harm than good to a child. That's why they should give consequences for learning instead of punishment. Even when we do some bad things, we need to learn, because we are not fully grown graduates.

My parents swear at me because I have the "worst" grades, but I have 100% in all classes.

Well, one's expected to get perfect grades regardless in 7th grade or 11th grade.

14 Getting Homework on the Weekends

I once got 2 projects on a 5-day weekends where we could've had some fun.

Not even Hitler deserves that.

I'm stressed all the time.

15 Getting an Erection in the Middle of Class

Just put your hands in your pockets and kinda point them forward. That should cover it.

That is the worst time to have it.

You just get mortified.

16 Racism

Darrius Couchcox had cussed at Ms. Vaness and acting all whiny, he said black people suck then he called J.J. (Justin), and Michael Robs racist for their skin color, once I go to Fulton High School then I will no longer deal with him anymore.

My school is full of asians, and their fine, and the like 4 (that's actually how many black kids their are) black kids are fine, but it's telemedicine man. They insult you with words you don't know, their racist to everyone, and if you're going to insult somebody, do it in their own language.

Everyone at my school was so racist about everything and when someone made a joke about it they all laughed. It was so annoying. 7th grade is the worst year ever

17 Puberty

Puberty is gonna happen no matter what so don't worry about it cause everyone is going through the same thing.Yes you should start wearing a bra when you get boobs or breast it's only normal to.At least a sports bra to be honest if not you don't want your nipples to show through your shirt that's a tad bit weird.Also changing in the locker room is okay some people make it out to not be but to get naked and all it's okay.

I've just begun wearing bras this year and I feel self conscious of my bra strap showing and my breasts looking bigger. One time my bra strap slipped off my shoulder and I embarrassingly fixed it

I'm in the 7th grade and I am a bit in puberty. Like I still have the voice of a 5th grader but I have grown some hair on my private part.

18 Tattletales

I once was told off for "flipping someone off." All I did was wiggle my finger.
Followed by getting told off for sticking up my pinky.
Followed by getting told off for sticking up my ring finger.
Followed by getting told off for sticking up my pointer.
Followed by getting told off for telling the person to stop telling on me.
Did I mention this was all in a single day?

They tell on you for completely made up stuff. They tell on you for being taller than them, even if they are twice your height, you mention someone, and they they tell on you for gossipping.

I agree. I was talking about Alden Smith, the football player. A kid named Alden told on me for gossipping.

19 Popular Kids

Some popular kids are actually nice, emphasize on the word some. Most of them think they are too good for everyone and treat people who aren't popular like trash. I for one don't put up with their crap so they don't do it to me but the others is who I feel bad for. They'd sometimes come up to you and say hi as if something is funny. The thing I learned is to not giving them satisfaction of a reaction, if you do they'll continue to pick on you because you're giving them what they want.

It's really annoying when the person you fancy, this is a boy by the way, only likes the girls that are pretty and popular. It doesn't matter that some girls and boys aren't considered pretty, good-looking or popular, it's about their personality.

I know, right? I heard a story about a middle school in my area where the popular girls would literally beat up freshmen if they wanted to be in the group. Or if they didn't want to be in the group. I am thankful I don't go there.

20 Immature Boys
21 Pointless History Lessons

Basically, you study for hours, pass a test, forget everything. Everything is school is just basically memory tests.

If I have a history teacher that makes me open my binder and date again and again, why even learn about it?

22 Mean Teachers
23 Homework

My sister never brings home homework. Either there is none or that's the reason she is failing.

I am writing this in the middle of doing my 7th grade homework. It sucks! I'm always doing homework by the way

I'm in 6th Grade, and I wonder if 7th Grade is this bad.

24 Obsession Over Creepypastas, Horror Movies, etc.

In every 7th Grader it seems to be a trend of Obsessing over Scary stuff.

25 Perverted Boys

When kids get to seventh grade, they can become arrogant, because they became the "older graders". I'm glad my middle school talks about social media, relationships, thoughts, education, and more. Many schools should teach rules and give second-chances when people fail instead of being almost ruthless.

Trust me, the girls at my school are twice as perverted then the guys.

Perverted boys in my school are the people who get good grades.

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