Top 10 Security Researchers/Bug Bounty Hunters from Kerala

This list is to find out the Top 10 Security Researchers from Kerala! I created this list on the basis of some recent news which featured few security researchers from Kerala, doing amazing works in this field.

So please vote for the best guy :)

The Top Ten

1 Sreedeep CK

He has made great contribution to Intel and other major clients like Microsoft.

He made great contributions for intel and other Major clients like Microsoft

He is the best of all he is the best hacker I have ever seen most of all he is my brother...

Sreedeep bro is the best.
He have made many contributions to tech giant companies including google and microsoft.

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2 Hemanth Joseph

He is awesome and has great skills

He is a leet

Profile :
He was recently on news for his Google hack and some other awesome hacks.
He is the founder of 0SecCon (
Acknowledged by several online giants including AT&T, Twitter, Pebble, Yahoo, Apple etc for reporting various critical Vulnerabilities.
One among the Top 100 Bug Bounty Hunters in the world. - keralatechie

3 Arun Sureshkumar

Profile : http s:// w ww.f acebook .com/arunsureshkumar
The Facebook Hacker he who managed to hack any Facebook Pages and Accounts.
Was invited by Facebook to visit their HQ.
Awarded by Facebook several times.
One among the Top Facebook Hunters in the world.
Facebook alone payed him about 20000USD - keralatechie

4 Vijith Vellora

He helped me a lot while I'm new to the security field

Very good personality

Always ready to help

He is awesome

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5 Jineesh AK

Profile : http s:// w ww.f acebook .com/jinee sh.a k1
Acknowledged by many Internet Giants for reporting critical Vulnerabilities.
A self Taught Hacker from kerala. - keralatechie

6 Akbar KP

Aka leet

7 Jithin D
8 Praveen Kumar
9 Adhiti Sharma
10 Abhishek Sidharth

He is listed in google,microsoft hof and has found a lot of vulnerablities

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