Top 10 Sentences Involving Nazi Puns

The Top Ten

1 You can Nazi me
2 I am so fuhrerious now
3 Anne frank-ly it's out-reich sad making puns like that. It makes me absolutely führer-ious. The trick is, to concentrate.

Wise words from my Twitter account - CerealGuy

4 You need concentration
5 This is isn't reich (right)

I know it is and it makes Fuhreriously Fuhreriour - CerealGuy

6 It's reich (right) for your eyes to be burned

And then you can Nazi anything. - Cyri

Grumpy Cat:And your eye is still still worthless - CerealGuy

7 Happy Jew (new) year

I knew it all along! - CerealGuy

8 This invention is brilliant...the Reich (like) button
9 One more pun you're Goering to hell, Anne frankly it's fuhrerious for you to get offended by my jokes

And I will Goebbel you up - CerealGuy

10 Goebbels you up
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