Best Sephora Nail Polish Colors

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1 Fiercely Fabulous

This color is positively packed with attitude and sexy.

2 Shopping Frenzy
3 I'm Not Just a Waitress
4 Leaf Him At The Altar
5 Ms. Can't Be Wrong

Rich, mulberry/shimmery purple color.

6 Club Scene Queen

Oh, m'darlin what a gorgeous color, hon! It has just the right amount of sass

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7 Mermaid To Order

Great aquamarine color with a shine, just gorgeous!

8 Cab Fare
9 Let's Do Lunch

Great every day color.. coral-beige with sparkles.

10 Note To Self V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Royal Blue
12 Sample Sale
13 Wham!
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1. I'm Not Just a Waitress
2. Shopping Frenzy
3. Mermaid To Order



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