Top Ten Slightly Humorous Similes

The Top Ten

1 A girl with a jealous boyfriend is like the sun. You can't look at her, and if you do, you are blinded.

You know how jealous boyfriends are, right. ? - CityGuru

2 Health care estimates are like a ball thrown to Babe Ruth. They are out of the ballpark.
3 A nerd during sex is like a rubber duck. It squeals if held too tightly.
4 A sleeptalker is like one who hires a prostitute. He wakes up calling out before realizing that nobody is there.
5 A camper without a tent is like a prostitute. They sleep in others tents (beds)
6 A chemistry lecture is like a summer breeze. It may feel good, but it does nothing.
7 An amateur DJ is like a broken record player. They play the same song over and over.
8 Physical Education is like climbing Everest. It's good to do, but many die trying.


Thank God that I survived to spread word of said injustice. - PositronWildhawk

I love P. E, though. - CityGuru

9 Government bills are like riding a rickshaw. Someone must suffer or you won't go anywhere.
10 A nerd is like an egg. They are very useful, but people like to beat them.

Oh, I have tried - and failed many times.
I like this list CityGuru! - Britgirl

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