Reasons to Hate Social Media

As My name implies, I am not a fan of Social Media, and I do not understand why so many people like it so much, so today, I hope you will stop throwing fire at me for hating such a loved part of technology as I explain why I hate Social Media so much
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1 People won't shut up about it

Like they won't shut up about Fortnite. It was all over schools and all over the internet, was a ginormous, Minecraft size trend and still is a huge trend. In fact due to massive demand, references of this game and the game itself appeared in commercials, shows and even movies. It is even bigger in the past year than Five Nights At Freddy's has ever been.

People won't shut up about Bendy and the Ink Machine, but do I hate or dislike it? No. I just live with it, because it's decent.

I would live with it, but everyone's telling me to be on it all this time and I am sick of it

It looks like YOU'RE the one who won't shut up about it. What a hypocrite.

2 It takes away time from productive activity

People spending too much time on social media websites when they need to get on with other important things such as studying, office work and maintaining real life relationships is not the fault of the sites themselves - those who use social media irresponsibly in this way only have themselves to blame.

Remember the good old days when you would physically go out and meet other people and interact with them in a social setting? And possibly have an intelligent conversation? Social media is a major player in the downfall of human society

I am not trying to hurt anyone. I just wanted to express my rage on why I hate Social Media. It feels good to express what you hate.

Everyone have their own ways to utilize time...And there's nothing wrong with it ( I said something so obvious...)

3 All you do is post and look at pictures

Oh yeah, because you can't do things like talk to foreigners, date, trade things, the like.

By that logic all you do on this list is look at it.

That concept makes paint drying sound thrilling

And talk to people when you aren't close to them.

4 People can get your personal information

Yeah if you go on the wrong fake site, and and to be that dumb to reveal any of your information it is what it is.

Some people on Twitter are dumb enough to show off pictures of their credit cards.

There are a lot of dumb people out there (I don't curse). Ii wouldn't surprise me if several people did.

Only a dumbass would share their personal information

5 You have calling and texting, easier ways to communicate

Those only apply to phones, and even if they were on anything, they take up internet usage and mobile data. I see you clearly didn't think thoroughly through your points when considering them.

Not all devices have those. Only phones do

Not all devices have those two features.
But phones, computers, and tablets all have social media.

6 You're constantly getting new posts

That's a good thing, it means you get attention, which most people want online. And most apps these days have a thing called "turn off notifications".

It's a good thing if you think about it

And this is a con apparently...

7 It's overrated

The word "overrated" is ironically overused itself as a reason for someone to dislike it.

Not a reason to hate Social Media, but it's true.

Not really a reason to dislike something

Severely overused next!

8 Everyone has no reason to like it

Actually, most people like it because it helps them communicate with others from foreign countries, helps them get advice, helps them keep in touch with their friends, etc.

Everyone has a reason to hate it, the opposite to the point being brought up.

What if your feeling suicidal and need advice so you won't commit suicide?

Do you have concrete evidence that people like it for no reason? NO.

9 Cyberbullying

I am so glad people like this list. I just joined yesterday and I'm glad I am doing so well. Thank you guys so much for your support

People go on and on about how they re cyberbullied my response "stop using social media that will fix your problem"

Cyberbullying is a problem, but in comparison to real bullying, it's VERY SMALL.

Cyberbullying isn't even real, is it?

10 You won't get off it

This is just a lie

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11 You can can lose friends

Or worse lose your job.

12 You can easily get radicalized by ISIS terrorists
13 It makes people suicidal
14 Your friends aren't real

Or school friends join but whatever social media is one of the worst things that happened to the internet. I miss the old days of chat rooms.

15 Some social media does more harm than good
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