Top 10 Sounds In Five Nights at Freddy's 4

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They just breathe like a phycopath and you just are like " ITS HIM! " And NB'S is so quiet and deep! - Torren33


That gets me every time. It kills me to see NB in your room and out of nowhere BOO! - Torren33

Foxy's Growl

Get's me every time - Torren33

Barking Dog

You are playing fnaf4 and a dog barks out of nowhere. - Torren33

The dog could eat NB and NC and PT because they are rabbits and chickens. The boy could kill the Cupcake. NF, NFD, NF, N, OH MY GOD RUN!

Freddy's Laughs

It just adds a scary feel to it! - Torren33

Reversed Phone Calls

I usually mistake it for breathing. Then I think NB'S breathing is rain and I look and BOOO! - Torren33


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Chica in the Kitchen
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