Top 10 SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes that Were Ruined by One Moment

Whether you're a die-hard fan or someone who casually enjoys the underwater antics, you've probably noticed that not every SpongeBob SquarePants episode is a home run. Sure, some episodes are instant classics that have us reciting lines for years, but then there are those episodes that... well, let's just say they had the potential to be great but were torpedoed by a single cringe-worthy moment. Maybe it was an ill-conceived joke, an out-of-character action, or a scene so gross it made you queasy. Whatever the case, that one moment turned an otherwise enjoyable episode into a letdown.

So, what are the SpongeBob SquarePants episodes that suffered this fate? The ones that could've been amazing but ended up leaving you bewildered, disappointed, or even disgusted?
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1 House Fancy - Ruined by the Toenail Scene House Fancy is the first season 6 episode from the TV series “Spongebob Squarepants”. In this episode, Squidward tries to make his house fancy so he could beat his rival at making a fancy house and Spongebob comes along to help... read more

A Pal for Gary would still be bad even if Gary had put Puffy Fluffy down. One Coarse Meal would still be bad without the suicide scene. This episode is only bad because of this scene.

House Fancy, in my opinion, is a better modern SpongeBob episode, due to Squidward's ending victory and Nicholas Withers, but that toenail scene ruined part of it.

This episode would have been one of the best post-movie episodes if this stupid, pointless, disgusting scene didn't exist.

2 A Pal for Gary - Ruined by "Gary, Put Puffy Fluffy Down!"

This episode is just terrible. SpongeBob feels no shame in the episode. After all, it's just disappointing - so disappointing that you could potentially delete the episode from your mind.

Did you guys know that in the Polish dub, SpongeBob tells Puffy Fluffy to put Gary down? Let me tell you, that is a much better scene than the garbage we got here.

Puffy, put Gary down! It would be a good episode if SpongeBob scolded Puffy Fluffy. Why did he scold Gary? Gary just saved the day! He should have scolded Puffy Fluffy instead!

3 One Coarse Meal - Ruined by Plankton Attempting Suicide

The start with the attempt was nice. Then, when Mr. Krabs starts scaring Plankton, it ruins it. But the worst part is where it drives Plankton insane and then drives him to suicide. Then, when SpongeBob at least tries to help Plankton, Mr. Krabs makes fun of him. Now, SpongeBob being a hypocrite was bad, but he didn't step on him and at least tried to help, even telling him Krab's worst fear.

The beginning seemed promising, but Mr. Krabs had to turn it into the worst episode of the whole show. And Karen didn't help at all! SpongeBob wasn't much help here, as he betrayed Plankton (and I still support the sponge!).

4 Gary Takes a Bath - Ruined by the Subliminal Message Girl

What are you talking about? That was hilarious.

What the heck are they talking about?

This scared me, but wasn't too bad.

5 One Coarse Meal - Ruined by Mr. Krabs
6 The Card - Ruined by Patrick Admitting He's Not Stupid
7 Demolition Doofus - Ruined by "Why Are You Still Alive?"

That quote wasn't the only reason why this episode is bad. SpongeBob also joked about Mrs. Puff no longer being able to puff and called her "Mrs. Pop."

Mrs. Puff has kind of gone over the edge with that one.

8 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy - Ruined by Sandy Getting Arrested

One thing that makes no sense is that Plankton only stole her fur pelt, meaning Sandy could have just worn her space suit like always and gone down to the Krusty Krab to get her pelt back from Plankton, without having to be humiliated by everyone.

9 Stuck in the Wringer - Ruined by the Townspeople Getting Mad at SpongeBob

This is proof of why I wouldn't want to live in the city of Bikini Bottom. The townspeople are absolutely vile in this scene and show no compassion for SpongeBob, who obviously deserved it.

10 Shuffleboarding - Ruined by the Plot Change

This episode was just not fun. I mean, seriously, some of the things SpongeBob and Patrick arrested people for: shoes being untied? Blowing gum? Not finishing a Krabby Patty? A kid riding a kids' ride? What? And what do SpongeBob and Patrick get in return? An arrogant sense that they did something even remotely close to the right thing while nothing bad happens to them.

I could have written a good shuffleboarding episode and had them in costumes that actually look like them.

"Oh shoot! We've run out of ideas for this episode! Why not start a new plot?"

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11 Pet Sitter Pat - Ruined by Patrick Abusing Gary
12 Gone - Ruined by the Ending

If it had been more like The Downer in that it was all in his head, the episode would've been much better.

13 Dear Vikings - Ruined by "What's a Viking?"
14 The Splinter - Ruined by Dr. Patrick

My condemnation of the current series (seasons 4 and after) is mainly because of this episode. The crew of writers and animators that crafted the first three seasons would have never gone to such a dark, twisted place.

To be honest, the whole episode was bad, but this crossed the line.

I'd say that this scene is somewhat tame compared to the ending.

15 Are You Happy Now? - Ruined by Suicide Joke

I agree, this is my least favorite episode.

16 Wormy - Ruined by Horsefly Close-Up
17 Choir Boys - Ruined by SpongeBob
18 Squilliam Returns - Ruined by Squilliam Winning
19 The Great Snail Race - Ruined by Gary's Breakdown
20 Ink Lemonade - Ruined by Being Another Squidward Torture Episode
21 Pet or Pests - Ruined by Larry Trying to Eat the Babies

Nah, the butt-ugly worms ruined it.

22 Plankton's Regular - Ruined by the Realization that Karen Paid Nat

Okay, yes, please just give Plankton a break.

23 Smooth Jazz at Bikini Bottom - Ruined by Patrick
24 Whatever Happened to SpongeBob - Ruined by SpongeBob's Creepy Close-Up Face
25 Professor Squidward - Ruined by the Part Where Squidward Was Arrested

I know Squidward, in this case, was impersonating someone else and thus technically doing something illegal, so he technically deserved to get arrested. But still, you can't help but feel bad for him. I really hope Alex Bale's first SpongeBob theory about Squilliam being a fraud is correct because that would make this episode feel better.

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