SpongeBob Episodes With the Worst Endings

This is a list of Spongebob episodes that have one of the worst endings ever. Most of them have that. But some do not. And some that are terrible. So let's get started.
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1 Stuck In the Wringer

Crying does not solve your problems. I hate SpongeBob's line, too, but it's taken WAY to seriously. It's entertainment, not education. Geez.

Oh crying solves all your problems Is a horrible moral, do you see/want people crying literally all the time?

Imagine a 4 year old watching this episode.

"Crying does solve your problems? Wow! I'm going to cry so it can solve my (anything)! "

2 Someones In the Kitchen With Sandy

UGH! Not only this episode makes parents and veiwers want to complain. The ending sucks as well. The police arrest sandy just for nudity. WHAT? Ok remember the police looking at her? Guess what they say? Police: Look! A hairless goat! Wow. I really want to punch those fish cops in the face.

So apparently identity fraud is okay but public nudity is a worst crime.

If only I could save sandy. I'm her admirer.

3 A Pal for Gary

Spongebob should have realized how horrible Puffy Fluffy (I think that's his name?) was and apologized to Gary for not listening... Instead Gary saves Spongebob's life and what does Spongebob do? He gets mad at Gary!

The first 5 minutes of this episode were alright, then after SpongeBob brings home Puffy Fluffy, it drops to somewhat okay, and then really bad.
SpongeBob is even being eaten by Puffy Fluffy and Gary is the one that saves him, and then he scolds Gary for driving away Puffy Fluffy, or in simple terms, saving him (SpongeBob) from being eaten. Then he takes away Gary's fun at home after

What a complete Moron SpongeBob was in this episode. This should have been the premise for why Gary ran away.

Why must Gary go through all this torture!?

4 Good Neighbors
5 Face Freeze

Seriously, if you think that the ending of Stuck In The Wringer is bad, then you should hear more about FACE FREEZE!
It makes no SENSE! If you hold a face for too long, you get the face freeze! Fred got it for sticking his tongue out 444 times, SpongeBob and Patrick got it for keeping their creepy faces for nearly 24 hours. But this is the part that confuses me the most!
Mr. Krabs realizes that SpongeBob disobeyed him and he got the face freeze after getting angry for about 5 seconds. Then SQUIDWARD gets it for laughing for a few seconds! This episode makes no god damn freaking sense!

This is the worst ever ending of a SpongeBob episode. Throughout the episode it's stated that your face will freeze after holding it for a long time. This is clearly shown when SpongeBob and Patrick hold their faces over night. When they hold their faces for a few seconds they don't freeze. At the end Mr Krabs and Squidward's faces freeze after a few seconds. How does that make any sense? This deserves to be the worst SpongeBob ending.

Why this ending is just on #4? It was stupid, lame, terrible, and didn't make sense. I mean, Fred got the face freeze after he pulled his tongue out 444 TIMES, and Spongebob and Patrick get it because they keep the same face THE WHOLE NIGHT. But, Krabs gets so damn mad, that he gets the face freeze after he keeps the face a few seconds, and Squidward laughs, and gets a face freeze because of it. TERRIBLE ENDING, TERRIBLE EPISODE!

Mr Krabs gets so mad at Spongebob and Patrick that his face freezes like the two of them ( which is stupid because Fred got his after 444 times of pulling faces and S and P got theirs after 12 hours), Squidward then comes in and laughs so hard that he gets the face freeze too and then the episode ends. Lame.

6 Gone

Let me tell you why this ending should be #1. Everyone comes back and Krabs tells Spongebob they we're celebrating the national "No Spongebob day". Then, Patrick gets out of the bus. Then Spongebob asks: Even you, Patrick? His answer is: Yeah, we need at least one day away from, and laughs like Spongebob. When Spongebob cries, Krabs tells him they dedicated the whole day to him. Here's what they done:
Built a Spongebob statue and burned it to the ground. Cruel. But what's even more cruel is that they we're dancing on the ashes afterwards. Like Spongebob is a national Bikini Bottom murderer. However, Spongebob still believes the day was really dedicated to him and says: Wow! Really, writers? Then Patrick suggests they celebrate the "No Patrick day" and everyone run happily in the bus, even Spongebob. Patrick tries to get in the bus but SPONGEBOB stops him. I mean, really? Plus, even Gary was there! Maybe he remembered The Great Snail Race. The ending is cruel, and the episode itself ...more

This is cruel, mean, evil, may I go on. Spongebob was left alone. Even Gary and Patrick. Patrick is mean and cruel to Spongebob at times and even seems fake. They burn his statue at the ground that they mad out of wood and dance on ten ashes. Wow it's also Mr. Krabs telling the story. He's cruel too. The again he's ok. In MY opinion, I think there should be a no Me Krabs day. But that's my opinion and no hating. I respect others opinion.

Not even in the top 10? This ending was terrible!

7 Little Yellow Book
8 Dear Vikings

Like rodeo daze, It includes a character saving other characters while spongebob drops a pun at the end. This time... Spongebob: Now that's what I call a viking sized adventure.

The ending came out of nowhere here.

9 One Coarse Meal

Mr. Krabs got what he deserves

10 The Splinter
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11 Rodeo Daze

Sandy: Next time leave the rodeos to me Spongebob: Aw nuts. Proof enough?

12 The Curse of the Bikini Bottom

OH MY GOD! The ending that's after the several months later part looks like the beginning. And it ends with the giant sea monster ( A.K.A Dutchmens girlfriend showing up). AND SHES CREPY! Well that's it I hope you like this awesome list so bye.

13 Pranks a Lot

I don't think humiliating SpongeBob and Patrick while naked is funny.

14 Nautical Novice

Proof that the writers will pull any cheap trick to keep every conflict in SpongeBob status quo.

15 Hooky

Spongebob got hooked and was humiliated and nobody even comforted him! its sad to leave spongebob sad and not help him!

This ending was embarrassing, but still funny.

The ending was kind of sad.

16 Yours, Mine and Mine

SpongeBob buys a kiddie meal for him and Patrick. The two agree to share the toy, with Patrick having it that day and SpongeBob having it tomorrow. However after playing with it all night, Patrick never shares and at the end he states he'll buys two more toys and says " This time it's on me." and takes SpongeBob's money and says to SpongeBob " Have you learned nothing about sharing? " Patrick sure is one to talk.
One of the most stupidest endings in SpongeBob.

17 Cephalopod Lodge

I really like this episode, but I can't stand the ending. SpongeBob and Patrick are so stupid in the very end. I can't believe this wasn't already on the list. It would have been perfect if he was able to stay in the lodge.

18 The Great Snail Race

I hated the Sandy parts

19 House Fancy House Fancy is the first season 6 episode from the TV series “Spongebob Squarepants”. In this episode, Squidward tries to make his house fancy so he could beat his rival at making a fancy house and Spongebob comes along to help. This episode is infamous for "the toenail scene" where Squidward gets his toenail ripped out while SpongeBob is moving his couch.

The ending was good, it's just the toenail scene that's bad.

You thought the toenail scence was bad? Take a look at the ending. Squidwards house win due to it being a wreck and Squillium breaks down crying. TERRIBLE!

Are you kidding? The ending's great!

20 Tentacle Vision
21 SquidBob TentaclePants "SquidBob TentaclePants" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from Season 4. In this episode, SpongeBob and Squidward get morphed together.

This is the episode that gives me nightmares! The mixing the morphing in ALL CARTOONS needs to stop! You have probably given little kids nightmares cause NO little kids watch this stuff too! Don't try to do this to the kids

Nickelodeon you messed up why would you make this disturbing nightmarish episode?

This should be number 1

This must be so low because half the people here have it banned in their country

22 Spy Buddies

Wait what? no no no! Why is this on the list! That was had a wonderful twist ending! I hate this list already. The great patty caper should be on this list!

23 Professor Squidward
24 Shuffleboarding

The episode was just beyond horrible, and then at the end Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy get punished even though they didn't do anything, and SpongeBob and Patrick don't get punished.

I love this show, Even the newer episodes. But man where SpongeBob and Patrick where idiots in this Ending. (And the entire episode)

25 Trenchbillies
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