Top Ten Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models


The Top Ten

1 Kate Upton Kate Upton

Sexiest curves on planet earth

So dang hott my ding-a-ling is going crazy I can't focus on one thing about her

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2 Nina Agdul
3 Danica Patrick Danica Patrick
4 Genevieve Morton Genevieve Morton
5 Elyse Taylor
6 Emily Didonato
7 Bar Refaeli Bar Refaeli
8 Kate Bock
9 Anne Vyalitsyna Anne Vyalitsyna
10 Julie Henderson

The Contenders

11 Irina Shayk Irina Shayk
12 Ariel Meredith
13 Brooklyn Decker Brooklyn Decker
14 Charlotte McKinney Charlotte McKinney

How the hell do her photographers control! !

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