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The Complete Star Wars Sage got some really great scenes - which are the best?

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1 Anakin vs. Obi-Wan

So many classic scenes and moments in this saga, but this one edges out the rest; plus it gives greater weight to the Obi-Wan vs Vader scene in ANH.

I love it!

Most intense battle in Star Wars very entertaning

Mainly the scene before and after it is so heart wrenching

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2 "I Am Your Father"

Obi-Wan is not spelled right above. Plus that fight is predictable since we know who wins anyways. This is unexpected since you should watch the originals first.

It's a plot twist for the people who saw Star Wars in the 80's but not for me because I saw the prequels first and then the originals but that doesn't make it less cool

This scene is overrated, for a good plot twist, you need foreshadowing, this had none and so was a cop out. Without foreshadowing, it is lazy - kempokid

Greatest Movie Moment Ever

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3 Vader Saves Luke

Well, turn out that there IS still good in him.
(TROTJ) - TheOzTamir

4 Order 66

Kinda like the Holocaust. but instead killing thousands of Jedi.

I love the music.

For me at least, it was a pretty emotional scene...

Holocaust of Star Wars

5 Anakin Becomes Vader / The Birth of the Twins

Epic ending to an epic movie - While Anakin failed to destroy the dark side and joined it instead, A new hope is born in the shape of Anakin's Children, who'll bring the balance to the force when the time is right.
(TROTS) - TheOzTamir

It's a quite emotional scene, and the acting in that part from both Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman was excellent. it was a quite hard hittingly emotional scene

6 Luke Destroys the Death Star

This is why episode 4 is my favorite - pratham2025

Most exciting scene in any of the Star Wars films.

7 Han Gets "Frozen"

The I am your father reveal would have been good, if fanboys who were at the cinema in 1980 would accept that there are people who have not yet seen the movie. STOP SPOILING THE MOVIE.

A Preparation to the duel of Luke and Vader, yet better then the duel itself.
(TESB) - TheOzTamir

Great Han Solo scene. He's just a hero; standing there and trying to be brave, hust to make it easier for Leia, even telling Chewie it's okay (and saying "I know" <3).

Why is this not higher on the list? Really? Only number 7? I think that this should be number 1 on this list and Darth Vader's ''I am your father, Luke'' moment should be number 2! I love how Leia says to Han, ''I love you'', and how he replies, ''I know''! It is sooo iconic!

8 Luke vs. Vader (Cave)

A great way to visualize the ongoing conflict Luke is going through while training to become a Jedi.

Luke went down to the cave in a mission to deal with his worst fear. Bouns: A Clue for the end of the movie.
(TESB) - TheOzTamir

9 Darth Maul Appearance

The Dark Knight finally revels himself to the jedi. Epic.
(TPM) - TheOzTamir

10 Battle of Hoth

The "and I thought they smelled bad on the outside" quote makes this scene awesome - VideoGamefan5

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11 Yoda vs. The Emperor

The whole symbolic relevance of Yoda in Empire Strikes Back was to show that a jedi's power comes from the soul, not a lightsaber. The last two prequel films screwed up his character.

It may not be the most famous scene, it may not be the most liked, well-made or the best one, but hell, it's the most epic scene of the series.

The leader of Evil battles the leader of Justice. Classic.
(TROTS) - TheOzTamir

12 The Battle of Endor

It just baffles me how tiny little alien teddy bears can take out armored soldiers and robots.

13 Anakin and Padme Talk for the First Time

Both the parents of Luke skywalker talk for the very first time

So corny. "Are you an angel? " Autic correct is hostile horribly ugh, you yet if right?



14 Darth Vader Killing Rebels

This scene at the end of R1 is pretty cool.

15 Binary Sunset

The one moment that symbolizes the beginning of Luke's journey. The beautiful cinematography combined with the score easily makes this one of the best scenes in the movies.

16 Yoda Moves Luke's Ship with the Force

This is absolutely my favorite scene out of all seven of the main films. It's subtle, but it really shows the power of the Force and how strong it can be in anyone; even a little guy like Yoda. It's the pinnacle of the spiritual undertones Episode V carries.

17 Jar Jar Says How Rude

At least Jar Jar is describing how modern society is today.

Very funny

18 The Battle Of Scarif
19 Kenobi vs. Grievous

This is an awesome duel. it's one of the best duels in the series. grievous's secret lightsaber move is really entertaining and it's cool to see Obi-Wan chase after grievous through Pau City. and in the end, grievous is killed off in an awesome way.

I also like that before Grievous shows his lightsaber move, all the droids are about to open fire on Obi-Wan but grievous is like "back away! I'll deal with this Jedi slime myself! " implying that he wants to finish obi-wan off himself because he hates him

20 When Princess Leia And Han Solo Kiss For The First Time
21 Immolation
22 Dooku Receives the Death Star's Blueprints

When did this happen? I don´┐Ż't remember this.

Nice reference to the original trilogy.
(TAOTC) - TheOzTamir

23 Mos Eisley Cantina

I'd put this higher above the list.

Han Shot First

24 Destruction of the Death Star One

This was one big moment, the first time the Empire was defeated.

25 Who Shot First



26 Nooooo!
27 Destruction of Hosnian Prime

This was SUCH a BRUTAL scene, does it matter what planets or system got destroyed? This was the new capital of the New Republic, and it was SO AWFUL, VIOLENT and Disturbing that it made Alderaan's destruction, Order 66, Anakin's fate in Ep III and the R rated violent movies seem mild in comparison.

The death toll was More than Anything and it was the Republic capital that got destroyed with the other planets, The Republic, even new, was so important, and it's just so sad to see it go away.

This scene genuinely terrified me when I first saw it. This is coming from a man who watches a lot of horror movies and is rarely scared by them. - OC96

28 Battle of Geonosis
29 Battle Over Coruscant

This is such an awesome battle. it's one of the bigger ones to.

30 Mos Espa Podrace

Young Anakin shows his potential when riding a pod-racer and races against the undefeated champion Sebulba. Love how it copied the scene out of Ben-Hur.

31 'Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi, You're My Only Hope!'

This just leads the chosen one to his destiny.

32 Vader vs. Obi-Wan

It's really cool seeing Obi-Wan vanish right after getting hit by Vader's lightsaber.

33 Battle of Kashyyyk

I love it when Gree and a swamp trooper dies.

34 Battle on Starkiller base

Even thought it's kinda tiring to see a third death star but in my opinion the battle on Starkiller Base was quite entertaining to watch thanks to the brilliant cinematography and the visuals. the destruction is the best

So epic fight! Most badass scene I ever seen. As rebelians must stop Imperial to charge the Starkiller base s laser cannon before its tooo late. Also TIE fighter is black and x wing is reworked! MUST SEE

35 Yoda vs Darth Tyrannus/Count Dooku

This is an awesome sequence and the first time we seen yoda fight with a lightsaber

36 Han Confronts His Son


37 Destruction of Alderaan

This Used to be the most powerful and violent scene in Star Wars, and pretty much any movie, 2 billion people roasted and gone, and Obi Wan's words were very powerful, but that was until Hosnian's destruction by the Starkiller, which surpassed this scene as the most violent and darkest part in Star Wars and in any movie.

38 Destruction of Death Star Two

Even more epic than the destruction of Death Star One, we got to see the whole process of it being destroyed.

39 Destruction of Starkiller Base

The destruction of Starkiller Base was one HECK of a show, it was even better than a New Year's celebration with all the fireworks, and we got to see it turn into a star, though a mini star.


40 Darth Vader's Death

Arguably one of the saddest scenes in all of Star Wars. - OC96

41 Force Ghosts
42 You Have a Twin Sister

When vader vs luke on death star 2 vader realises he has a daughter

43 "The force is strong with my family..." Scene between Luke and Leia
44 Opera House Scene
45 "It's A Trap"
46 Rey & Kylo Ren vs. Snoke's Preatorian Guards
47 Rey & Finn Vs. Kylo Ren
48 Darth Sidious dies

So bad. he was my favourite charcter, and I know everything about him. I really agree with whoever put the best character ever up on the list. He deserves to be number one.

49 Shmi Skywalker's Death
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1. "I Am Your Father"
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1. Anakin vs. Obi-Wan
2. Anakin Becomes Vader / The Birth of the Twins
3. "I Am Your Father"

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