STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3: 10 Game Modes I want Offline

I mostly play Star Wars Battlefront game modes Offline, and there isn’t much to offer for what I can play. I hope Battlefront 3 has more offline game modes, here are the ones I want:

PS: There won’t be any space or sky ones because IDK
The Top Ten
1 Capture the Flag

From the original battlefront games when developers were first figuring out realistic graphics, I’ve only heard of this mode from stories. I want to play it so bad there isn’t really a wrong reason to put it back in.

2 Drop Zone

This was an epic game mode. I really liked playing it on Bespin as it was more intense. The drop pods were cool and I liked that was the games objective. I don’t remember that much of it but if it was made offline in a new game it would bring me happy memories!

3 Walker Assault

This game mode is very awesome! I love it! If you are a rebel all you have to do is be a really good defender of your uplink and you’ve got a guaranteed 4-6 Y-Wings! Imperials just need to kill things. Although it isn’t fully AT-AT based because of the majority you are attacking and defending Uplinks, but the AT-ATs are still very cool.

4 Supremacy

This is among the most popular game modes. I usually like the non-popular stuff but playing this on Instant Action was amazing! It’s so good! I love it! The command posts are in epic locations for epic battles. Point C on Scarif Beach is probably the most epic for imperials and more high-stakes for Rebels. Really great I love it.

5 Galactic Assault

I haven’t played it I just saw one picture of it I was like: “Dude there is 6 AT-ATs!” Well sorry me that was on the Crait map and the background things are presort close, but it’s one of my favorite maps. Hoth and Crait are the ones I would most likely to Do and I would like to destroy both walkers first thing! It is so awesome and epic and I hope they change the player count to 60 so it can be 30 vs. 30. Epic.

6 Blast

Well yeah duh this will be in it. It’s basic blaster firing 101! But anyway I want it offline like they did in Battlefront 2 with the Arcade. I also think it should have 40 players and 20 soldiers on each team because 10 vs. 10 isn’t that fun your looking for them and there isn’t much area where the big laser battles are. So yeah, needs to be brought back and expanded.

7 Infiltration

Oh, I love this game mode! It is only playable on Scarif, so let's say it is on Instant Action. You switch it to Infiltration, and you have four ground maps to choose from! I want all four Scarif maps to come back: Landing Pad 13, Scarif Beach, Scarif Jungle, and Scarif Beach 2. Though instead of having two Scarif beaches, call the Scarif in Battlefront 2 something like Scarif Battlegrounds because it looks a lot like a big battle with lots of crashes and whatnot. Also, add the Shield Gate back in. I really love this mode; it is like the game's shortest story mode!

8 Missions

Like the Co-Op missions but offline and split screen with 4 people. I don’t know much about these modes but they seem very fun. I would like to have this game mode offline.

9 Battle Station

This one from the Death Star is kind of like Infiltration as Rebels Attack large imperial Base and Imperials defend it. Except this one takes place in space mostly but there is a cool R2-D2 extraction stage. I don’t remember much of this during my time Online but it is very fun.

10 Survival

A game mode so good that it doesn’t need to be changed. It is a good game mode and it should keep it up for a new game. The drop pods are awesome, the waves are challenging, and the new class system is really cool and can make these battles a whole lot more better! The waves can be even harder, but it doesn’t really need to be changed that much! But to be honest, change it to we’re Imperials can Survive Against Rebels! That would be interesting!
The End!