Top Ten Steven Universe Characters with the Best Fusions

The Top Ten

1 Pearl Pearl is a fictional character from the 2013 animated series Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar. She is a "Gem", a fictional alien being that exists as a magical gemstone projecting a holographic body. more.

Opal is amazing! - Synchronocity

Love you girl - Meg21

Obsidian,Sardonyx,Rainbow Quartz, Rainbow Quartz 2.0, Alexandrite,Opal - BreakFastBeast2005

2 Steven Universe

Add Steg to the list

Stevonnie,Rainbow Quartz 2.0,Sunstone,Smokey Quartz, Obsidian, Steg - BreakFastBeast2005

3 Amethyst Amethyst is a fictional character from Cartoon Network's 2013 series "Steven Universe". She is a quartz gem species who is a member of the Crystal Gems and is the youngest after Steven Universe. She is voiced by Michaela Dietz.

Smoky Quartz, Sugilite, Alexandrite, Obsidian, & Opal - RoseWeasley

Gotta love Smoky Quartz! - Synchronocity

4 Garnet

She is a fusion! GET REAL!

Sugilite, herself, Sardonyx, Alexandrite, Sunstone, Obsidian - RoseWeasley

All her fusions are awesome except for Sunstone

5 Ruby

Garnet, Giant Ruby - BreakFastBeast2005

6 Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli is a character from the 2013 Cartoon Network series Steven Universe. She is a homeworld gem who got trapped in a magical mirror on Earth for thousands of years who was then freed and healed by Steven Universe. She has hydrokinesis abilities which include manipulating water, forming clones more.
7 Rose Quartz

Rainbow Quartz,Obsidian(maybe) - BreakFastBeast2005

8 Connie Maheswaran
9 Jasper

Her fusions are the prettiest. I would love to see what a fusion of her and Steven would look like. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

Malachite - BreakFastBeast2005

10 Topaz

The Contenders

11 Greg Universe Greg Universe is from the show Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar. more.

I can't get Steg out of my head. I wish I could, but he's been burned into my retinas. - Synchronocity

12 Aquamarine
13 Pink Pearl
14 Sapphire Sapphire is from the show Steven Universe made by Rebecca Sugar and many amazing animators and voice actors. more.
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