Strangest Traditions and Habits People Have

What are the strangest habits you find about your fellow human beings, or even yourself? Even if it's really daft, feel free to add.
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1 Getting Out of Bed On the Same Side Every Morning

My bed is not against a wall. I ALWAYS get out of it on the left-hand side. I tried the other side once - completely ruined my day.

I have to because it's against the wall.

My bed is enclosed between two walls, so though isn't really a problem for me. In fact, I'm in bed right now, and speaking of which SOMEBODY HELP ME FOR GOODNESS SAKE! I'VE BEEN ERE FOR TWO YEARS AND I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM REALLY BAD! I'VE BEEN EATING MY TOENAIL CLIPPINGS AND DRINKING MY SPIT! And oh gosh, I'm out of character-er, uh, I mean, my bed is comfy. Dad: "Who are you talking to, son? " Me: "Oh, nobody dad. But wait, I'm not talking..." Dad: "Oh what you're not? Geeze, uh, about that, you were typing real loud and, uh, the bacon is ready, and I just- gotta go! " *sound of getting into car and driving away*

2 Sitting On the Same Side On Public Transport

Again, I try to sit on the left side of the bus / train. It upsets me if there are no seats on my favourite side.

Yeah I find this. I always have to sit on the right-hand side when driving.

3 Singing to Advert Jingles or TV Shows

I've tried to stop imitating the EastEnders drumbeat or advert jingles but I can't. There's no cure.

I sing the Meow Mix Tender Centers commercial sometimes. Yes even the non singing part.

4 Always Adding Mustard Before Tomato Sauce On a Hotdog
5 Having a Favourite Chair at Home

What is this "chair" you speak of? Might it be related to... THE COUCH!?!? *insert beautiful heavenly chorus here*. But yeah, who uses chairs anymore when you can lounge back in the cushions of your couch and get stuck. I have been stuck and am suffocating from leaning back in my comfy couch and having the cushions enclose around you

I don't have a favorite chair, but I do sit in the same chairs all the time because my mom and sister doesn't allow me to sit in their chairs

Haha I'm sitting in it!

6 Adding Milk Before Tea

This is not the 'proper' way to make tea. The rule is: tea first, then milk but I, and many others don't follow this rule.

I always add the milk first so I don't have to let it diffuse for as long. It's an advantage.

7 Knock Three Times On the Door
8 Pull Random Faces In Concentration

My friend always pokes her tongue out the side of her mouth or wiggles her eyebrows. Cute but a strange habit.

9 Laugh When Embarrassed

Good for you, Cookie. Join if you will, any time you like.

I actually find this strange on how it works so well!

10 Say "Umm..." Before We Answer a Question

Don't think this is strange at all. We all do it in some times.

Even if the question is, "What is your name? " someone will always reply with, "Er,..."

It's probably natural

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11 Pouring Milk Before Cereal
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