Top 10 Reasons Mathematics is Important

Math is important for very many reasons. There are many different types of math such as Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, etc. Without math, you wouldn't get very far in life. You may not like math, and that's fine, but you should understand why it's important. Here are the reasons why math is so important!
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1 Math improves problem-solving skills

Math is indeed very important, but not everyone want to do the harder stuff. Let the harder stuff for those who are really good at math. People like me don't know how to do harder methods or don't want to take harder courses than the everyday methods.

When you do the math, it helps improve your thinking skills, which in turn improves your problem-solving skills. For example, when you're going a problem with adding a bunch of numbers, you have to look at each number and add them one by one and do proper carrying of the sum.

I had a comment on this list noting how this list was uploaded soon after the list Top Ten Reasons Math Should Be Banned was, yet it was deleted. It even had 5 likes. Why?

Yeah, but that's mostly because of the repetition needed. You don't get better at problem solving because you do math.

2 Math can help you improve your cooking skills

When you know math, you're able to accurately measure how many of certain ingredients are able to be added in a certain food. You also will be able to accurately set the time for cooking.

That's accurate and I use math several times whenever I'm cooking. Good list, well put.

That's basic math and fractions...

3 Math helps develop technology

With math, you can develop a bunch of new technology. If it wasn't for math, a lot of inventions that currently exist in our world today would never have been created.

4 Math helps improve your time management

The importance of math is within time management too. When you have good time management skills, you're able to calculate and manage your time more effectively. When you have good time management skills, you'll know how much time it takes to do each thing! It's very important in the workforce, in school, and in life in general. There are also important time units like years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, etc.

Great list, Flare! We use math in our everyday lives, without it, we wouldn't be able to function normally.

Yeah I agree with that.

5 Math helps improve your health

With math, you will be able to calculate how much food you should have, what you should add to your diet, etc.

6 Math helps improve money management

This one should probably be number one. Economics and Personal Finance are probably the two most important subjects you can take in school and both classes use some math. Plus there are some math classes that teach you taxes and needed skills to do taxes.

Without math, you wouldn't even be able to calculate your finances properly. With good money management, you're able to know the risks and benefits of investing, how much you spend, etc.

Financial Maths is one of my least favourites, but that's definitely the most important. Especially if you want a good job like an Accountant.

7 Math helps with your career options

Every job, especially finance ones and programming ones, require math. Without math, you wouldn't go very far anywhere in these careers!

Thank you for making this list mathematics is really underestimated by most students.

8 Math helps make a situation easier

WIth math in place, situations would be far easier as you can help divide the situation and solve it within different time increments. For example, there's a giant littered area. You have to clean it within a few days. With math, you can break the work down into different days.

9 Math is necessary for data statistics

For example, without math, people wouldn't be able to tell the amount of COVID cases in each area.

You don't really learn statistics till high school though. Some high schools don't teach it.

10 Math helps improve your driving

With driving, you need to know things like how many miles to go, how much gas to put in a car, how many miles per gallon, etc.

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