Worst Things About Gym Testing

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1 The mile run

This one is obvious. They make you run the whole time without stopping. There are always kids chanting your name, screaming at you as you run by. Awful, just awful (they time you, too).

2 They weigh you afterwords

It's even worse if you're unlucky with the day they pick to do the weighing. The comments on my low weight one time were kinda depressing - little did they know I was bedridden from a bit of flu with zero appetite the week before.

Um, I'm pretty sure your weight is personal, thank you very much!

3 The pressure

It's actually kinda hilarious all the teachers and athletics make such a big deal about silly tests that only matter for like a day, and the worst they can do is affect your grade a lot (even though hardly anyone cares about PE grades these days compared to more important subjects like maths).

4 The fitness gram pacer test

It really upsets me that some schools have even forced kids with asthma and other similar health problems to go through this torture. The teachers also make it a nightmare for those of us who aren't very athletic - score only like 17, and in come the bad grades and the remarks from the horrible teachers who rub it in your face for the rest of the day. Seriously, the only place this test deserves to be is Hell itself.

Lol, I think I only made it to 6 or something last time

5 The gym teachers are evil

Definitely true if they are low enough to use insignificant tests as an excuse to make fun of people. Not everyone is going to become future Usain Bolts!

6 You can't take breaks
7 If you do something wrong, you get yelled at by a bunch of angry sports kids
8 Push ups
9 The gym teachers know nobody cares, but they keep on doing it
10 Even die-hard sports kids hate it
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11 It's boring
12 It's unnecessary
13 The teacher waits until you almost pass out and finish a test, then they tell you you did something wrong and fail you
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