Top Ten Reasons Why King K.Rool Should Be In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

King K. Rool Is the main antagonist of the Donkey Kong Country series, he is the final boss of all the main DKC games from Rare. He is known for being very theatrical - changing his getup every time you encounter him, though his most iconic appearance is with his crown and comically small cape. Although King K. Rool has never made an appearance in a videogame since 2008 he still has a large following. He is a very requested character for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, a fighting game featuring many of Nintendo's gaming all-stars. This list will count down 10 reasons why the king deserves a spot in the roster.
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1 Moveset Potential

I've watched countless videos online detailing K.Rool's massive moveset potential. Since his boss battles are different in every DKC game he is in, there are quite a lot of options for attacks. He could throw his crown and jum around the stage just like in the first game, or he could borrow from the second game and use a large blaster as well as a sword, a good recovery option would be his backpack copter (or whatever it's called) from the third game. Not to mention everything from DK64 and King of Swing. There are many options open for the Smash Team to make King K.Rool stand out from the crowd with his moveset.

Update: King K.Rool comes aboard! With what we've seen in the trailer I can tell you he can throw his crown, use his 'big gun thing' from DKC2 and he can suck up and blow out fighters other than just firing cannonballs with it, his recovery IS his backpack copter. His final smash is from DK64, his chest can be used to reflect attacks, and there he can use his boxing glove as a side attack! So quite a lot of what I said came true!

2 More Donkey Kong Representatives are Needed

So far, we only have two fighters representing Donkey Kong, the big ape himself and his nephew, Diddy. K.Rool would make for a great representative for the franchise as he is a main character in the Rare games (especially in DK64) and also he would make for a great rival to Donkey Kong, he could be the Bowser to Mario, the Ganon to Link, the Dedede to Kirby.

I'm not into donkey kong, but I would prefer a female character like dixie kong.

We finally have a decent amount of DK fighters! Dixie is the final piece of the puzzle!

I agree. They need to add the main villain for DK because we already have Bowser Gannondorf and King Dedede.

3 He Got a Lot of Votes on the Smash Ballot

It has been confirmed that when the newcomers were picked for Ultimate, the Smash Ballot was considered.King K. Rool is known to have gotten a lot of love from fans and has gained their vote for the ballot - including mine.It is very possible K.Rool will be recognised for his massive amount of votes and eventually added in.

4 More Villains are Needed

With the recent addition of Ridley It has come to my mind that there are not enough villains in the roster, my theory is that it's because of the lack of connection to the villains - K.Rool didn't appear until the end of the first three DKC games, so if one hadn't finished the game they wouldn't know who he is. But still, he did appear throughout DK64 in cutscenes & I am fairly certain he made frequent appearances before you actually fight him in the lesser known DK games. But having K.Rool in would increase the villain count which I would greatly appreciate.

All we have is Bowser, Ganondorf, Ridley and Bowser Junior. Mewtwo and King Dedede are debatable and the koopalings are all alts for Bowser junior. King K Rool, Galacta Knight (if he's actually a villain), Zant and the likes could solve this problem though, in my opinion.

The trailer itself is called 'Rivals'! What more do I have to say! It basically says that DK needs his rival!

5 More Heavyweight Characters are Needed

This is basically ditto for what I said in the villain item. There are not enough heavyweight characters and I obviously don't want to many of them but K.Rool would be a great addition to the villainous heavyweights we already have included.

We got em, finally.

6 Alternate Costume Potential

This is a very obvious point to make, as I mentioned earlier, King K.Rool Is very theatrical and adopts a new costume every time you fight him:

In DKC you fight him in his regular ol' king costume, with the classic crown and small cape.

In DKC2 he returns as Kaptain K.Rool, he is dressed as a very traditional pirate here

In DKC3 he returns as a mad scientist, under the alias Baron K. Roolenstein

Finally, in DK64 he is just in some good ol' boxing attire and ready to fight the DK Crew

If all 4 of these costumes were implemented- and maybe each of them got one palette swap that would be absolutely glorious and. It would make him a totally unique character.

He got his pirate alt, although it is just a hat. You can see on the website he has a blue and pink alt as well, which is great!

He has an alt that's just a hat, but he also has others that are pink and blue.

EDIT: I know these aren't in the game.

He could also get Alts that pay tribute to the newer villains. Like a Tiki Costume and a Viking Costume.

7 He Has Always Been Highly Requested

This is similar to the Smash Ballot one, but nevertheless he has been extremely popular ever since the days of Brawl. Despite the fact he hasn't been used in a while he is almost constantly requested - and Smash 5 might be when our wish is granted.

8 He Got a Mii Fighter Outfit & Trophy In SSB4

This may hint that K.Rool is going to be a fighter - as well as the fact that Sakurai has noticed the fan's outcry for him, and we may be seeing the king in Smash 5. These two things just clarify that K.Rool is not forgotten.

9 He Is a Unique Character

Again, he has many costumes he can use as skins, his variety in boss fights make him unique. He is just absolutely insane but pure evil at the same time, I really hope his unique personality is implemented into his moveset.

10 He Is an Obvious Choice

Last but not least - he is a very obvious choice. All the big Nintendo players are already in the game so King K.Rool & potential fighters like him are next up in line, K.Rool is an iconic old school Nintendo character and I would be surprised If he wasn't implemented in the game.

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