Top Ten Survivor Moments

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1 Erik Gives Up Immunity - Survivor Fans vs Favorites

This is the dumbest move ever, and he was In final 5 I belive

Could've gotten to the finals if it wasn't for that move

2 Jonny Fairplay's Dead Grandmother - Survivor 7

Best lie ever that helped him through out the game

3 James Gets Voted Off With 2 Idols - Survivor 12

Could've secured at least a top 5 position had he used them at the next two tribal councils

He would have to be dumb to be voted out with two idols.

4 J.T Gives Idol to Russell - Survivor Heroes vs Villains

Dumbest move in survivor history

5 Tyson's Blindside - Survivor Heroes vs Villains

Russell plotted the most brilliant blindside in survivor history

6 Stephenie Is A Tribe Of One - Survivor 10
7 Rob Steps On a Stingray - Survivor 5

Surprisingly didn't get evacuated from the game but still memorable

8 Skupin Falls In The Fire - Survivor 2

Most shocking and sad moment ever

9 Sue's Speech - Survivor 1

Ultimate jury speech will never be beaten

10 Rob Blindsides Lex - Survivor All-Stars

Although he didn't plan it that way, Rob ended up outwitting, out playing, & ultimately outlasting Lex.

Lex felt for the friend favor and it landed him in the jury

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11 Eliza and the Stick - Survivor: Micronesia
12 Alphabet Strategy - Survivor: Borneo
13 Manono Gives Up Immunity - Survivor: One World
14 He Is a Jew, He Won't Eat the Ham - Survivor Africa

Only Big Tom could get away with this one without sounding incredibly boorish and racist!

15 Kelly is Blindsided - Survivor: Samoa
16 Parvati Plays Two Idols - Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
17 The 3 Amigos Tribal Council - Survivor: Caramoan
18 Caleb Bankston Blindside - Survivor: Blood vs. Water
19 Black Widow Brigade vs. Eric - Survivor: Micronesia
20 Sandra Wins Twice - Heroes vs Villains
21 David Finds Two Idols Without Clues - Millennials vs. Gen X
22 Tom and Ian's Deal - Survivor: Palau
23 Ozzy Blindsided - Survivor: Micronesia
24 Jenna and Heidi get Naked - Survivor: The Amazon

I could go a couple decades without seeing Heidi's false breasts, but Jenna -- ah. She was made to be naked.

25 Billy Delcares His Love for Candice - Survivor: Cook Islands
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