Top Ten Greatest Survivor Players Never to Win

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1 Cirie Fields Cirie Fields is an American nurse and reality TV personality who competed on four seasons of Survivor.

In Cirie's first two season, most people give another contestant the credit for being a "strong" player or being the mastermind. But, clearly, in Micronesia, Cirie was the mastermind. Cirie put the plans into motion and just had the other girls play them out. It's really irritating that Parvati got the credit for instigating all of the blindsides because the episodes show that Cirie talks about the plan before the plan in executed.
She controlled that alliance on the Favourites tribe after getting included, and once she was reunited with the girl, she put the Ozzy and Erik on the Jury.

2 Russell Hantz Russell Hantz is an oil company owner and former contestant of the reality show Survivor. He played 3 seasons, and never finished higher than 2nd.

Not even close to one of the best to never win. The only categories he is near the top for anything is the most overrated Survivor players ever (for sure) and maybe the Worst Survivor Players list (arguable). I guess best treasure hunter to credit him for the only part of the game he is truly good at (idol finding). Other than that mediocre physical game, mediocre in challenges, mediocre and erratic in strategy, awful social game, awful jury management, awful end game strategy/planning.

And to the idiot who said a dud who don't bother anyone will win if they make the end, brilliant observation as the Survivor victories of Natalie T, Sherri, Katie, Will Simms, Troyzan, the Culpeppers, and recently Laurel proves. Oh wait. Lame excuse for why Russell is too immensely flawed to ever reach the game. If he were just a bit better socially or more able to win a vote, he probably doesn't reach the end of either of his seasons anyway, the only reason he was there, especialy on Heroes vs Villians, was he was such a giant ass goat in the first place.

3 Ozzy Lusth Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth is a reality star, well known for playing on the his reality show "Survivor." He played in the seasons "Cook Islands," "Micronesia," "South Pacific," and "Game Changers."

Ozzy is the most dominant physical competitor in Survivor history. The only reason he lost Cook Islands is because he lacked a strong social game while Yul had a good enough social game to gain just enough votes to win. He never really formed a strong alliance and relied on winning immunity.

His second time on Survivor he learned from his mistakes and quickly formed an alliance with Parvati, Amanda, and James. His social game was strong with his alliance, and he also formed strong relationships with people he planned to send to the jury (Erik, Alexis, and Jason). His only mistake was trusting his alliance so much that he was blindsided.

His third time on Survivor, Ozzy combined a strong physical game (thanks to Redemption Island) and a decently strong social game since he never had to blindside or piss anyone off on the jury. If he wins that last immunity, I believe he is a millionaire.

4 Rob Cesternino

Rob an win challenges but his mind game isn't that strong, he annoys people with his villainous charisma, plays his hand too quickly and makes himself a target. He like Russell is good at survivor up to a certain point in the game.

His Amazon game was pretty overrated I think. the fact he probably would have lost the vote to Jenna M. makes that even more obvious. His All stars game was a bad joke. I think if it werent for his Podcast, which is amazing by the way, he would have faded away for people long by now.

5 Kelley Wentworth

Best female dominating player in the modern survivor seasons, would be stupid to take her to the end but she deserved it for her amazing gameplay. PRAYING for her to comeback in another season

When she's on the bottom she does NOT give up. She will find an idol or a voting bloc to ensure she stays in the game.

She survived because Ciera convinced the Bayon alliance to implode and Ciera was thus deemed a bigger threat. Gets credit for one idol but the second clue was given out randomly.

6 Domenick Abbate

He played a way better game than Wendell, but people didn't like him due to his success.

He truthfully deserves to win while wendell only wins because of his relationship with laurel

7 Spencer Bledsoe

Even though Spencer lost in Cambodia, I thought he improved from Cagayan as he actually did play a good social game, he had some good strategic moves like orchestrating Stephen's blindside who was the smartest player in Cambodia arguably, and he won 3 immunity necklaces. Definitely deserved more than no votes at all.

I loved spencer. We're talking about season Cagayan right? If we are, I loved spencer. MHD was the greatest player. (After ozzy). Even though tony was a great stratigest, spencer was also a great player.

8 Amanda Kimmel

Honestly one of my personal favorites. She had great strategy in all seasons. In China she took out one of the biggest threats in the game and was with Todd in most decisions. In Micronesia she did everything she could to get her farther in the game such as finding the immunity idol, although her emotions kinda got in the way of her winning. In HvV she was on top of her tribe alliance the entire game. If it wasn't for JT's stupid decision then she could have won the game.

Amanda is so underrated. She is the first survivor to make Final tribal councils twice, to win final immunity twice. She is the mastermind of a blindside with a man with 2 idols in his pocket. She is the first player to reach 100 days on Survivor. Even in HvV, Russell was afraid of her. She was his only fear.
She is so underrated.

9 Grant Mattos

I liked his Redemption Island game. He really had a great plan to win. His only mistake was his misread on Rob but who could blame him. A normal person would not be able to betray someone they had that close a friendship with like that normally. Only a total sociopath like Rob, Brian, or Russell could.

Not a great player by any stretch but he seems like a beautiful soul, very zen and chill. Would love to see him back someday. He also has a lot of potential to win the season due to his excellent social skills and physical play, even if his strategic mind for the game is mediocre at best.

10 Jonny Fairplay

Jonny Fairplay will always be my favorite survivor player. He played a wonderful game in Pearl Islands going balls to the wall, which is exactly how you want to play the game. If you mention Grandma and survivor in the same sentence, Jonny will come to mind. I would hope to see him play a 3rd time!

He was the best player in the Pearl Islands. He's just bad at the social game. If Lil had chosen him and the jury wouldn't be bitter he would have won.

Jon knew what he was doing the entire time. Never stopped at being a villain, and manipulated pretty much everyone.

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11 David Wright

Overcame many obstacles to make it to F4. Ken made huge mistake not taking him. Was on the bottom on Gen X tribe and the rock draw screwed him up. Won two immunities (by the way that's the same amount as Jay). Found two idols and played one correctly, and Adam mislead him to play the other on incorrectly. Great player, unfortunately can't win due to his first season, unless he pulls a Spencer.

I was SO MAD when Ken took him out. That ruined the entire season! I liked his idol plays and still can't understand why he voted Adam! In seasons 31-33, I instantly favored Spencer (28 and 31), Tai (32 and 34), and David (33). Hope he returns for a second time...

12 Rick Devens

This dude got screwed over by a player who literally didn't make a move until choosing to go up against him in a fire making challenge. Chris did not deserve to win. This man needs to come back. He's like a better version of Russell Hantz, only with a stronger social game and better strategy.

Hell of a game. Played his ass off only for a twist to bite him in the ass with the winner Chris making that one big move and winning. F chris. Devens was so close. Oh man

He has made it very far with his blindsiding and social skills. It think he should
of won! He made good alliances and was very funny

Only voting just to comment, he was not a good player. Kathy should be ahead of him.

13 Yau-Man Chan

Yau-Man was an amazing player! He has to be one of my favorites. I cannot believe what Dreamz did to such a kind, innocent soul.

One of the most clever and ingenious players ever to play. Would love to add him to the Survivor champion pantheon.

He was a challenge beast, and had a strong social game.

but DREAMZ... dreamz!

14 Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien
15 Aubry Bracco

Aubry has to be up there with the best to never win, along with Cydney. She was on the right side of the vote at ever single tribal council she attended, which is an incredible feat. Convincing Tai to flip against his best interest has to be one of the best moves in years, and she did it without any of the flashy idols and trickery that is commonplace. Aubry is the type of old school player that is absent in this new age of survivor. Hopefully she will do well on season 34.

Aubry was outstanding in Koha Rong, but was a little disappointing in Game Changers. Aubry is the reason I started to watch survivor and loved watching her move, after move, after move. Aubry did a great job of making new allies as her two biggest allies wer med evacuated. Aubry did a poor job in game changers as she barley made a single game changing move. Aubry should of won Koha Rong.

16 Candice Cody

She is such an atrociously bad player and her being on this list at all let alone ranked so high is baffling. She doesn't have the social game to ever in a million years win if she made the end. There are some who think on Heroes vs Villians she couldn't have even won against Russell at the end. She is also a horrible strategic player, crazy flip flopping, and stupid big moves. She is like a much worse version of Ciera which is about as bad as it gets.

She sucks so bad and her high rank on this list is comical. As for her flipping doing whatever it takes to win give me a break. She had no hope to win or even reach the end after her stupid flip on heroes vs villians. She was no longer making it anywhere near the end and if by some miracle she made FTC now she would have been a bigger goat than russell.

17 Colby Donaldson

Had he made the merge in all-stars he probably would've won all the challenges again. I think people forget that he was so feared in all-stars that they made sure he didn't make the merge. Even his own tribe mates conceded that Colby was the strongest player in the game. He certainly struggled in Heroes vs Villians. Though it had nothing to do with lack of fitness or lack of athletic ability & he was still fairly young at the time. Just couldn't get his rhythm. If he played a 4th time he'd probably be on a mission to destroy everybody to make up for his last outing

18 Rupert Boneham Rupert Boneham is an American mentor for troubled teens, who became known to reality television audiences in 2003 as a contestant on Survivor: Pearl Islands where he placed 8th.

He is an iconic Survivor figure and a Survivor legend, but in all honesty he is not a good Survivor player. At all.

He might not have won a season, but he did win the million.

A hippie-beast! What's cooler than that!?!?

19 Terry Deitz

Needs to be in the Top 10.

Dominated challenges with his back against the wall from the other tribe.

One of the record holders for most individual immunity wins.

One of the earliest players to find a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Played a very fair game.

A great player and a great father giving up his second chance to be with his family.

Needs another chance to really play the game again.

Awesome in challenges, one of the best ever. Pretty good socially too. Wins jury vote over all in panama, including Aras or cirie.

20 Brenda Lowe

Learned from her mistakes and played a very good game both times. If it weren't for NaOnka's erratic gameplay she could've very well won Nicaragua, she was in great position and very strategic/manipulative. However manipulation failed on her the first time so she took a whole other approach on Caramoan, which is interesting because many players play the same way every time (cough russell cough rupert). She played honest and relied on social game. Very interesting to watch.

Another overrated player. Got blindsided byou her own allies twice despite not even being close to biggest threat in the game. Was also purple Brenda in Caramoanew about from her childish his system fit at dawn.

21 Coach Wade

Coach is one of the most compelling character this game as ever seen! Come back for one more. I have my greats players list and your on it my friend!

He was robbed! Survivor 23 was clearly his, but the producers SCREWED him.

The best survivor contestant ever!

22 Malcolm Freberg

How is he only at 18? he's better than Fairplay, David, Candice, and Brenda, just to name a few. His physical game was pretty good, as he won a couple of immunities. His social game was good for all of Philippines, and until he was voted out in Caramoan and Game Changers, In Caramoan, Corrine screwed him over when Corrine told Dawn their plan, and in Game Changers, he was screwed over by the 2 tribe tribal.

Malcolm is a good player but luck just always seems to run out for him. First he was eliminated at final four for being a threat and then he went out in the minority. No matter how could a player is, once your in the minority, it is almost impossible to make it very far after that.

23 Stephen Fishbach
24 Stephenie LaGrossa

I love the fact that she is a sore loser just like myself. Fight to the death, never quit, and the added bonus: hotness! I wish she would come back to play again. The passionate competitor to ever play!

25 Joe Anglim

In "worlds apart" he was a very strategic player, and would have made it far, if it weren't for the overpowering blue collar alliance. He was a threat in challenges, he was easy to get along with, and considering most of the jury is likely to be a lot of people who he was aligned with, he would have gotten tons of votes from the jury. He really deserved it

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