Best T.U.F.F. Puppy Characters

The Top Ten

1 Dudley Puppy

*Sings* Dudley Puppy was a plain old mutt (plain old mutt! ) - Patty_C

He is so great and the best

Why is he hated?

Dudley= Hilarious
TUFF puppy= me happy

2 The Chameleon

His accent and face made ​​the villains have class

3 Snaptrap

Go to sleep or I’ll choke you. Lullaby killed me 😆

4 Kitty Katswell Kitty Katswell is a deuteragonist character from Butch Hartman's show, T.U.F.F Puppy. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle who also voiced Sam from Danny Phantom . Kitty is skilled at martial arts .

She should be number one


5 Larry
6 The Chief
7 Keswick
8 Bird Brain Bird Brain is a character and one of the many Tertiary antagonists in Butch Hartman's third cartoon T.U.F.F P.U.P.P.Y. He is a old blue bird with purple tuxedo and pants and a monocle

He's hilarious! And Aldo my favourite - RockStarr

9 Agent Scarecrow
10 Ollie

The Contenders

11 Francisco
12 Sharing Moose
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