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1 Kiteretsunu

Obviously. Duh! Who else would be here? He's got around 60 or 70 lists, more than all of the other users on this lists have together. He's much, much, better than the others here, and I'm not blowing facts. His humor is crazy-cool! And some of his lists are so funny that you won't stop laughing even after reading them two or three times. Personally, I think his Random TopTenners Message list is the best, but he likes his Dumb Zookeeper list the best. Awesome lists, some of them. And he's really smart as well. He's also really fun to chat with, if you haven't done so you should! Follow him.
God bless Kiteret, thanks for being such a cool friend to me!

And thanks a lot for your kind compliment K, but I like your humor better!

Thanks a lot for your words, Britgirl! God bless :-) !

2 RockFashionista

She made a lot of names lists, and inspired me. Thanks!

3 HezarioSeth

So Hez, you tell that I made 60-70 lists which is more than all the users put together. But I believe you've crossed 100 already. And yeah, your humor is far superior. I rarely make random lists and mostly my lists work comes from the research I do at the web. And thanks for putting me at the top but I believe that Blue Devereaux deserves that position not me.

4 CoolCat999
5 Britgirl

She's been around for way longer than that.

6 MrBrony8675309
7 Yatharthb

Amusing lists! You'll enjoy them all... He's also fun to chat with.

8 Nobita

His election list is hilarious!

9 Kevie16

Thank you very much to whoever added me to this list! I am honored to be in the top 25 newcomers of 2014. Hopefully I stay in the top 25!

He has some of the best lists I've ever seen when I looked at them I was amazed he should make more

10 HTML_D00D
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11 Garythesnail

Well thank you to the wonderful user who put me on here.

12 BubblesBrooks

'Prolific' describes him to a nicety! Just in a few days he made a couple of dozen lists.

13 Subashsahu

He's an avid WWE fan, but made other interesting lists as well! Some of them are really captivating, no joke.

14 My-Password-Is-ABC
15 nintendofan126
16 FireLove

She makes a lot of religious lists that I really enjoy. God bless you!

Thanks Sweetjamie for telling me so!

17 Shakespeare
18 Pug

I didn't choose the pug life. The pug life chose me.

19 Blue Devereaux

If you talk about quality list making, Blue Devereaux wins the race. Blue Devereaux made her lists with passion and dedication. As more importantly, she made me realise that you aren't necessarily a great toptenner if you make only humorous lists to gain popularity. And even many of the non members of the site here admire and miss her. Please come back Blue, we miss your literary lists.

Yikes, you have to forgive me! I didn't know that Blue Deverx was a 2014 newcomer. I thought she'd joined last year, else I would've added her! I haven't read much of her lists, though...

20 patrickstar
21 Turkeyasylum
22 MostTalented_BoyX
23 Paasadani
24 AgathaChristie
25 IgnoreThis
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