Favorite Top 10 Lists of Eclipsmon as of September 5th, 2021 (100 Followers Special)

So I finally got 100 followers. To celebrate that, I decided to take a look back at some of my list, and take the 10 I am the most proud of making. That being said, let's get started! Also, a big thank you to all my followers. It is for you that I am working for. That and just because it's fun. Don't hesitate to comment, because I always love hearing your opinions.
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1 Unpopular Opinions of Eclipsmon

Yep! Of course! The 6 lists I made where I share my unpopular opinions about random things are my favorite lists. I mean there is a reason why I made 6 of them. To understand why I love those lists so much, let's start by seeing the story behind the making of the first unpopular opinions list. So basically, I was like "You know what? Let's make a list about my unpopular opinions!" And I was like, "Hmmm. Technically if I do a list of unpopular opinions of mine, it wouldn't be a list that someone else made, so therefore it could be a community list! But wait, I don't want people to add opinions that aren't mine. Perhaps I could do a self moderated list instead!" So I did that, and I was glad to show my opinions to others like all the previous remixes and lists I did. However, this is where I saw the notifications, and saw that people responded to my list! People were able to comment on a list, and I was so happy to see where people agreed and disagreed with me! And this is where I ...more

This was a neat list for me to explore.

You did a great job on this list!

I'm Hank_Is_Cute's alt but I can't log in :(

2 Facts About Eclipsmon

I love that list, because of how I wanted to learn people more about me, and talked about rather unique subjects. There are many comments I am so proud of like how I explained my thoughts on the political right, saying that I am autistic and explaining what being autistic means exactly, explaining my love of arguing or showing my unique Christian beliefs. It is also a good introduction to me as a user, since by seeing this you can see why I mostly talk about this or that, and why I argue this way, etc. Not to mention it managed me to get some comments that were very interesting, because again, it's one thing to be happy with what I post, but it's another thing to receive the opinions of others on top of that. If I could, I would make it so that every comments I make causes as much reactions, both agreeing and disagreeing with me, as the time I explained why I think pedophiles aren't always bad people. Like I said in this list, I LOVE arguing.

3 Best Bowser's Fury levels

In what I like to call an objective-subjective point of view, I love Bowser's Fury. It is just a phenomenally made side game, that I would like to review one day if people asked me to do it (it could be you). On a purely subjective point of view, Bowser's Fury is very important to me, because it allowed me to make not one, but TWO featured list out of it! And where my list of reasons to be excited about Bowser's Fury had to be outdated at one point (although people still comment on it and add items on it somehow), my list about Bowser's Fury's levels will probably stay an important part of the Mario thetoptens community for a long time. Not to mention I am just glad to talk about this amazing game, and that we got some interesting comment. Especially on Mount Magmeow. People love that level, and its music, and I mean how can I blame them!

4 Strongest Gen 8 Pokemon

Here we have my most popular list that I wonder how it wasn't featured, but anyway! So first, with that list I basically established myself as one of if not the most important people of the TTT competitive pokemon community. I mean name one person that knows more about competitive pokemon than I do on thetoptens, and if you do find it, I would love to talk with that person. This list got so many items added, so many great and not so great comments, it is just a cool list, and yes it does trigger me that people add non gen 8 pokemon on that list. Also I think I should come back on that list and add a few mons that were added with the DLC, because not gonna lie, I kind of forgot about this list.

5 Least favorite movies of Eclipsmon

So further down the list you will see that there is an item that groups the "big" lists I made. And arguably, this list is one of those big lists, yet it is higher than the other ones, so why is this one higher? Well, the thing is, finding out the movies I liked the least was a very interesting experience. Liked it actually allowed me to discover more about myself. Like I had to ask myself why do I hate Rise of Skywalker more Revenge of the Nerds, and that was something I liked doing.

6 Guilty Pleasures and Dislikes of Eclipsmon

I think those two lists complements the list of my least favorite movies very well, because on one hand you had movies that weren't necessarily bad all the time, but that I still dislike with my list of least favorite movies and my list of guilty dislikes, and on the other hand, you had the opposite with my list of guilty pleasures. And like my list of least favorite movies, I discovered more about myself with that list.

I liked that list of yours, like the other lists you have.

7 Most disappointing games and movies for Eclipsmon

I really like this list, because it shows that it is not because you are disappointed by something that you necessarily dislike it. Crash Bandicoot 3 WARPED might be the biggest disappointment ever for me, but it is still a great game, and my review of that game only solidify that, with me giving it a 10/10. I also liked how I included the Lego movie to show that I used to be disappointed by it, but now absolutely love it. It was a very fun list to make in general.

8 Mario Kart tracks that should be on another cup (Nitro and Retro)

I was just very proud of the concept of those lists to start with, but I also really liked the comments we got on it. I mean it's cool to argue what tracks do we think could have been earlier or later on a certain cup based on their difficulty, and other factors. Also, the list on Retro tracks that should be on another cup is technically the first collab I did, since I struggled to find tracks that would make a good entry to make it a full top 10, which is why I asked Darthvadern to give his opinions on tracks that could be on another cup, since he did very interesting comments on the Nitro tracks equivalent. And right now, the very first TRUE collab I am doing with someone is in progress, so it's cool to see how it was before that. You'll see what it will be when it comes out, if it's not already out by the time I post this list.

9 The "big" lists

So what are those "big" lists I am talking about. Well, these are the lists that when I showed them to the world it felt really big, because of how important they are. This includes my two lists of favorite characters (both those from video games, and those from other medias) which didn't age well in terms of opinions, because I know now that Brick and Shen totally should be on one of those lists notably, but I am still very proud of it, and it's not like I dislike any of those characters now. There is also my list of favorite moments (again both the list for video game moments, and the one for TV shows and movies), which aged much better, although I played Celeste now, so I would add some Celeste moments in this, but still those were great lists. Then there are the two biggest list, and those that are the most recents. First we have my top 20 favorite movies. I mean I showed my favorite movies for god sake! That was something big! Not to mention, to show my influence I had for the ...more

10 Mario Kart marathon

I loved it when I did a Mario Kart marathon. Like the idea of making not only a list for my favorite Mario Kart tracks of each games, but also a review of the game along with that was really cool, and a little bit more ambitious than similar marathons I did later like the classic Mario marathon, and the Total Drama marathon, on top of being the first of those marathons. That being said, we are mostly there to talk about the lists and not the reviews, and the lists themselves were fun to make, and I got lots of interesting comments, especially from Darthvadern of course.