Top Ten Best Things About Being a Girl

All this gender hatred... Let's admit that guys and girls are both awesome and equal and focus on the good parts of either gender for once.

The Top Ten

1 Being able to be emotional without fear of ridicule

THEY ARE TERRIBLE! Call me sexist if you wan't I just wan't hates LOLXD Guys are so better than girls because girls will never know what it is like to feel the pain of being rejected by the opposite sex and they always wan't everything to be the guy's fault. Never wan't to take responsibility for their own actions. They are never direct about what they wan't or feel. And most women have terrible taste in music T.V. shows and movies. Only most not saying all but most. They don't make sense at all. They will never know what the pain of rejection feels like. That is why as a guy I never wan't a girlfriend because I don't wanna feel the pain of rejection but in a way I kinda know how it feels. Most women are jerks. Guys kick ass. Women do not. Men will always be dominant. Deal with it.

Sadly, it's not true for all girls. My parents and stepparents say that sadness isn't necessary. But I'm always sad so I have hardly anyone to open up to without being teased.

It's not that boys don't cry because of the fear of being ridiculed. It's that we CAN'T cry unless the situation is too emotional for us to handle. It's just how we are made.

A privilege I will never take for granted. I would die without being able to talk about my emotions feely with my friends without being told that I just needed to "man up" or something.

2 Being able to embrace feminine things without fear of ridicule

Never been too interested in feminine things, although I love make-up, my mom won't let me wear it yet. I prefer anti conformity stuff I guess. But society veiws girls like that as "bad@$$" and boys like that "posers" so there's an advantage

Considering I love absolutely everything girly. I would feel trapped by societal pressures if I was a guy.

I like the song "this is how to be a heartbreaker" by marina and the diamonds, and I don't care

I am a guy who likes My Little Pony but no-one ridicules me for that.

3 Having a wider range of clothing and accessory choices

The men's section is miniscule compared to the woman's! We have so many more options to change up our look. If I were a man, I wouldn't want bland clothing each day, but that's all they're offered! Totally not fair!

If you think that's a problem, try being so tall that most places don't make anything that fits you. I get my clothes from highly obscure places because of this.

I prefer jeans and long sleeve clothing, jackets, etc not skimpy midriff revealing tops and dressed. There needs to be more long clothes for girls. I hate skimpy midriff revealing tops -.-

All depends on your style, at Hot Topic I shop in the men's department because for one they have way better designs and two guy shirts are so much more comfortable.

Also, I don't care what I wear, as long as it doesn't look babyish and is the right size.

4 The close bond female friends share

I am a female, I like being around both genders. Females understand stuff and are cool and stuff but sometimes it's good to have male friends. I don't know why but I like being friends with every gender :/

Probably true, however, guys fight physically and then they're friends again (I would know, I'm a guy), but with girls, they don't fight physically, they hold grudges, which to me is far worse.

I gotta disagree. Every backstabber and fake friend I've encountered is a girl, and most of the awesome friends I have are boys

To be honest, I think guys share a closer bond, 60% of female friends gossip about each other, at where I live.

5 Being able to give and receive compliments from other girls without being called gay

Why is this? Everyone needs a little confidence boost every now and again.

I'm being honest that is so true

Maybe u will be called lesbian

Bro I turn into Rudolph when someone gives me compliments. I’ll jump around the room being like “SHE CALLED ME CUTE”

6 Having the option of expressing yourself more freely with makeup, clothing... etc.

Girls have more options with styling their body to their own tastes. If you don't like the way you look. You can change it easily. If you're a guy and you don't like the way you look... You can't really do anything about it.

This is true but I generally wear a t-shirt and shorts or pants depending on the weather. I'm not really fashion forward.

I'm a tomboy because I hate girly things, girly things look babiest but my parents want me to be girly.

And if a man does that, they're mocked for being gay.

7 Boobs

My boobs hurt when I land on them by accident. But, I do agree that some pervert added this to the list

They would be a perk for me if I was a girl, Joy said it herself, they're honestly great.

I would bet about 99% this was put on here by a dude. (Who is also a troll).

Someone please tell me this is a troll. Like seriously though...

8 Knowing that within you, you have the ability to nurture another human being and give birth to them

It's so cool just thinking you've got a life in there. It builds such a bond between you and your child. It makes you feel all happy and excited and well worth the pain. Also, breast feeding is a great bond between you and the baby because your taking care of it and it truly needs you.

The way I see it, one reason why women are more important than men is because they create life and much more reasons than this.

Hah I don't give a damn. Men are better because who gets drafted into wars? Men what gender was Jesus? Male of course. Who do women ask to carry a heavy thing? A man of course. I hate girls. They are thankless.

Sorry Keycha1n, but I disagree with this item! I consider this a major con. Sure giving birth is the reason we exist but still not a good thing. Well, at least I never plan on getting pregnant! Never.

9 Getting puberty over with earlier

Hm do you shoot 3 gallons of blood out faster than I can eat 3 pounds of tacos. If yes how is that an advantage.

But we don't have to have periods for over 30 years. So technically, we get puberty over with first.

That's actually bad because you don't get to live your childhood longer.

Ugh I hate dealing with the girly blood issue it's ANNOYING. guys are lucky

10 Girls don't have to ask the guy out the guys ask them out

WRONG! Here's something, girls think they're the princess to be saved from the evil queens, dragons, and the high towers, and to be woken up to true love's kiss, but in reality, he's scared. He's not as perfect as you think he might be. He's the one who needs saving afterall.
Me: "You know what, wait for a minute, I'll meet you on solid ground."

Sexism. What if some guys are too shy to ask?

Will stop insulting us men you IDIOT

This is offensive to males

The Contenders

11 You can do a lot with your hair

Not if you have hair like mine

12 Assuming you're straight, not having to deal with other girls romantically

Yep I am a straight female. Girls are good friends. but too dramatic for me and I'm just not interested. And anyone attracted to girls out there? I'm not as dramatic as the average girl. And there are millions are other girls out there who aren't whiny drama queens as well and even if you date a drama queen, well flaws do make a person better.

Lets be real. Girls are the rubrix cubes of nature. And we're crazy. Good luck straight males everywhere, but you'll never figure us out.

I do have a habit of thinking (some) guys are cute but I never have a crush on them. Weird.

It's one of those things guys have a love/hate relationship with.

13 Being able to use their sexuality to their advantage

Not a very ethical or self-respecting thing to do, but sexually, we are sought for more often. Its irrefutable that girls can get what they want if they exploit their bodies and that guys will be softer on girls when they're more attractive.

My recommendation: You're better than that. Don't do it.

Not all guys are gullible enough to fall for such a thing though

I have fallen for this once, a girl asked for my help with something and she showed some... Clevelage(it was what she was wearing)

I probably won't do this...I'm not the prettiest girl a guy will run into.

One of the "best" things? Advantages, possible power sources, yes...

I say best because in desperation, theoretically, girls could do this.

14 Booty

I am a girl and when I was a toddler my butt was awesome

What in the world? I'm a guy, by the way.

Ew! Stupid perverted trolls!

15 Not having to deal with awkward erections

But we do have to deal with periods, which are arguably worse.

This can go either way

16 Not having testicles

Okay, this is kind of gross

17 Getting to act like a'tomboy' if wanted
18 Can wear guys clothes
19 Not having to deal with getting hit in the balls

It's so painful it's like giving birth for guys

20 Periods

To be honest, I’d rather have periods than erections. Periods aren’t so bad, they can give you an excuse to skip P.E. lol. But seriously, it’s not the end of the world. Which is better: Getting pregnant for nine months then give a painful birth, or have your period that only gives small cramps? To me, the second choice is better

I really really hate getting my period. but I don't know what an erection feel's like so.

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