Best Things About Easter

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1 Time off school

Yay I get time to annoy greyrose with my annoying message about my nickname - Maxwel

Hell yeah no school and in my school we have a day off on Friday and Monday so that means 4 days off

p.s: You make great lists :-D - BlazinWraith

2 Finding eggs

Sometimes maxwel is annoying when he pranks me every year with the party cannon egg but its still fun

I pranked GreyRose with a party cannon egg - Maxwel

3 Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus
4 Spending time with family

GreyRose Isn't in my fam but I throw pie at her - Maxwel

5 Decorating eggs

Easter at my Grandma's house is really boring and we were decorating eggs and the 2 I decorated said "Have a boring Easter" and "let's leave." Lol.

I like writing my nickname on eggs - Maxwel

6 Getting gifts

GreyRose gave me my nickname, Oatmeal! - Maxwel

7 Candy in eggs

GreyRose writes my nickname on the candy she gives me - Maxwel

8 Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground, and often flavored with vanilla.
9 It's close to summer

In summer I have water balloon fights with lovefrombadlands and GreyRose - Maxwel

10 Spring

In spring I invite myself to GreyRoses house and prank her - Maxwel

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11 It's seasonal to go on this list

Yay Make one about april fools so I can say how I pranked my best friend GreyRose - Maxwel

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