Top 10 Best Things About The Loud House Season 3

Loud House's third season in my honest opinion is possibly the best season so far and here are just a few of the reasons why the third season was so good, though if you don't agree that's perfectly fine its just personal opinion.
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1 More Episodes Focused on the Sisters

During this season we got a lot of episode more centered on Lincoln's sisters with some episodes only having Lincoln in a minor role or not appear at all which is a nice change of pace as each sister gets their own time in the spotlight with Lori fearing she and Bobby are losing their connection with one another, Leni attempting to get her high school friends and co workers together as BFF's. Luna teaming with Sam in the Astonishing Race and Getting on America's Next Hitmaker only for the producers to force her to change her image to suit their approval, Luan taking part in the school play in hopes of being closer to her crush Benny, Lucy getting help from Luan to improve her poetry skills, Lynn having to deal with the jealousy of her friend Margo's new found stardom, Lana attempting to save a pair of fish's home from being turned into a warehouse, Lola being haunted by Lucy's creepy doll, Lisa being leaving home to work at an institution only to miss her family.

If I'm being honest I really wish Lincoln has some episodes centered around him as now we barely get any I just wish there were more Lincoln episodes in season 4 and 5 season 3 got a decent amount for him when you look at the large amount of characters but season 4 and 5 got none apart from Schooled

every part of that sounds good except Lynn and I didn't like Really Loud Music also you forgot Net Gains - LynnJrLoudHater101

2 The Long Awaited Luna and Sam Episode

Ever since L is for Love Loud House fans have been anxiously awaiting for a follow up episode with Luna and Sam and fans finally got it in Racing Hearts and I can say it was well worth the near 2 year wait.

3 The Louds and the Casagrandes Finally Meeting

In The Loudest Thanksgiving Lori and Bobby's family finally meet as they spend Thanksgiving together and as you would expect things get really chaotic as both families fear of losing Bobby and Lori for all future Thanksgivings to the other family and compete against each other only for both Lori and Bobby to put their foot down not wanting to choose sides and finally getting the families to stop with their competitiveness and celebrate Thanksgiving together at Flips, hopefully we get more Loud/Casagrandes episodes in season 4.

4 The Luan and Benny Episode

Along with the episode with Sam and Luna we also got to see Luan and her crush Benny taking part in the school play of Romeo and Juliet with the two in the lead roles

5 More Special Episodes

This season included 4 Loud House special episodes including: Tripped, Really Loud Music, The Loudest Thanksgiving and Cooked, hope to see more special episodes in season 4.

6 Ronnie Anne Returns
7 Less Bad Episodes

In my opinion there were far less bad episodes in season 3 then there were in season 1 and 2 though many of the episodes are just okay there were only two really bad episodes in season three including "Ruthless People" and "House of Lies"

8 New Characters

The show introduces new characters including Pop Pop's new girlfriend Myrtle, Stella Lincoln's new classmate and friend, as well as Ronnie Anne's new friends from the city Nikki, Casey and Sameer.

An let's not forget the drama teacher Mrs. Bernardo.

9 The Family Revenge On Luan for Her April Fools Prank

Though some people would argue the families prank on Luan may have seemed a bit excessive but considering in the other April Fool's Day episodes where she literally tried to murder her own family with her dangerous pranks and in "Fool Me Twice" she uses the stunt doubles they hired to take her pranks to humiliate them in public then forces them to watch while trapped in the garage there prank on Luan was a long time coming and justified.

10 Episodes Centered on Rita and Lynn Sr.

The Loud sisters aren't the only ones who get their own episodes Lynn Sr. and Rita also get time to shine in the spotlight with Lynn Sr. having to centered episodes Breaking Dad and my personal favorite Home of the Fave where he fears the others kids thinks he's favoring one child over the other and tries to convince them that he's not and Rita also gets some episodes like Rita Her Rights where she purposely gets tickets to get community service to take a break from the chaos of the Loud House and The Write Stuff where she takes over the writhing club and inspires the kids including Lucy until Principal Huggins throws a wrench in her lesson plans.

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