Top Ten Best Things About Shadow the Hedgehog


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1 He Is Way Better Than Sonic

This is no lie at all. Shadow the Hedgehog is way better than Sonic for many reasons.

Top 1. He is way better to play as.

Top 2. He is a true adult.

Top 3. Rouge is his best friend/little sister figure.

Top 4. He looks more genuine.

Top 5. His voice is much less annoying.

Top 6. His rivalry with Luigi is way better than Sonic's with Mario.

Top 7. His design is even more creative.

Top 8. All his superpowers.

Top 9. His songs are way better.

Top 10. Shadow is much more useful and stronger than Sonic the Hedgehog.

Shadow the Hedgehog is way better than Sonic in every franchise. In fact, Shadow deserves the fame, not Sonic the Hedgehog, or should I call him a warthog because he did not get warts yet!

Shadow the Hedgehog gets 7/10 stars.

Sonic the Hedgehog gets 2/10 stars.

I agree! He can hover and run faster than Sonic. He can use a chaos spear, teleport and guns. He also has an awesome motorcycle.

Shadow can easily kill pretty much anything unlike sonic that's 1 REASON WHY HE IS BETTER

2 He Has a Gun
3 He Has an Awesome Super Form
4 His Name Is Awesome

Shadow the Hedgehog.
THE NAME IS JUST AWESOME AND AMAZING! I personally think that Sonic the Fakehog get WAY to much attention and honestly Shadow should get some more time in the spotlight. Shadow is my favorite character and definitely is worth the title "Ultimate Lifefome"!

5 He Is Fast
6 He Has Red Streaks On His Back
7 He Is My Apprentice
8 He Has Good Pizza V 1 Comment
9 He Is Great for Kids

Uh Not Really Because He's Very Aggresive,Has A Gun,Curses(A Little Bit), But Still A Great Character For Those Who Are 11 And Up In My Opinion

10 His Songs Are Better Than Sonic's

Yes Shadow definitely dose have WAY better songs than Sonic.
Like Sonics theam in Sonic 06 "His World" was terrible but Shadows theam "All Hail Shadow" was AWESOME. I may not have played "Shadow the Hedgehog" or "Sonic 06" but I have heard the songs and read about them and I wish I had because they sound AMAZING!

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? He's the most sympathetic Sonic character

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11 His Awesome Shoes

It's like his shoes are part of the future of teleportation.

Auctually those are just roller skates at the bottoms of his shoes.

12 He's Badass


13 He gets the best character development of all Sonic characters
14 He is Rouge the Bat's Top Love Interest

I'm pretty sure they're just friends

15 He Is A Great Started Sonic Character
16 He Is Eventually Going to Be Very Tall & Extremely Thin
17 His Partnership with Princess Daisy of Sarasaland

Yeah this never really happened or did it? - HeavyDonkeyKong

18 His Rivalry with Super Luigi

After about five minutes on the super Mario wiki Luigi page, I couldn't find Luigi's rivals so I typed in "Luigi's rivals" and clicked the first page. A picture of Luigi and Shadow. Guess you're right.

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19 He Matches King Bowser
20 Rouge the Bat Is Actually His Best Friend/Younger Sister Figure
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