Top 10 Best Things That Could Happen to You While You're Reading This List

These are the best things that could happen to you while you're reading this list

The Top Ten

1 You win the lottery
2 Your fairy godmother grants you 1 wish

I would wish for infinite wishes. - saturatedsunrise

3 A dragon that spits oreos appears outside your house

We don't spit things at people. It's rude.

- Cyri, queen of Torlexi - Cyri

4 It rains bacon

Ew, no! - saturatedsunrise

5 Your favorite cartoon character knocks on the door, asking for a selfie
6 Your house suddenly turns into a dance floor playing your favourite songs

This would be amazing! A ballroom where I could dance the beautiful Foxtrot or American smooth... *sigh...* - Britgirl

I’d just stand there in an awkwardly way. I’m too shy to dance - KingSlayer93316

7 Butterflies suddenly worship you as their leader

Very recently I saw about five little cabbage whites flying around together in my garden, like in a group. It was so cute. - Rocko

I'd love for this to happen! Although only if I had Queen Alexandra's Birdwing's permission. - Britgirl

8 A spaghetti tree grows in front of your house
9 They announce that Christmas will start now
10 You get a free pass to every place you want

The Contenders

11 The book god blesses you for being a bookworm and now you can get any books for free
12 You become the admin of TheTopTens

That would be awesome, but I’m not that popular on this site - KingSlayer93316

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