Top 10 Best Things to Do After School

The Top Ten Best Things to Do After School

1 Play Video Games

Skyrim Skyrim Skyrim!

YEAH - Bikerninja1997


2 Listen to Music

Metallica, Eagles, Eminem, BVB, Kanye, Danielle Fagolli, whatever you like.

Just to relax from the tough day you hard, before that 3 hours of homework. :') - MaxPap

3 Hang Out with Friends

The only people who don't vote for this are the one's who don't actually have friends. Statement closed. - cat_f

Hi the best thing to chillout

1.) Go to the beach w/ your friends.
2.) Get drunk.
3.) Order pizza and get it delivered to the beach.
4.) "Don't" Mug the pizza guy.
5.) Have "Fun"!

4 Sleep

You mean during school? You're cornfuzed.

a agree - hashmat

5 Watch YouTube

My life once I graduate in 2019! I'll be 17 going on 18 that year, can't wait, my school is filled with a bunch of crazy idiots ecks dee.

It's my life!

6 Go on TheTopTens

Very funny, guys...

Why are you acting like a sitcom protagonist? This is TheTopTens, not Full House. - DapperPickle

7 Eat / Drink

I can see Onision saying "Eugenia Cooney would disagree"

Pfft, overrated!

8 Go on Snapchat

Only if you're a 4 year old that is - NostalgiaMonkey

9 Watch Porn

School porn though

I sure do love just watching porn after school...i won't jerk off, nuh-uh, I'm just going to sit and watch porn and not masturbate at all. - DapperPickle

10 Homework

I do this, then I get it all out of the way and I can just have fun!

This is probably the worst thing to do after school...

The Contenders

11 Masturbate

Very nice after school! - kuksugare


12 Go on Instagram

Pfft, this is for lame people...

13 Go on Facebook
14 Read a Book

Wattpad @kidges

First off, the thing underneath this choice should be taken off the list immediately.

But anyways, this should be Number One (keep your opinion to yourself)

15 Write a Book

Because everybody writes and publishes a fully fledged novel after a hard day of work at school. - DapperPickle

About the Nazis or Chris Jericho

16 Go on YouTube
17 Fart

What? - MaxPap

18 Go on Twitter
19 Go on Your Phone
20 Go on Your Tablet
21 Watch TV
22 Play Sports
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