Top Ten Things to Do In the Middle of the Night

The Top Ten

1 Yell "Good Morning America!"
2 Spy on other family members
3 Sing with your opera voice
4 Watch a TV drama

My mom does this

5 Spam your friends with foreign language text messages
6 Play Five Nights at Freddy's
7 Watch an anime

Not to offend any anime fans, but the reason this is so low on the list is because I personally do not watch animes. -_- - Navylexi

YOU ARE AMAZING! Finally, somebody who DOESN'T affiliate themselves with anime! - Merilille

8 Listen to classical music
9 Listen to your favorite music

I do this a lot in the summer. I can’t sleep in the heat. - Cyri

This is probably my choice of what to do on the list. - micahisthebest

10 Do your homework

The Contenders

11 Sleep
12 Being on the top tens
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