Top 10 Things to Do In New York City


The Top Ten

1 Visit the Empire State Building

the most amazing breath taking experiences of my life, really is a beautiful scene

2 Go to Central Park
3 See the Statue of Liberty
4 Go to Times Square
5 Go to Rockefeller Center

They have a Nintendo store!

6 Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art
7 Go to a New York Yankees game

New York Yankees rule yatta

8 Go to a New York Rangers game

There's no New York Rangers here in New York, that's Texas Rangers you dumb fool!

9 See the GE Building

They have a gold lobby with cool murals!

10 Go to Ray's Pizza

The Contenders

11 Go to a Broadway play

Will make the hair on your arms stand up.

12 Get a hot dog on the street

NO. Street vendors are unhygienic. I was in NYC once and I saw a pretzel vendor at Rockefeller Center (next to the NBC Experience Store at 49th St) and not only did the vender not have any gloves on, the pretzels were sitting on top of the cart. (Who knows how long the cart hasn't't been wiped down? )

13 Visit the Museum of Modern Art
14 See Grand Central Terminal
15 Visit American Museum of Natural History
16 See the 9/11 Memorial

Being from NY, this is an absolute must for anyone visiting. I recommend going into the museum as well, it was one of the saddest yet interesting things I've ever seen.

17 Ride the 7 Train in Queens

Maybe not exciting. But I live in Queens and every day I take this train and it has great views. - Curtis_Huber

18 Go to F-A-O Schwartz
19 Shopping
20 Visit the High Line
21 Visit Ellis Island
22 See the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
23 See Radio City Music Hall
24 Visit the Intrepid Air, Sea & Space Museum
25 Visit the The Cloisters
26 Visit Coney Island
27 Take the Staten Island Ferry
28 See Madison Square Garden
29 Visit the Bronx Zoo
30 See the NY Botanical Garden
31 Visit St. Patricks Cathedral
32 Visit Chinatown

Located :
N: Delancey Street
S: Chambers Street
E: East Broadway
W: Broadway - Curtis_Huber

North: Delancey St
S: Chambers St
E: E Broadway
W: Broadway - Curtis_Huber

33 Visit Bryant Park
34 See the Brooklyn Bridge
35 Visit the Frick Collection
36 Visit Little Italy
37 See the Chrysler Building
38 Toys R Us in Times Square
39 M&M World
40 Dylan's Candy Bar
41 Go to a New York City FC Game
42 Visit Washington Square Park
43 Dinner Cruise
44 Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting
45 Visit Macy's Herald Square
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