Top Ten Things that Don't Make Sense in "Dora the Explorer"


The Top Ten

1 Almost everything can talk

If that was in the real world, it would be scary weird.

2 All of dora's friends are animals

Because no human wants to be around him - RustyNail

3 Dora's parents let her go out alone

You don't seem to understand that she is a fictional character not a real person.
No parents in real life would let their 7 year old daughter travel with only an animal.
Dora is a fictional cartoon character.

4 Dora's head


5 Her best friend is a monkey
6 Dora can fit almost everything in her backpack
7 Dora's map can show her any location
8 Dora talks to the audience
9 A blue arrow appears out of nowhere
10 Boots always wears boots

The Contenders

11 Everything has a face
12 She can't go around anything
13 In The Episode Benny's Big Race Benny The Bull Builds A Custom-Built Race Car With Seat Belts But In The Life Wooden Go-Karts Don't Have Seat Belts
14 Big Red Chicken Is A 4-Foot Rooster
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1. Almost everything can talk
2. All of dora's friends are animals
3. Dora's parents let her go out alone


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