Top 10 Things That Happen After You Get Diagnosed with Autism

I'm Fretto & I got diagnosed with autism yesterday.

The Top Ten

1 You are shocked

Did you really get diagnosed? Or did your parents know about this since you were 2 or 3 years old and not bother telling you until now?

Yes, I really got diagnosed. My parents didn't know about anything. - Fretto

I was shocked because I'd never expected to have autism. I've always known I'm different to other people but this was really shocking. - Fretto

Man, I feel sorry for you, but I know you are gonna be okay.. :( - Ananya

2 Everything makes sense

Example: Why you got in trouble for saying the wrong thing in a certain situation & why it wasn't as nice as you thought. - Fretto

3 People finally understand you

Family members understand why being in a restaurant is torture because it's too loud. - Fretto

4 You get supported by your country

You get supported to find a job which works for you. - Fretto

5 You can go to a therapy

The people who work there want to help you - Fretto

6 Your quality of life improves V 1 Comment
7 You know some things will be hard to learn

Maybe dealing with lot's of strangers (as example doctors) you don't know & much more. - Fretto

8 People accept you how you are

This is very important. I don't want to be completely changed just because of my autism. - Fretto

9 You find people who are in a similar situation
10 You now know why you are different
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