Top 10 Things That Happen After You Get Diagnosed with Autism

I'm Fretto & I got diagnosed with autism yesterday.

The Top Ten

1 You are shocked

Did you really get diagnosed? Or did your parents know about this since you were 2 or 3 years old and not bother telling you until now?

Yes, I really got diagnosed. My parents didn't know about anything. - Fretto

I was shocked because I'd never expected to have autism. I've always known I'm different to other people but this was really shocking. - Fretto

Parents are even more shocked

Man, I feel sorry for you, but I know you are gonna be okay.. :( - Ananya

2 Everything makes sense

Example: Why you got in trouble for saying the wrong thing in a certain situation & why it wasn't as nice as you thought. - Fretto

3 People finally understand you

Family members understand why being in a restaurant is torture because it's too loud. - Fretto

4 You can go to a therapy

The people who work there want to help you - Fretto

I went years ago ever 1-4 weeks and all we did was talk about my life and what annoys me and what I can do to deal with it (eg. tell relatives that baby talk is annoying and request them to stop). I tried those techniques but my mom didn’t approve of them despite the fact that they actually work. It’s pointless and a big waste of my time and life. DON’T GO!

5 You get supported by your country

You get supported to find a job which works for you. - Fretto

6 Your quality of life improves

I felt really bad for a long time because I didn't know why I got so often misunderstood, disliked & also bullied.

Now I know it. It's not a reason to bully someone. There is no reason to bully someone. - Fretto

7 You know some things will be hard to learn

Maybe dealing with lot's of strangers (as example doctors) you don't know & much more. - Fretto

8 People accept you how you are

This is very important. I don't want to be completely changed just because of my autism. - Fretto

9 You now know why you are different
10 You find people who are in a similar situation

The Contenders

11 Life is easier because you know why the "weird" things that happen in your life happen
12 You are placed in special ed
13 You are prescribed with adhd medications

I am against them. I took them in elementary school, and I suffered from side effects that I still experience today, despite the fact that I stopped taking them over 10 years ago.

I will 1 day take legal action and sue these drugs! I deserve compensation for my suffering! >:(

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