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41 Sonic's 2-d Appearance

It's so shameful. I hate you Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic characters look scary in 2-D, especially Amy Rose, the sisterly figure of Sonic the Hedgehog, Cream the Rabbit, Big the Cat (& potentially Axel Chains in the future). I wish Sonic took a swing at Amy Rose.

42 Sonic's Voice

Sonic has one of the worst voices in gaming history! Also, Sonic is not suppsed to be on Archie Comics, Pac-Man is.

Jason Griffith or Roger Craig Smith? - Chaotixhero

Both. I mean, why does this voice exist anyway? I mean, Sonic is not a teen king. Sonic's voice just sucks!

Both. Why doesn't Jaleel White voice Sonic anymore?! Why is Sonic a teen?! That's not cool!

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43 Sonic Talks More Than Mario

Well Mario doesn't talk at all. and since there was abunch of characters now they added voices to understand what they're doing

Mario should talk more times than Sonic. Sonic sucks! Mario is awesome! Sonic is much more of a ripoff of Mario than he used to be.

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44 Sonic Is On Archie Comics Instead of Mario & Pac-man

Well, how come Archie Comics is not going to do Pac-Man Archie Comics yet? Pac-Man is MUCH better than Sonic. And Sonic Adventure series, Sonic '06, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic & the Black Knight, Sonic Lost World, Sonic Heroes, Sonic & the Secret Rings, Sonic X, Sonic Rivals, Sonic Riders series, Sonic Lost World, Sonic Battle & Sonic & Mega Man all stink. No offense, but Mario is much better.

If Mario comics would be boring and suck. But PAC Man would be interesting - Chaotixhero

Please make Pac-Man Archie comics, Ian Flynn & Evan Stanley! & please make Sonic & Pac-Man!


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45 Sonic Is Not Actually the Big Brother of Amy Rose

I think that would be obvious, otherwise why is amy even in love with sonic the dum dum

If he rose, her crush on him would be weird! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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46 Sonic's Quotes
47 Sonic's Anger Issues
48 Sonic Was In Wreck-It Ralph

Sonic the Hedgehog shouldn't be featured at all. That hedgehog ruined my whole life after being very spoiled by the translated releases of Sonic Adventure 1 on the Dreamcast.

Sonic's role was supposed to be replaced by Mario's.

Sonic should've never been featured after getting very spoiled by the non-translated releases of the original Sonic Adventure on the SEGA Dreamcast.

Agreed. Sonic isn't a Disney character and the cameos are one of the reasons I didn't like that movie. It also gave me a fear of Disney buying out every company in existence.

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49 Sonic Isn't In Love With Amy Rose

Sonic is awful! Also, Amy Rose would be the perfect drummer in a Pac-Man & Sonic crossover band called "Pac-Man and the Sonic Cast" whereas Pac-Man is the lead singer voiced by Chris Brown, Sonic the Hedgehog is the lead guitarist voiced by Usher Raymond, Miles "Tails" Prower is the lead pianist voiced by Justin Timberlake, Knuckles the Echidna is the saxophonist voiced by Ray William Johnson & Shadow the Hedgehog is the DJ voiced by Pitbull.

I think it's because of Sonic's temper, selfishness, cowardice, childishness, rudeness, spoiled attitude, anger issues, grouchiness & want to not be considered a pedophile.

Amy Rose should not be having a mad crush on Sonic the Hedgehog anyway. The original Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast completely ruined Amy Rose.

Because why is sonic a hater he is just a loner. They should give sonic at least a little toush of love to sonic for Amy. maybe sonic does like Amy but he never tells he should at least tell tails that he lovess some ONE anyway a SONAMY couple souds cuteee√®eee but a sonally couple ah bo√'oo√'o√'. But in sonic clouers I love the bot that dr.eggman made but when tails got pushed in not to be a spoier or anything but it seemed like tails did not care that he got push in bad words in it not the cuss type just I'm out

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50 Sonic Is Still a Teenager

You know you're in trouble when your outsmarted by an 8 year old at 16 years...

Where did you get he's 21 from?

Uh, no he isn't! He's 21 years old!

Actually, he is 15 years old.

51 Escape from the City

It works much better in the Mario franchise.

Works much better in the Mario franchise.

The biggest disgrace to rock & roll.

Well you know crush 40 they make horrible music.

52 Sonic doesn't wear his hair as a ponytail/pigtails/braids/one braid.

How do you shape oversized, stiff spikes into a braid?

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53 Sonic's arch-rivalry with Shadow the Hedgehog

Sega make up your dang mind. Are they friends or foes? - Chaotixhero

Sonic thinks they're friends but Shadow is just a jerk now. He used to like help save the world, now all he does is stalk teenage animals to tell them friends are useless.

Shadow is so much cooler than Sonic

54 Before Sonic Boom, Sonic Was Still Very Short
55 Sonic's Green Eyes

I thought blue eyes was better than green eyes. Actually Sonic is blue. So its awkward to have blue eyes with a blue body.

56 The Sonic franchise is overall unfair
57 Sonic argues with all his friends V 1 Comment
58 Sonic's Colours

I hate Sonic anyways.

What's to like about Sonic Colors?!

Well... Funny story... It was to attract Mario fans and it did. If you hate sonic colors then you must love sonic 06 - Chaotixhero

Agreed! Sonic Colours should be replaced by Pac-Man Colours, a rip-off version of Sonic Colours whereas Pac-Man is playing Sonic's role & Tails is playing his role.

Pac-Man: Baldy McNosehair!

Amazing Game But Kinda Ruined Sonic's Personality

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59 Sonic's hair

Wha the hell he's a hedgehog what the hell do you expect some kinda short cut style or wut

60 Sonic's ignorance
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