Top Ten Things to Hate About Sonic the Hedgehog


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141 He's male

So he's male whats the big deal? Feminist these days.


142 Sonic Adventure 2
143 Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide
144 Archie Sonic comics are not even funny nowadays
145 Sonic is the top 1 best liked Sonic character
146 He copies off Princess Daisy of Sarasaland's attitude
147 Tails can play the drums
148 His siblings
149 He won't go away
150 He ruined Wreck It Ralph

The Movie Is Ruined Because Of Him - CuteGirlJigglypuff

The Movie Is Ruined I Hope Remake Have Mario This Time - CuteGirlJigglypuff

He ruins everything!

Shut Up Frozen Lovers

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151 He is the main hero
152 He is spoiled V 1 Comment
153 He's skinny

He will die if he's that skinny and has to run that fast.

Well he runs around often so yeah he's skinny

154 Sonic Advance Trilogy
155 He is a bad influence to Tails

He Was A Good Role Model To Tails From The 1992-2010 Sonic Games
But Since Sonic Colors I Would Find Tails A New Best Friend And Role Model

156 His design
157 Sonic the Hedgehog got his own Archie Comics franchise
158 He is not cool any more V 2 Comments
159 Devianart

Just Devianart and all of the horrible sonic fan art

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160 The games

Why do people say only classic sonic is good, modern sonic is good to

The Classic Sonic games are the only good Sonic games ever.

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1. Princess Elise
2. Amy Rose
3. He died in Sonic 06
1. He lost a lot of weight
2. He is not a good friend to Tails
3. He is addicted to chilli dogs



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