Top 10 Things That Make You Cry

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1 Somebody Dying

There's nothing that makes you cry more than the death of your most loved ones. It's more than enough to incapacitate you & drive you to lifelong depression that could cost your life.

It is very sad for a person to die because they were important to at least one person in the world.

This is an absolutely horrible thing to go through (unless of course the person dying is Hitler or whomever).

This should be number one because it combines people and pets dying, which is in two different categories above this.

2 Asking Someone Out and Being Told No

I remember devoting my heart to someone, for two years, and they didn't give theirs. The feeling of rejection, wasting 2 years waiting for someone, it just tears me down...but remember one thing: You don't need anyone that doesn't need you. That guy, he feels stupid because when he saw me a year later, he thought I was hot, but TOO LATE!

she did that to me exactly 24 hours ago it's july 1st 2010 2:16 yeah that's right I asked her in 2 a clock in the morniing

And then I sit in the corner and listen to the sound of silence for 40 hours straight.

Three times in the same two weeks in my case.

3 Losing a Friend

The longer you know the person the harder it is to get over the fact that they are gone. But you can always get back up and try again.

I cannot imagine a world with out my best friend you mean everything to me and I love .

Losing a's hard trust me. You can't picture your life without a best friend. There super strong you admire them. You never forget every ounce of happiness they left in your heart. You will have a special place in your heart for them... but if they move or something happens to them there will be a hole in your heart that will never be filled again. Your heart aches knowing you won't see them... knowing you won't get to laugh at their jokes...knowing you can't skip over a desk in class to ask them for an answer. It's not a goodbye... this is a see you later best friend. I MISS YOU ever!

Losing a friend... one who you were best friends with for five years... The one who held your hand and hugged you through tears and assuaged your pain... And then you start to fall for each other.. You for him... Him for you... And you just slip away from each others grasp and head your separate ways without a choice... I MIS YOU ALEX!

4 Seeing the One You Love, Loving Someone Else

When you experience this, at the moment you only love that person, but they don't love you.

I dated this guy named Gerardo and I loved him but one day he broke up with me and said I used you to get his mind of of his ex girlfriend and then his girlfriend called me and said some thin g she asked me some questions and then she was like dang and u said I was fine when I really wasn't fine I was heartbroken and all I did was think about him and then he wanted me back and I was so dumb and said I want him back to and then he said he will never leave me and I believed him and I found out that he wanted to date my friend and then he broke up with me to get with my friend and then they broke up and then he got with his ex then tried to get with me again and I said no because all you want is to get with girls and now I'm dating this guy that its almost our second mouth anniversary on February 14 which is valentines day and in glad I'm not with gerado any =more find a good guy and you wont get hurt like I did and make sure the guy makes you happy and loved and make sure not to fall ...more

Whether they are cheating on you, or they are an ex that you still have feelings for, seeing them love someone else is one of the most heart wrenching feelings ever. Sometimes, you have a huge crush on someone, and you fall in love. When you think you are over them, don't be so sure. If you see them devoting their heart to someone else, you realize that a small bit of you, still belongs to them. I just broke down that day.

I had a crush on a guy name Gabriel, and I loved him. My friend and I both had a crush on him. He ended up dating her and leaving me to cry for months.

5 Losing a Pet

A pet is like a loyal friend that is always at your side they don't see all the flaws that you may see when you look in a mirror they love you for your personality so it is very hard to get over the fact the best friend is now gone.

If I ever lose my favorite dog in the world, I WOULD BREAK and I don't even cry like that

Losing a pet is the worst. It's like losing a human family member

My dad's Maltese, Duke and Akita, Queen died and I was torn up about it. I only cried twice about it. My only regret is that I never hung out with Queen. I still miss them.

6 Physical Pain

A kindergartener must have added this.

I once got stung by those big helicopter wasps and I didn't cry. Bee stings are nothing.

You don't even realize how PAINFUL those ants are, I read they feel like a gunshot wound, and you will cry for days, the pain lasts up to 24 hours.

Honestly I got stung a couple moths ago and cried. Of course that was my first bee sting

7 Bad Grades

Bad grades can't always be sad sometimes you work hard to get those grades so it really all depends on you. But it can be a little stressful to have strict parents that always expects more from you.

My parents are super strict and whenever I got a bad test grade, I imagined how disappointed and mad my parents would be and I'd start sobbing.

I hardly cry for any of these reasons. I don't even cry when a relative or friend dies. Not even when I was young. It's not my personality, to cry.

While this isn't enough to make me cry, this is depressing, frustrating, and heartbreaking!

8 Your Parents Getting a Divorce

It is really hard when you have seen your parents together for so long and now they are going their own paths.

I'm actually happy my parents got divorced because my dad was horrible as the devil. But I still love him.

This messed me up real bad, but it was for the best. The fighting was horrible.

My parents divorced and I live with my mum. My dad isn't that bad but all he does is sleep all day.

9 Failure

You eat yourself alive.

I always somehow feel as if I failed someone or something and it tears me apart.

It would taint me like an hell orb if I face failure like decaying

Yeah my autism autistic suicidal failures

10 Being Bullied or Made Fun Of

Being made fun of is sad because you should have confidence in your self and bullies prevent that from happening.

If this doesn't hit you hard, I don't know what will

When I'm made fun of, I either keep my cool and cry later, keep my cool and get mad later, or start screaming at that person.

Its sad people can be so mean

The Contenders

11 Movies

The 2017 Beauty and the Beast ending actually got me choked up!

I cry all the time when I think about the Titanic!

This makes a lot of people cry. Touching ending

Saddest movie ever! But it is very good and you can't miss it

12 TV Shows

Bash on me all you want, but anime is trash

Damn who would have known that animated characters would make a person so sad.

When The Simpsons ends, I will scream-cry for 2 weeks

The preteen girls are crying.

13 Stress

I get stressed at times and a cry for some reason

School stresses you out

It's horrible

My life is too stressful :(

14 Illness

My great grandpa died of cancer.

Yes I'm sick at the mo and I'm trying to cry
I'm looking up ways on how to cry :(

My black lab that my parents had gotten a long time before I was even
born died of cancer

15 Hunger

I don't what takes family's my size a month to eat it takes me a week to eat I'm surprise I'm skinny

This is REALLY making me hungry...

Same though

Today I took the hardest gym test of my life involving too much running, I shook my leg for 1 to 2 hours straight, typed for two hours straight, and played in a soccer game only running on
A chocolate bar
a lemon bar
0 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee.
And I didn't cry at all.

16 Breaking Up

I can't think of anything worse.
& seriously getting turned down by someone you asked out is worse than your parents getting a divorce or someone being really sick seriously? & I know someone dying is bad but everyone has to die, right? but some people are lucky enough to never have to face the d word.

My boyfriend did that then one of my friends went off on him and he apologized I may still have some feelings for him but seeing him move on or reading over our old texts really hurts

I broke up with Julia because she cheated on me with dumbass Paul

It's like a death. It's hard to deal with and takes time.

17 Being Bullied or Made Fun Of

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa lines:

Old Lady: Come in Tokyo!
*twists Alex's nipple*
Alex: *screams*

This is so nasty and painful, yet funny.

Laura pranks me with text message about the death of Laura's friend Emma, then I posted it on Facebook, the next morning my friends gets really angry at me about the post from last night and the Laura got me expelled from TAFE

Only if you have no mental will, or if you're called that whilst chopping chillies

Its actually my middle name so its no biggie

18 Being Proud of Someone

My friend got a main role in a play and I cried watching her oops and it was during funny scenes

You guys are weird.


The happiest moment in the Oscars. Tears of Joy

19 Music

Rock n roll will never die

Happier by Marshmello the video makes me cry because the dog dies and even if she gets a new dog its not the same.

I can't tell what is rock music and what isn't these days.

I honestly don't know

20 Losing Something Valuable

Years ago I used to sleep with my baby blanket and when it would get lost in my bed somewhere I would wake up and panic and frantically search for it until I could find it.

I get really stressed about this.

I really don't want to lose anything, especially things that mean a lot to me.

I scream so loud that my mom tells me to get out of the house!

21 Disappointment

My crush was sad and wouldn't tell me what was wrong. It wasn't like them to be sad or show that they were sad

22 Genocide

6 Million People Died, It was All Hitler's Fault

23 Anxiety

I have a severe anxiety disorder. Like really bad and nobody understands at its like. All of a sudden whatever you were thinking of before completely is blacked out and gone. All you see and imagine is the worst possible things going through your mind and the worst feeling. You feel like you might die. And after you attacks over, all you can do is cry.

24 Regret

Regret is hard because you know you can't change the past. But you must still understand that you cannot change it, so instead, move on.

I regret being alive

There’s way too many things that I regret.

Oh, you mean everything I’ve ever done?

25 Pure Happiness

Happiness doesn't exist in my life

Those things make me cry like HELL.

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