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1 Somebody Died

This is an absolutely horrible thing to go through (unless of course the person dying is Hitler or whomever). - fireinside96

When Mitch Lucker died I was really sad he was a great man and he left behind a wife, a child, his band and many fans. RIP Mitch Lucker

Ah, yes, what I like to call the classic tearjerker. If you go through the pain of this, you're BOUND to cry.

I wish death didn't exist :'(

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2 You Ask Him/Her Out and She/He Says No

I remember devoting my heart to someone, for two years, and they didn't give theirs. The feeling of rejection, wasting 2 years waiting for someone, it just tears me down...but remember one thing: You don't need anyone that doesn't need you. That guy, he feels stupid because when he saw me a year later, he thought I was hot, but TOO LATE!

she did that to me exactly 24 hours ago it's july 1st 2010 2:16 yeah that's right I asked her in 2 a clock in the morniing

And then I sit in the corner and listen to the sound of silence for 40 hours straight. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

At when the right moment come where I express my feeling and the next day she gave her answer.
It's both happy because she gave her answer so I won't be tortured by the feeling of dread, and sad because of her answer that she doesn't have have the same feeling as me
Never would I though being friendzoned and rejected at the same time will be this painful

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3 Movies

Cry baibes

4 Anime

Damn who would have known that animated characters would make a person so sad.

Anime is more sadder than a romantic movie - speed

Bash on me all you want, but anime is trash - awesomedp900

Just watch Ano hana,clannad,or Grave of the Fireflies.This is pure sadness!

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5 Losing a Friend

Losing a's hard trust me. You can't picture your life without a best friend. There super strong you admire them. You never forget every ounce of happiness they left in your heart. You will have a special place in your heart for them... but if they move or something happens to them there will be a hole in your heart that will never be filled again. Your heart aches knowing you won't see them... knowing you won't get to laugh at their jokes...knowing you can't skip over a desk in class to ask them for an answer. It's not a goodbye... this is a see you later best friend. I MISS YOU ever!

Losing a friend... one who you were best friends with for five years... The one who held your hand and hugged you through tears and assuaged your pain... And then you start to fall for each other.. You for him... Him for you... And you just slip away from each others grasp and head your separate ways without a choice... I MIS YOU ALEX!

It's painful. They're your friend for ages, and you're theirs, too, of course. And then you meet another person, and your best friend ditches you for the new friend. And they just met. AND THEY MET THROUGH YOU! It hurts... - Miauzer

It's hard. In my situation it isn't exactly LOSING a friend per se, but it is in the ballpark of that. Anyway this girl who I have been friends with since 1st grade since she first moved here to the United States from Canada. We are still good friends and I trust her more than anyone I know (except one of my other great friends). In fourth grade I started having a crush on her and it just escalated. (I'm a guy by the way! NO GAY STUFF) I had serious romantic feelings for her and I still do. Here's the catch: she just moved to ANOTHER CITY 30 or 40 minutes away a week ago. It really hurts because we had sleepovers occasionally and now that she is moving I won't get to see her as much. We've always gone to the same school and now she won't be with me for Middle and High School. I'll still get to see her SOMETIMES, but still a small amount. It really sucks that I'll never be able to sit next to her in class, or get both of us in trouble by the teacher for talking too much, or give other ...more

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6 Seeing the One You Love, Loving Someone Else

Whether they are cheating on you, or they are an ex that you still have feelings for, seeing them love someone else is one of the most heart wrenching feelings ever. Sometimes, you have a huge crush on someone, and you fall in love. When you think you are over them, don't be so sure. If you see them devoting their heart to someone else, you realize that a small bit of you, still belongs to them. I just broke down that day.

I know that hurts. To see your crush with someone else. Sometimes that's just how things are. You love them but that person makes them happy. If anyone feels this way,then go tell the one you love that you care. Don't let anything get in the way. Hurry while you still have a chance. The more time you waste the less of a chance you'll have to ever be with them.

It stings, more than a bee sting, what the kindergartner added

Honestly I have no emotions but this could easily make me cry x

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7 A Bee Stings You

A kindergartener must have added this. - RockFashionista

I once got stung by those big helicopter wasps and I didn't cry. Bee stings are nothing. - AnonymousChick

Honestly I got stung a couple moths ago and cried. Of course that was my first bee sting

i feel u

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8 Onions

This has always been my excuse, even though any onion is thousands of miles away. Damn onion can still affect me from that distance. :'( - Britgirl

I'm alergic to onions, so they make me cry more than just about anything

The ONE and ONLY thing that can make me shed tears: ONIONS! Put this higher, lol - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Onions are beautiful dudes they come in handy at weddings and sad movies because of them people think I actually have a heart :) wow 11/10

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9 Your Parents Are Getting a Divorce

I'm actually happy my parents got divorced because my dad was horrible as the devil. But I still love him.

My parents divorced and I live with my mum. My dad isn't that bad but all he does is sleep all day. - Lunala

This messed me up real bad, but it was for the best. The fighting was horrible. - AnonymousChick

I've Been ThroughThat...

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10 Bad Grades

My parents are super strict and whenever I got a bad test grade, I imagined how disappointed and mad my parents would be and I'd start sobbing.

While this isn't enough to make me cry, this is depressing, frustrating, and heartbreaking! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I hardly cry for any of these reasons. I don't even cry when a relative or friend dies. Not even when I was young. It's not my personality, to cry. - LordDovahkiin

I always get good grades - Lunala

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11 Deaths

I laugh (just playing) I. Get sad and cry for a moment actually every hour I cry for everyone that died in the past - speed

But if you’re dead it would be impossible to cry right?

12 Failure

You eat yourself alive.

I always somehow feel as if I failed someone or something and it tears me apart. - AnonymousChick

It would taint me like an hell orb if I face failure like decaying - Kevinsidis

People will judge

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13 Losing a Pet

My dad's Maltese, Duke and Akita, Queen died and I was torn up about it. I only cried twice about it. My only regret is that I never hung out with Queen. I still miss them.

I would hate this happening to me

My cat will probably die younger than most cats. He's 7 years old and has some kind of stomach problem

My dog's name was Pogui (weird, right? ), and he was the best dog any person could've had. I always let him get up on my bed... until that day... he was 13 years old... I found on his bed, I thought he was sleeping... but he wasn't. His heart stopped beating. When they took him away, I cried all day. I tried to when he was being burned, but I just couldn't. I still keep his ashes, and every time I remember him, I cry. Just like I'm doing right now. Pogui, I MISS YOUU! - RainbowArtist191

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14 Clothes

Doesn't make me cry, but there's this moment in the past which involved me wearing a stupid wedding dress to my friend's birthday party and got made fun of by everyone. It still sorta haunts me - FireWasp2004

I don't find that stupid I do the same thing while I put on my pants half way to my knee I jump on to the bed and cry about how hard it is to put on super skinny jeans I hate baggy clothes - speed

I only panic because my mom is extremely strict when it comes to the clothes I wear. - NikBrusk

I cry a lot If I can't find something to wear - leafstar

15 Being Made Fun Of

If this doesn't hit you hard, I don't know what will

I'm an easy victim, if I am to be honest, but my crying only enforces that. - keycha1n

When I'm made fun of, I either keep my cool and cry later, keep my cool and get mad later, or start screaming at that person. - AnonymousChick

I’m half - Hindu, and people throw racist comments at me left and right. - awesomedp900

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16 Hunger

I don't what takes family's my size a month to eat it takes me a week to eat I'm surprise I'm skinny - speed

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17 Getting Ready for School

Getting ready for school doesn't make my cry because of one reason only: I manage to find something good bout that day - AnonymousChick

I'm a little lazy when it comes to getting ready for school.

So do I come on can I get one peaceful Monday where my parents are at work and
My siblings are at school and I'm here at home relaxing - speed

1. I drag myself to the kitchen
2. eat meh brkfst
3. change to clothes
4. happily go back to bed
6. drag myself out of bed, again - RainbowArtist191

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18 You Boyfriend/Girlfriend Dumps You

My boyfriend did that then one of my friends went off on him and he apologized I may still have some feelings for him but seeing him move on or reading over our old texts really hurts

My Ex broke up with me, and the next day, was goin' out with someone else. - Tourniquet

I broke up with Julia because she cheated on me with dumbass Paul


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19 Dreaming

Not enough to make me cry, but I remember these 2 horrifying nightmares I had which made me wake up with a surprised expression and NEARLY screaming - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Sometimes I never emember my dreams but I remember two times waking up crying. All I remember was that one of them was about a horrible boarding school and the other was about a massive flood. Both dreams involved my love for my parents and I still am afraid to admit that. - AnonymousChick

20 Spilling Your Glass of Milk

One of my friends in my Pre-K class cried because of this. It happened when everyone was eating breakfast in the classroom. I am literally about to cry tears of joy because this made me laugh so hard. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! IT'S JUST A STUPID GLASS OF MILK! YOU DON'T NEED TO CRY ABOUT THAT! You people are babies.

Kid: It was a good glass of milk. *sniff* I'm so sad that it has to go. *sob* *SCREAMING AS IT GETS WIPED AWAY AND THE NAPKIN GETS THROWN OUT* THAT WAS MY FAVORITE PUDDLE OF MILK! *SOBS EVEN MORE*

;( that glass of milk was special -sniff- it was one in a million -sob- and now it's broken -dies-

I will always remember you, my friend in the darkness.

Kid: MOMMA NO MY MILK MY MILK DON'T MAMA YOU'RE KILLING IT *milk gets thrown away* kid: NOO MILK! WHYYY YOUU - RainbowArtist191

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